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Updated on August 18, 2010
P.C. asks from Vallejo, CA
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I cleaned out my closet and have a lot of cute clothes, shoes, purses, jackets, sweaters in really great wearing condition. Want to have a yard sale but don't want to sell my stuff too cheap! There are a lot of name brand clothing like BEBE, American Eagle etc... shoes that have never been worn still with the tags. I have tried craigslist and no one wants to pay the asking price. Can anyone help?!!!

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So What Happened?

I want to thank everyone for their suggestions!! This past Saturday I had my yard sale and it went great!! I made $150.

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answers from San Francisco on

Like others, I suggest a consignment shop. We've had yard sales over the years & my trick is this: if I have something I know is barely used & worth more than the dollar most people are willling to spend, I price it higher & then once it's bargained down, its' not such a loss. One time, I had an Ann Taylor dress w/matching sweater. They were about 1 yr old , too big but still looked great, but very pricey when I bought it them. I also had a few other items I wasn't wiling to sell dirt cheap, like leather jacket so I put them all on a separate rack priced about $5-$10 too much for a yard sale. I put the leather jacket at I think about $35 & the dress/sweater about $40. I ended getting about $5 less than my original price & was fine w/that. I was offered much less a few times & just said 'nope.' I also had tables of clothes that were just a $1 a piece which I made a killing on! Good luck!

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answers from Houston on

those better brand items can be brought to plato's closet or a similar place where their buy your clothes. they buy them for cheap and are super picky, but you may get more from their at a garage sale.


I would maybe put the lower end stuff on a separate table for about $1-$3 a piece, jeans go for a little higher and your more expensive items, place on a different table or clothes rod and label their prices. Most often, a bulk discount,woks, like if a person comes up with an armful of stuff, I'll look at it and say," you can have it all for $15."

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answers from Charleston on

Have you tried ebay? Especially for the items with tags still on and your name brand clothing? I have been extremely successful with items such as those - I made over $900 in 10 months! If you're new, I believe they even let you list a few items for free. You can start the bid process at price you determine or use the "Buy It Now" feature and sell if for set price. I find it way better to sell clothing & shoes on ebay than in a yard sale. People who yard/garage sale shop want everything for nothing. I've had my fair share of people ask would I take 10 cents for something marked 25 cents. :) The clothes I usually end up selling at yard sales are very used, and I usually start them at $1 or less. I have found clothes are the last thing people are "hunting" for, but good luck!

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answers from Chico on

Yardsalers are looking for something for nothing. You will not get a decent price at a yard sale. I second (or is it third?) the consignment shop idea. Otherwise, you could just take what people will pay or donate the things to charity and write off the donation on your taxes. The write off will be the resale value, not the yard sale value.

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answers from Chicago on

If this stuff is name brand and sells well in your area, you might want to consider a consignment shop. They will take the clothes and give you what it sells for minus their percentage. It may sell for more than what you would get at a yard sale.

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answers from San Francisco on

I used a consignment shop for the first time in many years and made about $45 for three items. All three items were virtually unworn, dry cleaned, etc. One was a Jones NY dress, Boden sun dress and a Nordstrom Halogen top. The rest of what I dropped off did not sale - again, most of the items worn once or twice and one item new with tags. I used Main Street Rags in Walnut Creek. It's disappointing but better than nothing and every thing that didn't sell was donated so I got a tax write-off. Good-luck.



answers from Erie on

it might help to think of it like this-- it's supply and demand. you might have a million dollar painting, but in the time of war no one will buy it because they all need money to buy food, not look at a bowl of fruit.

So even though your stuff is worth alot, there is no way you will get that much at a yardsale. Consignment is a great suggestion, I haven't done adult stuff but i think kid stuff you probably get half to one third of the new price.
another fun thing would be a clothes swap with other moms, i've read about it, all your friends clean out their closets and bring it all over and everyone picks a few new to them pieces that they like.



answers from Dallas on

Here is my thought on yard sale stuff. If there is something you have that truly has value such as furniture, you price it. On everything else, take whatever someone offers you, or counteroffer something reasonable. Clothes are not hot items at yard sales. My rule is once it is outside, it does not come back in the house. Any left overs go to Goodwill. You have to remember it is just stuff. If you really feel they are too good to give away, you can try a consignment store. In Texas there is a chain called Platos Closet and they will buy them from you, but you are still just make pennies on the dollar.



answers from Boston on

I'm sorry to say that unless they are designer clothes (like Chanel) used clothes are worth next to nothing. For the least hassle (and likely greatest value) you can donate to Goodwill or the Salvation army. If you make an itemized list including each piece's value you can take it as a tax deduction and get back 1/3 the value.

Be aware, though, of how much you list things for so you don't get audited. Shirts are probably worth no more than $5, pants no more than $10, etc. The new shoes with tags could probably be deducted at full price.

Good luck.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Good luck with that....my mom had a new, beautiful, linen Jones NY suit listed for $5 at my yard sale and O. lady 'only wanted the skirt--would she take $2'? LOL

I'd try to ebay it. I've not had any success with higher end stuff on craigslist either.

Is there a consignment shop near you? That might be a good bet.

Selling clothes at a yard sale is hard (especialy nice stuff) b/c that's not usually what people are looking for--shoes and purses maybe.



answers from Los Angeles on

Like everyone else said, if you can't sell them on Craigslist you're not going to be able to sell them at a yardsale - yardsale is cheap, cheap, cheap. So either put them back in your closet or get what you can get for them, they are just clothes.



answers from Los Angeles on

Mommyof1 if your asking price is to high stick them back in your closet nobody is going to pay high price for items that your trying to sell on craigslist or a yard sale you may think that they are worth the price you want because of how much you bought them for but really your not going to get that price out of it.

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