Y JFF - Your Opinion of the Fabulous Mr. Fox??

Updated on August 15, 2012
D.B. asks from Eastlake, CO
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Has anyone seen the movie "The Fabulous Mr. Fox"? George Clooney was Mr. Fox. It came out a couple years ago and hardly made a blip in the theatres. I saw it when it came to DVD. And have watched it a few times since then. I don't know what it is about that movie but I swear I could watch it 20 more times without getting tired. Not sure if it's the dry humor, the grumpy cider farmer, or the cute dancing foxes, but I just love this movie! The kids loved it too, but not as much as I did (I think!). Anyone else a Fox fan?

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So What Happened?

Thank you Thea S for the correction! Obviously I thought The Fantastic Mr. Fox is Fabulous!

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answers from Los Angeles on

I love it too! We watched it more than once when we got it (from Netflix) which is rare for us grownups in the house, and I liked it so much I bought it. My husband enjoyed it too. My kids were sort of neutral. Never met a Roald Dahl adaptation I didn't like. Same thing with Wes Anderson movies so its a win-win for me!

I even quote it sometimes..."if what I think is happening, is happening... it better not be"


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answers from Columbus on

Are you cussin' with me!!??!!

We loved it. In fact, the kids just watched it again two days ago from the DVR. They love the ravenous eating. It makes them laugh every time. It's hard to keep them from eating their lunch that way when they get it in their heads.

I love Roald Dahl and I love Wes Anderson movies. Great combination!

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answers from Dallas on

I love Roald Dahl, and use some of his darker short stories in my high school classes. He is fantastic!

Oh, and to answer your question, I did love the movie! :)

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answers from Minneapolis on

We liked the movie, and all the Roald Dahl books we've read.

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answers from Washington DC on

I think it's actually "Fantastic" but I DID like the movie. It's a Roald Dahl story, and like all of those stories, it's a little on the weird side.

My son and I had read it as a bedtime book, so he new the plot and liked it a lot, but like your kids, not as much as I did.

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answers from Portland on

I haven't seen it yet, but it was one of my go-to books as a nanny; even with different families, boys or girls, from age 4 up, the book was a hit. On our rainy days we'd start the book early in the day and I'd have playdough or something else out to keep their hands busy... the writing and suspense are wonderful for kids---they wouldn't want me to stop reading it until we were finished. It still holds my personal record as the chapter book we finished fastest.

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answers from Charlotte on

I wouldn't call myself a Mr. Fox fan because I haven't thought twice about it since seeing the movie, but I did enjoy it when I watched it.


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answers from Jacksonville on

My kids LOVEd that movie! They are 11 and 14. They were quoting scenes from it for weeks. Then, when it became available on netflix or whatever, they watched it a few more times. :)

We love those kinds of movies around here.

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answers from Cleveland on

huh I know about it because I love the author but actually never read it, and haven't seen it. I"m in a movie mode and woud probably love it. thanks for sharing.

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answers from Austin on

We took our kids to see it in the theater, and they have watched it a few times on TV since. I liked it, although it's not my favorite movie. But I do love that the cuss words were replaced with the word "cuss". My husband and I even use that ourselves from time to time and the kids are none the wiser. "What the cuss?"



answers from San Francisco on

It's a favorite in our house -- it's so nice to have movies that kids and parents can all love. I wish Wes Anderson would make more animated films!!



answers from Pittsburgh on

My husband and boys feel the same way! Me, not so much :-)


answers from Seattle on

My kids LOVE this movie. LOVE IT. I can not really figure out why, I am not all that fond of it., but they think it's HILARIOUS. I don't think it's i inappropriate I just didn't think it was all that funny.



answers from Madison on

hated this movie, and so not appropriate for our young kids. We made the mistake of not previewing this movie before going to see it at a summer kids fest movie at are theatre...we ended up leaving pretty early into the movie.



answers from Houston on

The first time I saw it I didn't like it, I didn't like the jerky camera motion and the way the fur on the animals moved, I thought it simplistic. Then we watched it again, and I caught all the nuances, and now we all love it. My fave part is where ash jumps into the pool "Whoo hoo" makes a huge splash, so proud of himself, then Kristofferson, does this fabulous swan dive completes with scrollwork splash!



answers from Cleveland on

I never watch movies more than once, even if I love them, but for some reason, I can watch this movie over and over without getting tired of it. We love it. I love the music, the humor, the style....just everything about it. Now I have "Let Her Dance" (the final song in the supermarket) in my head. What a great way to start my work day!

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