Xmas for a 3 1/2 Month Old

Updated on October 24, 2007
B.M. asks from Lidderdale, IA
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I was just wondering I am not sure of what to do as far as getting her things for this xmas I was going to get her just a couple of things for xmas and then wait till after xmas to get her more things that she needs but some of my family does not think that I should do that they think that I should get her lots of things. I know that she will not know either way but my family is making me feel bad for this and I am just wanting some advice. And also any good toy ideas for a will be 3 1/2 month old. Thanks!!!!

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answers from Lincoln on

You are the mom do what you want to do... I don;t think that there is anything wrong woith a few gifts

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answers from Lincoln on


The idea about Christmas is giving your daughter what you would want her to have. If you want to give her just a couple things this year and more next year that is your choice and not anyone elses. Do what you want to do, and not what anybody else thinks you should do. This is what I did for my daughter last year, whom turned 6 months before Christmas, I got her stuff she could use then and then stuff she could use in the future. My husband and I could not decide on to buy her the Fisher Price Learning Home and we kept putting it back in the store. We ended up buying it since it was a good deal and most of all so she had it when those stages did come. She used it a lot then and now and most of all my 4 1/2 year old boy plays with it too. It is really cute! There are several things you can buy your little girl, my first doll, fisher price farm, walker, saucer, learning table, stride to ride learning walker, and the noah's ark. There are so many things you can buy your little one and it is all up to you if that is what you want to do. Also, check out the Fisher Price website it is a really good one. One of my cousins and I did Christmas different last year. Her daughter was almost 3 months old and they bought her a couple of presents and for my daughter I bought her several things. It does not matter the number just as long as you are happy with what you give her and you feel good about it. In the long run, that is all the matters anyway! Good luck with whatever you decide and take care!




answers from Sioux City on

we have a 4 month old and we are not getting her lots of toys and stuff because she does not know the difference. we are getting her savings bonds though. we will do that for all the occasions until she knows any different. also, you could get her learning toys. they are at the age now where they are interested and love to learn about new things. hope this helps a little.



answers from Fargo on

There is nothing wrong with wanting to get your baby presents. I was the same way my son. He was only a month old for his first x-mas but we still gave him gifts. It just didn't feel right not including him. Good presents for a 3 month old would be activity gyms, ocean aquarium for the crib (my son absolutely loved this), any rattles, animals that you can pull and they shake, etc.



answers from Cedar Rapids on

You are her mother, you decide what's best. Let the Grand parents and other family members splurge on getting your daughter gifts. Chances are she'll get more then you know what to do with.
Some great things to have not only benefit your child but youself, The Fisher Price Crib Aquarium, BOOKS with baby faces or animals, a play mat with toys that hang down, toys that connect to her carseat!
She won't know the difference, and are you going to feel better because you bought her a bunch of stuff. Save your money and spend it through out the year, there is more things out there you'll really WANT to get her then FEEL like you HAVE TO get her!



answers from Casper on

I think that being a new mom you want to do what is best. You sound like a great caring mom. You should do what you think is best for your child. I think waiting until after Christmas is a great idea. #1 everything is on sale, #2 you can see if she needs anything that she didn't get from others for Christmas. I was born in October and guess what??? I don't feel like I missed out on just getting a few gifts my first Christmas. ;) I would buy books for your daughter. Great books that your family can enjoy together. Books are such a great gift because they use them over and over again. Good luck with the family!!! ;)



answers from Cedar Rapids on

Don't let your family guilt you into over-indulging. There are many more years ahead when your beautiful baby girl will have fun ripping at paper and discovering new toys. Brignton's first Christmas was pretty much just like any other day as far as he was concerned. He was about 7 months old and Dad and I got him a stackable toy and some clothes. Everyone else went berserk and he didn't much notice. I think we spent a grand total of about 40.00 on him last Christmas if even that. This Christmas will be a little different, but not a whole lot - since we have to work on getting RID of some toys and clothes...but that's another post.

So What I'm trying to say is, NO you don't have to go crazy buying your baby tons of things for Christmas if you don't want to - your xtended fam will do that for you. Just enjoy your baby girl and your husband this Christmas. Have a nice breakfast, a cup of tea or coffee or whatever and enjoy it. You'll never be able to do it again

Hugs to you!

PS. I did get Bright a keep sake book and ornament each year for Christmas even though he can't read them yet and has no idea what an ornament is. But someday he will. :)



answers from Iowa City on


I would advise going simple. Give her a few clothes and maybe a toy or two. I have a tradition of getting an oranment every Christmas with a saying or the year on it. I like to get Precious Moment ones but, any are just fine.

As far as toys go..I would get a little doll or a rattle or you could get a mulitpurpose toy that is good for now and later when she is a little older. My daughter has a leap frog catapillar that plays music and count and other things. She will be 6 mos in Dec and this is something that she has enjoyed. It is nice too because it can connect to a stroller.

Have a great time over the holidays!




answers from Omaha on

Go to like walmart.com or target.com and they have toys for age groups.

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