Wrote a Check for My Rent It Was Cashed, but Hasn't Been Posted to My Account?!

Updated on January 20, 2011
K.K. asks from Fredericksburg, VA
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Hi everyone,

I wrote a check on the 4th of this month for rent for my apartment. The manager said she cashed it in (along with 400 other checks LOL) at her PNC bank. She said the bank cashed it and she has proof. YET, my it has not shown in my account. Usually it posts to my account around the 8th of the month showing the check and all. I do not understand why it is taking this long. It never has, nor has with any check. I don't buy checks, the bank gives me the counter checks (I guess that's what they may be called?!) and it does have my information on it. So, there shouldn't be any issues. I've been using these checks for rent now over a year. It's the only thing I write a check for really. It really stinks because now my balance in the bank will be totally different if the check shows in my account. I even have online banking, nothing has shown up yet. It's bugging me and the leasing office/manager is being very rude about it. I'm worried someone at the bank or somewhere else may have gotten a hold of it? Or maybe it got lost when it was suppose to be mailed back to my bank? I spoke to a manager at Wachovia (my bank) and they said they didn't have anything pending and they couldn't be more of help. I feel like I'm being taken advantage of.

What happens if this check still doesn't show up in my bank by next month when its time to pay the rent again?! I don't think I should be writing out another check if January's check hasn't been cleared from my bank account.

Any suggestions?


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So What Happened?

Agh oh my. What a pickle I'm in. I went back to look at the starter checks I got from the bank....and the account number didn't match up with my account number. I called the bank to tell them that and read out the account number on the checks....she said it wasn't my account number. I called my mother and found out its her account number! LOL yes WTF. I don't know how they wrote down her account number when I slid my debit card through the keypad. I live at a different address than my parents and yes our last names are the same, our first names aren't. So I don't know why this has happened. Anyways, nice thing about this I guess you could say; my mother told me not to worry about it. So I guess I get a free month of rent. LOL. BUT, I did write another check for a portion of an adoption fee for an animal. So agh, that's more money taken out of her account. I am going to the bank tomorrow, so I can show them the starter checks I was given that have the wrong account number on them.

Thanks ladies for the help! This was racking my mind for the longest time!

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I'm not sure why you feel like you're being taken advantage of....?

Well, I would say that come February you are still going to have to write another check whether this one has cleared or not. You are after all still living in the apartment which is completely separate from a banking issue, correct? Your bank, Wachovia, obviously hasn't received the check from PNC yet which is why it hasn't posted to your account and they don't have any information about it. Try finding out which PNC branch the manager used to deposit your check & get in touch with them. Whether the issue has been resolved or not, the fact that you wrote a check means that money is essentially no longer in your account so it's your responsiblity not to overspend now.

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maybe do a money order instead of a check for your rent if you can this way you can pay cash or credit card for the money order and you KNOW that the rent is paid and there wont be any confusion

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I would just go to your bank & ask to speak to someone about your checking account. Explain it to them. If the apartment manager can give you a copy of the check, that would probably help. They should be able to look in their system & see what happened.

For all we know, they may have mistyped a number & taken the money out of someone else's account!

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answers from Topeka on

Use cash next time, call the bank again speak to the manager again.Ask all the what if's ?'s



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Get away from counter checks! Since the info is done 'on the fly' it would be too easy to make a mistake imprinting them - which is what happened. You already have an account - just get the bank to help you get pre-printed checks - they aren't that expensive!



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I would suggest you open a bank account at a different bank. I hate it when banks make errors. We had an automatic withdrawl set up for our house payment. they were supposed to do it on the 1st of each month. one month they did it on the 1st and again on the 29th for the next month. only problem with that is we got paid on the 30th. bounced a bunch of other checks I had written. 2 days doesn't seem like a lot but it is when you are on a strict monthly budget. good luck with this



answers from New York on

I would go to the bank and speak with someone. Don't get wound-up about it, but if the manager has proof that he cashed the check and he's considering the account paid, then relax a little. You never know when banks are "updating" their systems or when the check was entered at the leasing office's bank.

Keeping in mind the crazy weather you have been experiencing, it is entirely possible that the check was cashed later than usual and not posted yet. I have written checks that take a month to show-up online.

Also consider a money order to avoid the situation again if you aren't regularly using checks.



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So you paid, and the manager says she was paid but it hasn't shown in your account? I would put it an error and act as if the money was taken out.

I once got a piece of mail that was postdated Sept. 11 2009 AND Feb. 6th 2010. Mistakes happen. It might be that the check is stuck in some machine and they won't find it for a few months.


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I would ask your apartment for a reference number and proof that your check went through, and tell them that the check has not gone through yet in your bank. Print out your account invoice and show her the proof. Most likely, the check has been misplaced and it's your apt managers job to do a checks and balances.

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