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E.D. asks from Olympia, WA
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Hey Mama's who like to write,

Mamapedia has been an invaluable tool for me. It's been a mirror through which I've been able to reflect back myself to myself and it's been a source of unexpected insight and information. I've also gotten a LOT of support for some things that are pressing in my life from a group of women I wouldn't otherwise have access to. And, more to the point, I didn't write much before I got hooked on this site (darn laundry, when will you do YOURSELF!!)) Now I write everyday, much of which is just done in responses and posts.

I do keep a journal. But, it's not a so much a place to write as much as it allows me to learn and keep record of where I'm at internally.

I've found I really enjoy writing. I'd like to do more of it, and more creatively. I like to write in the morning, and late at night. So I put pen to paper and/or tippy-tap keys at least once a day. I'd like to do more, and to be more organized about it. More directed and focused like.

So a series of questions: How do you write? What inspires you? What type of writing do you love? How do you improve your writing? How do you critique it and edit it? What do you do with it when it's "finished"? How do you juggle your creative outlet with your motherhood and/or does it lend to the other? Where do you keep your writing? Do you use pen and paper? Do you share your writing publicly? How do you create a story line? Do you write dialogue? Did you teach yourself and/or did you learn in an academic or life environment?

Thanks for the tips!!!!

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answers from Sacramento on

I'm a professional writer. So, I do have a journalism degree and 20+ years of work experience in the field. I am inspired by other writers. I read the newspaper and scan the web constantly for inspiration. Articles don't necessarily need to be related to the topic I'm researching for a project to catch my attention. I'm just inspired by great, creative writing from other professional writers.

I think it's great that you've developed an interest in writing. Keep at it! If you get really motivated, check into classes through your local community college. Receiving formal training can help you refine your abilities. Good luck!

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answers from Jacksonville on

How do I write, using my hands of course! :)
I am an author, I just completed my first novel and as of last weekend sent out a huge cache of query letters to several agents. I always have a million ideas that zoom around in my head, all vying for my attention. I learned along time ago that my best ideas happen right before I fall asleep, therefor I keep a pen and paper by my bedside, so when an idea strikes I can jot it down.

I critique and edit by simply going through the novel again, and again....and yes again. I believe that I am on my fourth round of edits. You know when you are done with it when you read over the same page twice and feel satisfied. I also picked a few very close and honest people and let them read my book. I took what they liked and didn't like about it and edited some more. I usually type all of my ideas, but have several pads of notes lying around to keep details straight.

I go every Saturday morning somewhere and write for a few hours. This is a trade off with my husband who goes to Jiu Jitsu class once to twice a week. I also write if my daughter is really engrossed in a movie, is napping and less often in the evening after she is asleep. I find being tired leads to sloppy writing. I don't come up with story lines, they come to me. I don't really know how else to describe it. :) All self taught, we will see if that pays off if I actually get it published or not.

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answers from St. Louis on

I love to write but I can't see ever writing a book. I am too ADD. Who would want to read a book that no two chapters have anything to do with the other?

I do love writing on message boards and such. I have a lot of trouble communicating with humans. What makes perfect sense to me is clear as mud to others. When I post here I will get responses like I can't believe you said that or respond to something completely different than I meant. It gives me a chance to understand how what I am saying is heard by others and gives me the ability to understand how to say it so that people get what I actually mean.

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answers from Providence on

How do you write?
I write when I feel the urge to, or something comes to me.
What inspires you?
People, places, things, and ideas. My son, my family, humor, passion.
How do you improve your writing?
I write the way I would talk about something. As if I were talking to a friend. I've also taken writing courses, creatively and grammatically.
How do you critique it and edit it?
My mother critiques and edits it. She has a talent for doing so. She also helps my stepfather, who is an author, edit his books.
What do you do with it when it's "finished"?
I print it out, and send it to whatever the purpose was to write in the beginning. I mostly write short stories, poems. I recently wrote a poem for a friend who passed away. They needed a poem for his funeral, and I wrote it for him.
How do you juggle your creativity with your motherhood and/or does it lend to the other?
It assists one with the other.
Where do you keep your writing?
I keep my writing in a file on my computer. Any work that I do, I also back up with a flashdrive in case anything happens.
Do you use pen and paper?
Sometimes I use a pen and paper if I have an idea, or thought I want to remember to write on.
Do you share your writing publicly?
Sometimes I do. I will often give a couple of chapters to my friend to read and to give her opinion.
How do you create a story line?
First thing is to draw an outline of what you want your story to consist of, beginning , middle, end. As well as charactes and relationships to other characters. Basically it all comes down to people, places, and things.
Do you write dialogue?
Dialogue, personally, is a weakness. It is very easy to fall into the old patter of, " sally said." "jane replied." I go through books to get ideas of how i want my dialogues between my characters to look like. It has to be smooth,as if you are speaking to a person. It has to be believable, and interesting.
Did you teach yourself and/or did you learn in an academic or life environment?
My stepfather helped me find my style of writing, and also gave lots of pointers and ways to organize my thoughts. I think their is a certain level that you must be taught, but their has to be a passion for it, and a certain level of creativity for it to really go anywhere.

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