Wraps??? Moby Wrap? Different One?? WHAT'S the DIFFERENCE?

Updated on February 18, 2011
M.W. asks from Saint Cloud, MN
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Hi Moms,

I am looking to purchase a wrap to carry my (now 5 1/2 month old) in. I have someone who will be bringing me a Moby Wrap to look at next week. What's the difference between them all? I think she said it is $40. Is that a good price? Any suggestions about wraps??? Any info or comments? What should I get???

PS> I DO have an Ergo and LOVE it! BUT, this little guy is not a fan. So I wanted to get something else to use that hopefully he will like!

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answers from Columbus on

I love my moby wrap, and $40 is average. I got mine from an ebay store that had "tried on" moby wraps for about $24, and it looked brand new to me. Plus it's machine washable, so I didn't care if someone had tried it on.

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answers from Dallas on

I LOVED my moby wrap but my girls were out of it by 5 1/2 months so I'm not sure that is the best option for you. I know you can have them in hip carries and I think on the back with the moby, but we were done with it before I wanted to mess with that. Both my girls lived in it though from birth - about 4 months.

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answers from Detroit on

I LOVE my ktan wrap. I think it is much easier than Moby. My husband loves it too. Check it out online. It is around $40

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answers from Bellingham on

I used my moby until about 10mo with DS. And I only really stopped because I bought a Beco Butterfly, which I like better. (Beco is a SSC kinda like the ergo) If your LO is uncomfortable in the ergo they may like the moby. Its soft and kinda stretchy. But a woven wrap is a good idea too if you want to use it with a toddler. But I would say by then your baby will be more comfortable in your ergo. There's a little learning curve with the moby and woven wraps, but not too bad. When you get the hand of it you can wrap it really fast. The only tough part is you have to remember to put it on before you leave, you don't want to have to tie it in a parking lot! (learned this the hard way!) : )

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answers from Dallas on

The Moby is more for newborns up to 4-5 months. I really didn't like the Moby, AT ALL. I even went to a carrier boutique and they showed me how to use it, but agreed it was too much fabric for me. (even the shortened ones) If you're petite it wouldn't work, anyway. (most likely) I totally agree with the Mei Tai suggestion. They are more free for the babies. I also found them very comfortable for my shoulders and back. My favorites are Baby Hawk and Angel pack.


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answers from Minneapolis on

I primarily use the Ergo now with my almost 9 month old. When she was teeny we used the Sleepy Wrap CONTSTANTLY -- very similar to a Moby but with more stretch to the fabric. They are 39.99 on amazon full price. I will still pull it out time to time when she is really fussy from teething and she'll be comforted by being so close & cuddled in to me.

My advice: You may not get a ton of use of out of it since your little man is already 5 months but if you think you may have more kids some day get one for sure. Even if not, if you use this for the next couple months it'll pay for itself. My 9 month old is 18lbs and she's still comfortable in it -- Don't be intimidated by the long fabric, after tying it twice you'll have it committed to memory.

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answers from New York on

dont do it!!!

the moby is a great knit wrap, but its moe ideal for a newborn. the stretch will probaly outgrow your son too soon. if you are set on a wrap, you need a woven to get the mot out of it. wraps are aso alot of material and you have to kearn the proper way to tie it. dont get me wrong, they are great, its just that if you are just learnng to wear a baby, a wrap does have a learning curve.

have you thought about a mei tai? they arent as structured as the ergo, but still will have the same front carry look. the straps are long but way less intimidating than a wrap. you also could do a ring sling or pouch if he is more into being towards your side in a hip carry. pouches esp are cheaper so it might be good, even if you had the wrap, to use on quick errands in stores.

if you eally want to compare or get "expert" advice join thebabywearer.com
there are different sections o ask for comparison of types of carriers, as well as different brands. there are also lots of mamas selling al different carriers, so its a great way to try something for a little less.

again, the moby is great, i just think at his age, you might want something that will work a more ages/weights. message me i you have any questions or want to see what a mei tai looks like on. good luck

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answers from Gainesville on

I love my mayawrap! It is very versatile, durable, durable material and you can use it even when they are toddlers. I used it from newborn all the way to being able to carry my now 2.5 year old on my back with it. You can carry the younger babies in a variety of ways. I have used mine for both my kids so I def got my money's worth. The website has videos on how to place baby. Very easy to adjust as well.

I carried my 10 month old around Sea World literally all day and my back never hurt for a minute. If you have it on properly it is very comfortable.

My oldest *hated* the backpack style carrier. We tried it once, I promptly put it back in the box and got my money back.

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