Would You Take Your 5Yo to See the Phantom of the Opera & Is It Playing Soon?

Updated on January 19, 2012
J.M. asks from Doylestown, PA
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Emmy (who is 5) J. watched the Phantom of the Opera with her grandpop the other day when home sick and now wants to see the play apparently. So my question is would you take your child who is so young to see this? Have you? I've never even seen the movie...I know I'm horrible. She kept asking M. why I didn't see it when I was little. I think she thinks its appropriate for little kids? Is it? I've never read anything on it. Also is it coming soon to NY, Philly or anywhere close? She's sat through kids plays before (annie, princess ones...) but could a little kid sit through the Phantom of the OPera Live? Apparently she sat with her grandpop the whole movie and asked questions to better understand it.
So is this a typical play for kids? I really am ashamed to say I know nothing about it. Although she has an odd taste in tv, we go from historcal documentaries, national geo, to strawberry shortcake and spongebob so maybe operatic tv was bound to be next...ALSO could I sit through it...lol I love plays but ussually ones like Rent, Wicked....I've only seen a few classical plays, and I didn't appreciate them as much.

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So What Happened?

Tracy I think thats what her and her pop watched and did.
I'm not sure the diference between the versions, she watched an older one if that helps. She mentioned the guy revealing his face that was ugly. She also said they sung through it all and it was a play on tv? She said there were some parts that people died . From what I gather she says its about a boy who loves a girl and she loves antoher man and then she went on and on, i think she mentioned the girl died at the end and was old and that the phantom revealed his face too, and then something about a rose...IDK i got lost...
Oh also I dont think she;d ask questions or talk through it, she ussually tells M. to shhh at movies or during a show. I think if anything I';d be asking her what was going on

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answers from Columbia on

This really isn't a typical play for someone so young. Did she watch the musical version with her grandpop? Or the classic horror version (which is a bit campy)?

If she watched the musical version (Andrew Lloyd Webber) and was not scared or bored by it, she'll probably enjoy it live. I'm jealous!!

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answers from Houston on

No I wouldn't. I love the Phantom, I love live theater, but it's very long and at times boring and can be scary and intense for a 5 year old.

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answers from Washington DC on

I would take her to a local theater production or a HS production. Our HS has put on plays like Les Misarables, Grease, The Music Man...

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answers from Dallas on

Can you rent the play on video and try that 1st? Do it like a real play. Lights out. All quiet, only get up during intermission, must sit quietly still. If she can handle that, maybe find a local community college playhouse or something.

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answers from Detroit on

Why not watch the movie yourself, maybe go see the live show yourself, and then decide from there?

Personally, I would not take a 5 year old to see it - it's not that it's anything really terrible, but there are some dark scary themes to it and it's not really kid material. But that's M., and I realize that every kid is different. Like I said, see it yourself, then decide if you think your 5 year old would be okay with it.

You can also try some websites, like commonsensemedia.org and kidsinmind.com that rate movies in terms of how appropriate they are for kids, and break them down by their content (crude humor, drug/alcohol use, smoking, sexual content and other adult themes).


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answers from Pittsburgh on

How cool is that?
I took my son to see it at about that age--he liked it!
Get the music, review the story before you take her. (and you!)
As for when/where to see it....can't help you out with that. Google Phantom of the opera + your city. Easy peasy.
Have fun!

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answers from Seattle on

It's not a "kid play", but it's not inappropriate for kids, imho.

I started taking my son to operas and operettas when he was a toddler. (he's adhd, he has an *ungodly* attention span for things he's interested it). He's 9, now, and we've seen tons and tons of things (huzzah for local shows! Dress rehersal tickets are peanuts! Traveling shows are harder to arrange for good seat AND cheap tickets). Don't get M. wrong, we'd still see the 'full version' of travelling shows... but I J. can't afford to do it that often. I have the kid, though, who (used to) get ticked off about intermission in full shows. Don't stop! Don't stop! Now, of course, he like the cookies and cider.

I would let him see plays, operettas, and operas of a kind that I would in NO WAY let him see a similar movie. In no small part because the actors in a play come out for bows. Everyone lives. And theatre magic & special effects are radically different. A great thing about dress rehearsals, btw, (in addition to being able to leave) are the NOTES that are given. The director will stop between scenes for notes for the actors, so the magic is periodically bent, if not broken.

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answers from Austin on

If she really enjoyed the movie and understands the story, then yes!
You may even what to find a book and read some of it to her about the Phantom of the Opera.

Our daughter watched a movie about the Barber of Seville. When the Opera was on PBS one time.. she insisted we watch it.
She loved it! She was 5..

I would have loved to have taken her to the Opera live to see it, but she was fine with it on TV..

Never underestimate your child. Whenever our child showed an interest in something we went for it.

Follow your child's lead.

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answers from New York on

Mine wouldn't at that age my oldest would get scare of "Ghostbusters" (1984version) which I thought it wasn't too scary specially with the fun green monster and the marshmallow giant, I was wrong.
But I have read in here of young kids with early love for theater and opera, so I guess each of us knows our kids better.

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answers from Washington DC on

No, I personally would not take a 5 year old to see Phantom of the Opera. Especially if she's asking questions...I think it's GREAT that she's interested in expanding her horizons - but I would start smaller and shorter..

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answers from Santa Barbara on

My daughter didn't see the play until she was 7 but LOVED the soundtrack from about 3 or 4.

I wish I was seeing it soon....(insert pouty face here)!!

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answers from Erie on

Phantom is an awesome play, but it is very dark and scary. The costumes are awesome and the music is fantastic...she would love that but i would still probably wait. I think she might have nightmares. Or watch the movie your self and familiarize yourself with it before making a decision.

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answers from Philadelphia on

Yes, I would definitely take her. My youngest was 3 the first time she saw Les Miserables. I think if they know the music it makes the show that much more enjoyable so I recommend you listen to the CD a lot before the show. My 8 year old really wants to see Phantom and is now kicking herself because we took her older sister to see it 2 years ago.
Have a great time. I have seen it about a half dozen times and love the show more and more each time I see it.

Also, I would bring a few lolly pops or another quiet snack to eat during the performance.

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answers from Tampa on

I think that she is too young for this and it may not hold her attention. But I LOVE Phantom and am dying to take my kids to this.

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answers from Lakeland on

I think it depends on the kid. My nephews have seen this on Broadway a couple of times (one is 9 and the other is 6). They love seeing plays and will sit through them (one has aspergers and the other adhd). I think if it is on stage your daughter won't see the details of his face once the mask is removed (makeup artisits are good, but I don't think they do as much detail like in the movies).

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answers from Cleveland on

i wouldnt take a 5 yr old, its J. not appropiate. its a 3 hr play, and its a lot of music and for a little kid theyd get bored, and most people there are not going to want to have a little kid next to them watching it

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answers from Allentown on

I personally would wait on this one. It is long and scary and dark at parts. (I actually screamed when the chandelier fell over the audience both time I saw it.) Also, it she gets too loud or antsy, it probably won't be appreciated by the other theater patrons. Broadway tickets are expensive and I have to say if I spent the money to go to this more adult show I would be upset if there was a child disrupting the quiet. I am in no means implying that YOUR daughter would do that. It's J. a chance I wouldn't take. I agree that a high school production or local theater production of Phantom would be better. I waited until my son was 7 before I took him to Broadway to see a more kids-themed show, Tarzan. Lots of kids in the audience for shows like that....Mary Poppins, Beauty and the Beast, etc. Then you don't mind so much and expect the audience to be more noisier.

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answers from New York on

Phantom has been playing in NYC for close to 20 years. Still there. :)

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answers from Baton Rouge on

My daughter was seeing real plays at that age (took her with M. to see "The Crucible" and she understood it), and knew the soundtrack lyrics to most of Andrew Lloyd Weber's works, including Phantom of the Opera.

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answers from Harrisburg on

She's too young (IMHO). Take her to see "Lion King" though. We took our kids when our daughter was 5 and it was incredible!

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