Would You Spend the Money to Put Your Child a Yoga Class?

Updated on September 25, 2011
D.J. asks from Plano, TX
14 answers

Hi everyone. I am writing to get some advice about children's yoga. I am thinking about spending the money to pursue getting certified to be an RYT, specifically RYT for children's yoga. I have worked as personal trainer in the past for adults, have taught spinning and for the past 5 yrs have been a full-time SAHM. However, I would love to combine my love of fitness & children together to be a part time children's yoga teacher. I am not sure how many parents would send their 3-8 yr old to a yoga class. A kids yoga class depending on the age is 30 to 45 minutes long, usually involves a story that teaches a lesson of some sort, incorporated with developmentally appropriate yoga poses for children and a short meditation at the conclusion of the class. Yoga for kids has been proven to reduce stress & anxiety and also improve ADD and ADHD.

My question is it worth it financially for me to spend the money to get certified which could be in the thousands to become a part time children's instructor? I mainly just want to do something that I enjoy doing, have fun with and have some extra income to save up for trips or extra expenses. Most yoga classes for kids depending on where you are run about $10-$15 a class drop in at a studio and about $68-$80 for a 6 week session for 1 class a week at a community center.

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answers from Norfolk on

I would pay for my kids to go to a yoga class. I have taught my kids some of my poses and they love it! My daughter does the tree pose, then pretends to fall on the ground, and says "falling tree!"
What I would really like is a parent AND child yoga class if such a thing could be done. So I could be in the class with my kids and we could all get to practice together.
Sounds great! I'm jealous!

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answers from Pocatello on

I would pay to do a "mommy and me" yoga class... or to send my child to a kids yoga class that is at the same time (in the same studio) as an adult one.

If I were you I would host a free introductory class, that kids can come to and try out. Parents could then see if their child would enjoy the class and if it would be worth the money to spend, without making a big commitment. (since dropping into classes is awkward, the class knows what to expect, but the "new kid" is lost)

Good Luck!

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answers from Sacramento on

My 3yo LOVES yoga. They do it at her pre-school. She loves to pretend she is the teacher and teach me the poses. It actually reminds me a bit of some of the ballet she is learning.

We are actually signed up for a family zumba class next month. It is $12 each for 3 or 4 classes.

As for the prices. It is a bit to steep for me. Is the price per person or does it include one child? But $20 to go to a 40 minute class would put me out of the running. Also, with the classes I wanted my daughter involved in, they were only available during the day which doesn't work for working moms.


answers from Houston on

I totally would. On my fitness and nutrition journey ive noticed 3 things thats stand out. 1.nutrition is most important in feeling good and losing weight 2.variety of routines will keep it interesting, thus easier to do every day and 3. Yoga is not just mindless cardio, lunges and squats.......it s revolutionary way of working out that combines strength, agility, focus, breathing, balance...etc.. it not only is a superior workout, it helps with form practice for other routines.

I was actually thinking of enrolling my daughter in yoga, but i wanted a more "mommy/daughter" type of thing.



answers from Chicago on

I've done yoga off and on for 20 years. No, I would not spend money on it, unless it was a extra $20 at the Y or something.

Small kids do not need "exercise" classes. But my kids are still small (3.5 and 1.5). I have a friend whose 6 year old LOVES Yoga. Maybe they will decide they want to do Yoga at some point, who knows.



answers from Chicago on

Yes! One story... I took a yoga class a couple of years ago. I taught my four kids some of the basic poses: child, tree, lotus, corpse... Anyway, my mom had a blood clot form and we spent eight hours sitting in a tiny hospital waiting area while tests were being run. The kids can't tired of sitting about four hours into it. It was carpeted and a quiet area. The next thing I know I have three kids in child pose on the floor. The registration staff came around to see what they were doing. They were all impressed with the kids' behavior - quiet, relaxed. Not to mention, corpse pose was the ticket to teaching the three youngest to float on their backs in the pool. Love yoga. Definitely.


answers from Austin on

Here in town they have a Parent and me yoga classes at a lot of the studios. . It is essentially a Yoga class that children are allowed to attend at no cost. Dads and moms attend with their children.


answers from Dallas on

I would at a community center but not at someone's home. I'd be more likely to do that at the gym I currently go to. You could be a paid instructor for gyms or the Y if you get licensed. Then later, once you've built a clientelle and made a name for yourself, then semi-reture to doing a couple private sessions and a couple group classes a week.



answers from Houston on

My kids do Yoga at their daycare and preschool. They are always showing me new moves so I know it's something they enjoy. I would definitely sign my kids up for one if it was nearby and offered times that worked. I think the price range you mentioned is very reasonable. My son is in a karate class that is 10 months long and we pay around $85 / month for one class (1-hr) a week.



answers from Austin on

no. I'd encourage my daughter to do dance, gymnastics, soccer, swimming. My 7 y.o. is way to active to pay attention in a yoga class. I think most sports will help reduce stress and anxiety through the physical movements. Maybe if my child were ADD/ADHD, I'd give it a try.



answers from Minneapolis on

They offer it at our gym for kids 6 and over so I wouldn't pay extra for an off site class. I think if you did it via your local community ed classes you could get a lot of people... maybe look to do special classes on days your district has teacher conferences, etc. Good luck!!



answers from Victoria on

I would not. I could see it working out better if it were a mommy/daddy and kid yoga class. If it were incorperated with a gym class or something else I would see it being worth my while.


answers from Boston on

We did yoga my daughter and I, she was 3 almost 4 at the time.. it one once a week for 45 minutes and I think only 6 classes, cost $90 for the session I think..I think it was great mommy and me time.. unfortunatly they didnt re0due the class due to lack of interest.



answers from Houston on

I don't think I would necessarily put my child in a yoga class, but would be interested in a mommy and me class. I bet you would find lots of moms interested in taking yoga with their children. If it's what you love and are passionate about it won't be a waste of time! Good luck!

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