Would You Have These 4 Baby-teeth Extracted?

Updated on December 23, 2018
T.H. asks from New York, NY
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Morning! I have a 10 yr old daughter who is on a 3yr orthodontic plan. She's been wearing her braces for about 16 months now with 14 more to go. She has 4 adult teeth sitting in her gums that don't want to budge. I'm honestly in no hurry and neither is she. But for those of you who have dealt with this or something similar, would you have them extracted prematurely? The doctor has been patient and doesn't want to have them extracted either BUT these teeth are taking a while and so she gave me a referral just in case.


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answers from Chicago on

Honestly, if the dentist doesn't think it is an issue, I would wait. One of my girls had a baby tooth that did not want to budge, causing the adult tooth to come in behind it. The baby tooth was pulled. I would say if these are baby teeth that could cause a problem, maybe.

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answers from Norfolk on

I'd wait.
If her adult teeth are not emerging it probably has more to do with having room in the jaws to allow it to happen.
Baby teeth have nothing to do with that.
If your daughter is using expanders - that will give her the room she needs in her jaws so there is room for the adult teeth.
You don't need to pull the baby teeth unless the adult teeth don't dissolve the roots so they can fall out on their own.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

If your ortho isn't concerned, I wouldn't be. And it's not like she's later than other kids with this. My older didn't lose his last baby tooth until recently; he's 12. I'm sure he still had at least 4 baby teeth at age 10, maybe more. Sounds like she's right on schedule to me.

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answers from New York on

We waited and waited on baby teeth to fall out (for the same reason - was doing ortho work) and I wish we wouldn't have waited. It ultimately ended up adding 6 months to two of the kids treatment.

Obviously it is largely a personal choice - the waiting didn't "harm" anything, but the sooner out of braces is always better.

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answers from Lubbock on

I would wait. Hopefully the roots will dissolve.

Sometimes, very rarely, things will go wrong. I had my baby teeth extracted when I was 12. There were no permanent teeth underneath them.

One root was very long. It went into my sinuses. When the pulled it, my sinus collapsed and the fluid went into my lungs. My lungs collapsed and then my heart stopped. Obviously, they were able to resuscitate me. Luckily I was in a fully equipped oral surgeons office. Of course, if I had just had a local anesthetic, I might have been able to just cough up all the sinus fluid.

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answers from Washington DC on

I would wait a couple years. 10 is still very young.

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answers from New York on

Baby teeth or adult teeth. Which is it? You say both. Big difference.



answers from San Antonio on

If the orthodontist isn't in a hurry I would wait. My daughter had one permanent tooth pulled at 10 because it was undoing all the previous orthodontics she had done to that point.

I made them check the xrays against the tooth they were pulling like five times to make sure it was the correct one.

Now she might NOT even need round two of braces the teeth are falling into place nicely.

We waited as long as we could to pull it but she just needed the space for the other permanent teeth. Good luck and big hugs!!



answers from Miami on

No. Don’t do it. You are worrying about the “3 year plan”. Be patient like the dentist. It’s not in the best interest of your daughter to have teeth removed this early.


answers from Washington DC on

Hello T. - I personally would NOT remove the teeth. She's 10 - not 16. if they haven't budged by 16? then yes. but otherwise? no.



answers from Louisville on

10 years old no way. Give it time. We just exposed my daughters last permanent tooth and it’s been rough. She’s 15 so they were pretty sure it wasn’t going to pop on it’s own. Don’t rush it if you don’t have to!

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