Would You Be Interested in Baby Boot Camp If There Were One in the Area?

Updated on May 28, 2010
S.T. asks from Sugar Land, TX
6 answers

I have always really liked working out, but since I had my daughter it's harder and harder to get to the gym. So I was doing some research one night and came across Baby Boot Camp. I thought 'that's perfect.....I can work out and I can have my daughter with me and she won't have to stay in a gym daycare!!' (We tried it.....even though she goes to daycare 3 days a week, she HATED it at the gym) And most Baby Boot Camp classes are outside at a park......and my daughter, like most kids, LOVE being outside. It was a win-win for all of us. UNTIL.....I realized that there is only one Baby Boot Camp in the entire Houston area and it's at Spotts Park.....wherever that it. I just knew it wasn't close to Sugar Land, so I didn't care.

So my question is. If there was a Baby Boot Camp in Sugar Land or Missouri City, would you be interested in becoming part of it?? I'm thinking of maybe getting a franchise going here and have talked to the salespeople at Baby Boot Camp, to get the ball rolling. I don't know exactly what the price would be but it would probably be around $75/month with a one year commitment or $95/month on a month to month basis. The prices all change depending on your commitment and you can buy like a 12 class pass.

Just wanting some opinions from real life Mom's. Would you pay that to work out with a group of ladies in your area? Do you think you'd have friends that would be interested? Any and all opinions good or bad are welcome.

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answers from Houston on

I really don't think I understand this business model. What are you paying for? Anyone can get together with friends and exercise in the park for free. If you're paying for an exercise class you sort of lose the "guilt free" out if the baby doesn't cooperate. I can understand a group of ladies getting together and taking turns watching the kids play on the playground while the others walk/run the track or whatever. I also understand how it motivates us to show up if others are expecting you to be there. Anyway, this sounds like a good cooperative arrangement between mom's in the same situation but I wouldn't pay for what would surely be a workout filled with constant interruptions by the babies. I feel like my gym membership has value because of the facilities like the kids club, pool, jacuzzi, as well as included classes staffed by experienced trainers.

Sorry if that's not what you wanted to hear.



answers from Flagstaff on

I own a Stroller Strides franchise in AZ and love it. I remember when I was exploring the other franchise options, Stroller Strides really stuck out for me because of the simplicity & ease of how their classes are structured, their national partnerships, the quality of their website & marketing materials & their presence across the country.
I have loved every minute of owning my franchise, making money for my family- all while getting to hang out with my daughter. I would definitely check out all of the different company options. For my money, Stroller Strides is the best!



answers from Denver on

Have you ever looked into a Stroller Strides franchise? I started going to Stroller Strides when my second child was 8 weeks old. And it is way more that just walking around with friends. I was a pretty avid exerciser and was sore after my first class, which I loved. We do exercises with the bands, with the strollers, running, jogging, walking, squats, push ups- everything you can imagine. I started going every day after that and lost the 55 lbs. I gained with my second in just 6 months! I loved it so much that when the owner was selling the franchise, I bought it!

You should check out the Stroller Strides website, it is the fastest growing stroller fitness franchise and the support from headquarters is awesome! www.strollerstrides.com. It is a great workout but so much more! You make amazing mom friends, your kids make friends, they learn songs, counting and social skills, and you are providing an amazing service to your mom community.




answers from Houston on

I like the idea of it because I am finding it hard to get to the gym these days myself. I am a SAHM of a 2 1/2 year old daughter and a 4 month old son. I feel like I am running around all of the time and I just can't seem to fit the gym in there anywhere. My daughter is in a MDO program 2 days per week, so I would potentially be interested in doing some sort of baby boot camp with my son on those days, but the price seems a bit steep for me. I am paying about $50 per month for the gym and that includes childcare, so I'm not sure I could talk my hubby into paying more and having to bring the baby with me. Other than the cost, I like the idea and would potentially be interested.



answers from Houston on

I do Stroller Fit in West Houston, who I would guess would be a competitor of Baby Boot Camp. I know there are several Stroller Fit groups in the Houston area, as well as a company called Stroller Strides. You might want to check out franchises with those companies as well, just to see what the competition is doing. I have been doing StrollerFit since April and I love it!!! We normally work out at a local park, but our instructor arranged for some indoor sessions each week during the summer when it was so hot. A lot of moms appreciated not having their kids out in the heat. Stroller Fit also has a social component to it. We do playdates, Mom's Night Out and even family outings. It is a great support system for new moms. Good luck with your research! I don't know anything about baby boot camp, but I think that a program that allows you to work out with your baby is awesome!

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