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Updated on February 12, 2011
M.P. asks from Orem, UT
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Hello! Just got back from the doctor getting my son checked out for an ear infection when I had her look at my sons dry skin that wouldn't go away for the past several weeks. Well there was also a bright red spot that I hadn't seen at all. She thinks its Eczema. So she said to go and get fragrance free, alcohol free products. Well I had just bought Method laundry detergent and hand soap (Target was having a really great sale!!) I hadn't used the Method stuff to wash my sons clothes yet. I also cloth diaper so I am washing all of my son's clothes in Rockin' Green Detergent since it is hypo-allergenic. So has anyone had good or bad experience with Method products?
Also what other products would help out his poor skin? He will be getting a oatmeal bath tomorrow night. I bought some Aveno that is supposed to help with eczema but I saw that it also had alcohol in it after I opened it (grr) and my son wasn't happy with it. I won't be getting paid for another week so anything homemade would be great!

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So What Happened?

Thanks all! Keep your info coming! He is already on a probiotic because of all of the antibiotics he has been on because of ear infections. I'm looking into ear tubes or the chiropractic thing to help that out. But I will start to limit his dairy. He has been having lots of it, so I think I'll find a good substitute (taste wise, I know he gets calcium from other foods) and his FAVORITE snack is yogurt bites. . . not sure what to replace that with. . . oh dear. This could be a tough few days.

I actually got him tested for allergies before I switched him from formula to milk. He came up clear. So I'm not sure what else it could be other than his paternal grandmothers light winter reaction that she got when she was 12. I did read up that it can show up after rubbing up against something rough, which he actually did. He was playing with his thomas and rubbed up against the fireplace. That is when it all started. So for awhile I thought it was just the brick roughing up his skin and it never got better.

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answers from Glens Falls on

I like Arm and Hammer for Sensitive Skin laundry detergent plus it cleans a lot better than Method and is cheaper. And Aveeno soap.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Aveeno is wonderful and it will feel good to his skin. I wouldn't worry about the amount of alcohol in it. I imagine she was talking about stuff like hand sanitizer that is almost all alcohol.

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answers from Denver on

I use cloth and Charlies, or Country Save are the two that I would recommend for sensitive skin. My older daughter developed eczema, and by changing detergents it cleared up quite a bit.

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answers from Raleigh on

As long as the detergent is fragrance and dye free, it should be fine. I use All Free and Clear for my son's eczema. Also, make sure you use free and clear dryer sheets (if you use them), and no bleach. Also, if your son is having a flare-up, do not use harsh soaps on him. It just dries out the skin more. The best thing to figure out what is causing the eczema and avoid it. With my son, it's more or less the fragrance that causes problems. He also has some food allergies and we just avoid those.
I am not a fan of Aveeno products. They do nothing for my son's eczema. I like California Baby products and really like the Super Sensitive wash. Pricey, but you only need a little.
Also, you can make your own oatmeal bath. Just take some oats and grind them in a blender until it's very fine- like a powder. Then add to a warm bath. Hope this helps.

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answers from New York on

try sudocrem.. my uncle tried it and it worked for him.. but with eczema you have to know what causes the allergy first so you can avoid them..

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answers from Salt Lake City on

I am not sure about Method products, but I do know quite a bit about Eczema. My daughter has it a lot, and I have it bad too sometimes.
I am a certified family herbalist, and have learned quite a bit about the body, and why certain things show up the way they do. Your skin is actually toxin filter just like your liver, and if your liver is in toxic condition your skin is a mirror to it and will reflect what your liver is going through.
Eczema is related to to much yeast in the body also.
So you can try a liver cleanse with him. If he is old enough, you can give him a drink with a drop of peppermint essential oil, a drop of lemon essential oil and some fresh squeezed lemon juice and water. Drink it every day. This is a mild liver cleanse. You can also do it with water, olive oil and lemon juice. Keep him off of sugar and refined products, milk, and yeasty breads. A lot of people have sensativities to cows milk and don't realize it. Eczema can be a result of a food allergy too, and often it ends up being cows milk.
You can find doctors that will test him for several food allergies. My nephew had this done and he is allergic to all kinds of things we wouldn't have even guessed.
You can also bath him in chickweed herb. There is a great ointment too called chickweed ointment, Dr. Christophers brand.
I never use any of the steroid creams or lotions, they never work, and steroids can actually cause asthma and other problems.
Also, you can slather him in olive oil, jojoba oil, or coconut oil. jojoba oil is the closest oil to our own body's genetic make up. I know of a man who only olive oil on his skin and he is old and has no wrinkles. We actually should be taking in 3 tbs of good oils a day. Avacado, almonds, olives, olive oil, wheat germ oil.
You can also scrub him down in apple cider vinager, especially after he has been sick. It is a great astringent, and because the skin is a toxin filter, you want to make sure to wash off the toxins that it pushes out well, and commercial soaps will just leave a residue.
Anyway I hope this all helps. I do want to make sure to make a disclaimer that I am not a doctor, and I do not replace what they would tell you, but I have found these things mentioned to work for myself :)
Good luck!

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answers from Denver on

We have been doing a 10-15 minutes bath with (unscented) Dove or Ivory soap just before getting out, followed by Vanicream all over on moist skin. This have worked well for several years for my son with severe!!! eczema. Before this he had constant infections because the eczema had taken all his skin off (and from scratching). I've recently started doing a lot more to avoid petroleum products, etc., and this is what I've been using instead. It's great!
http://www.passionatehomemaking.com/?s=lotion+bars&su... I use this website and www.heavenlyhomemakers.com for lots of things, cooking, and natural home products. Both have links to lots of other sites that are helpful, too. GL! Oh-- my son is on allergy medications, too. :(

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answers from Denver on

Vanicream is the best! Our allergist actually suggests it. All three kids
have eczema and we live in a dry climate.... It has been the best cream by far. We use it after the bath and when things are bad, I spot treat them a few times a day. They sell it at Walgreens and I just noticed it is on sale at the moment. You have to get the cream and not the lotion....

Also, the Aveeno oatmeal baths work great. I find the
baby version does not work as well as the regular version. King Soopers sellls a generic version that is much less expensive and works as well.


Vanicream is the best! Our allergist actually suggests it. All three kids
have eczema and we live in a dry climate.... It has been the best cream by far. We use it after the bath and when things are bad, I spot treat them a few times a day. They sell it at Walgreens and I just noticed it is on sale at the moment. You have to get the cream and not the lotion....

Also, the Aveeno oatmeal baths work great. I find the
baby version does not work as well as the regular version. King Soopers sellls a generic version that is much less expensive and works as well.



answers from Colorado Springs on

Our daughter gets eczema as well and our doctor recommended using unscented Dove soap for a somewhat less expensive solution than things like prescription soaps & lotions or even cetaphil which I tried and found didn't work any better or even as well. We use Eucerin lotion and that does wonders for her. As far as laundry detergent I usually buy Purex but have found that any of them - All, Tide, etc. - are fine as long as they are the "free" kind with no dyes or perfumes. Same for our fabric softener.



answers from Denver on

My son (2 year old) has had a chronic rash since July of last year. It's finally going away. Every single doctor I met, including the Harvard Med graduate at the Children's Hospital recommended using Aveeno and only Aveeno. (I was using this stuff called Original Sprout - www.originalsprout.com and brought it in and they nixed it due to the amount of sudsing.

I brought in my detergent too, and it passed the test - VASKA. (unscented) which you can find online somewhat unreliably and at some Albertson's stores, and some Target stores. If you go to the Vaska website they will tell you where you can buy it.

They also told me to switch my lotion for him to Vanicream. You can find this at the drugstore over the counter - we buy ours at Walgreens.

After months of struggling with this, the thing that actually helped was Wet Wrap Therapy - you can google that. It was amazing, providing incredible results in a week. We used the medicine under the wet wraps, but you can use moisturizer too. I went to a medical supply store and bought this stuff called "stockinette" in different sizes - I bought the smallest for his arms, and the 2" for his legs. Then I bought more of the smallest size and cut it down the middle so it wasn't a tube anymore - it was a strip. I soaked the strips in hot water, wrapped his limbs, then covered with the dry stockinette tube, then covered with dry pajamas, and immediately put him under blankets so he wouldn't get cold.

Good luck with the skin issues - they can really be saddening!!


answers from Minneapolis on

Get him started on acidophilus probiotic and limit his dairy intake. Eczema is a fungus that lives in the colon and presents itself on the skin, so cure it from the inside out.

My 8yr old has eczema and psoriasis and the only thing that controls it for him is avoiding dairy, taking acidophilus probiotic and fish oil supplements, and bathing daily.



answers from Denver on

Hi megan,
I agree with your doc to a certain extent about the fragrance & alcohol free products. The will keep from irritating your sons eczema. But the big misnomer & I'm shocked your doctor didn't mention it is eczema comes from an allergy (dairy, wheat, etc). Especially with him having an ear infection which is another sign of an allergen being involved. Cetaphil was actually just in the news for being sued due to toxic ingredients. I truly recommend taking him off all allergens like his yogurt bites, wheat products, nuts & soy. If his eczema disappears then slowly (1 allergen introduced every couple weeks). Keep a diet diary and when eczema appears make note of what food correlated with it appearing.

That can save a trip to the allergist until you get paid. There are products that can relieve his eczema though so he's more comfortable. Here is a great article http://hubpages.com/hub/Arbonne-or-Topical-Steroids-for-B... . I hope this helps :). G



answers from Seattle on

My son is actually allergic to something in Method. But it's worth a shot.



answers from Salt Lake City on

Cetaphil is the best ever for washing him. The cleanser can be used without water, just rub some in and gently wipe off. That way, his skin is getting dried out even less. And then the cetaphil cream for moisture afterwards. That's what my doc said to use when my boys had exzema and it worked great



answers from Salt Lake City on

I like the oatmeal hand cream from Avon. My hands usually have eczema every winter but using this cream daily has made my hands stay softer and I rarely get outbreaks of the dry skin anymore.


answers from Las Vegas on

You know my ex-mother in law said she uses mayo on her son's legs when his eczema flares up. I also have read that if you drink 2 tbsp (double check me of course) of cider vinegar diluted in a glass of water it helps eczema (like I said double check me)... I just found it interesting because I have a little eczema on my legs... I say little because I ignore it until it's summer or gets itchy (I probably shouldn't, I know). When I was younger the doc gave me a prescription lotion creme to put on it every day, it cleared it up in an instant... I wish I could remember the name but I know it was prescription (at least back in the day)



answers from Denver on

My daughter also has had eczema. I suggest finding
Products which are fragrance free. Any of them
Should help out. I have used the method products
But she would still have the occasional flair ups. We
Now use a fragrance free shower gel from whole
Foods. It's the 365 brand with a blue label. U can
Always ask for help. It runs about $5 for the small bottle
And I think $ 9.99 for the large one! Totally worth the
$$$ and lasts a while. For skin lotion, I use pure unrefined
Shea butter sold online. U can always google it.
African online stores sell them. The large 16 oz container
Will also last months and runs about $20.
I usually melt it and mix it with olive oil or grapeseed
Oil to help with application. My daughter will not
Allow me to use anything else on her skin and has
Not had a breAkout in years!
Hope ur little one gets relief soon!


answers from Fort Collins on

The eczema is most likely due to some type of allergy, as others have said. I do not see anything in your post, however, that points to it being a dairy allergy. Yes, dairy allergies are the most common...but if he has not had any trouble with dairy before...and it is some of his favorite food, why limit it or restrict it if you do not know? If you are concerned, you should have him tested. It could be a different food allergy... or an environmental allergy.

As for things to help prevent breakouts... any kind of oil from your kitchen is okay to help moisturize his skin - veggie, canola, olive, etc. Vaseline is also good. Eucerin is a great moisturizer... and it is fine without adding the essential oils someone else mentioned. (Better for some, probably, because of the scent.) Our dr. said most moisturizers that come in "tub form" - rather than pump or spray - are best...the others are too watered down. Any kinds of scented products seem to bother allergies in our home, so we do unscented everything.

I have two boys - older son outgrew eczema within about 2 years, younger son is still an infant and in the midst of it now. The good news is...most kids outgrow it!

Check with your doctor re: the dairy allergy. That may be a problem, but it may not! So many people automatically jump to the "food allergy" answer, even if it is not the case. It can definitely be a huge problem for some people, but it is not the "end all, be all" answer to all of our kids' issues.


answers from Rochester on

I used to use Method but the price tag got to me after a while. I can't remember if I was using it much after my son developed eczema or not, but now I make cleaners using borax, baking soda, vinegar, water, and dish soap (a spray bottle with some borax dissolved in warm water, add a little vinegar, drizzle of dish soap, top off with water, and mix--cleans most surfaces), baking soda or borax works for scrubbing anything (tubs, toilets, sinks, stains, etc.), and I make my own laundry soap, which I like better than anything commercial and it is MUCH cheaper. My son's skin has been better since I switched stuff, but I did use to use Arm and Hammer dye/perfume free laundry soap (you don't need anything more "special" than that anyway).

I use Aveeno Soothing Relief Creamy Wash for shampoo and body wash for him and pretty much anything else makes the patches show up. The other Aveeno baby washes have light fragrances, but this one does not. I also rub him down in Vaseline or petroleum jelly after a bath if he seems dry.

Send me a note if you want a laundry soap recipe, but you can find them online. Mine uses Arm and Hammer Washing Soda, Borax, and Fels Naptha bar soap. In making it for over a year now, I JUST had to buy a new box of Washing Soda (which is maybe $3) and have not run out of Borax, even though I use it for other cleaners. The bar soap I use each time I make it, but I make a 3-4 gallon batch at a time. Good luck with his skin!!

Oh, I do use generic fragrance free dryer sheets, which don't seem to bother him. I also only bathe my kids every other night at the MOST, and I wash them off with water running in the tub, rinse them well, and then fill the bath with clean water for them to play in. My pediatrician's PA also said she just washes her daughter (sensitive skin, too) right at the end of the bath, so she is never sitting in the suds, even if they are for sensitive skin. Either might work better for you.



answers from Denver on

I have switched to unscented all-natural laundry detergent - I also cover my daughter right after her bath with Burt's bees Thoroughly Therapeutic lotion. I've tried everything - and that the only stuff that worked for us. Keep trying until you find something that works for your son. The doc will probably recommend Eucerin - but it didn't help my daughter.



answers from Kansas City on

I liked Method laundry soap. I did stop using though and went to All free and clear b/c of the price. I really like All and it works great and is SOOOO much cheaper. I would make sure you aren't using fabric softener in his laundry or any one elses, the sheets or the towels. Even coming into contact with treated fabric can make his excema worse. I would try and retrun the Aveno even though you opened it...I bet they would take it back. Explain that you realized it had alcohol in it and made your son's condition worse, I bet it will be okay, no sense in losing money on a product you can't use! Aquaphor works really well on super dry skin/excema. If it's really bad you can put olive oil on him. That's a homemade remedy! ;) Even Vaseline, which you probably have laying around would be good. Also, make sure he's only getting a bath every 2-3 days. Over bathing can make his skin worse! Hang in there! Hopefully it will clear up soon, it's always worse in the winter!



answers from Denver on

I have not tried the method brand but we switched to all free and clear and I have noticed that my son doesn't have as many breakouts also when my son's Eczema flared up although the Aveno doesn't smell the best it really did help him sleep better that night I also put Aquaphor and wrapped with cotton white bandages right after his bath time hope you can get it under control. If that doesn't help we did have to ask our doctor to give us some medicated cream for when his started cracking



answers from Columbus on

We used Cetaphil cream (not lotion-cream; it's over-the-counter, but you might have to ask the pharmacist to order it for you) or Cera Ve cream (also OTC, but might have to order it via the pharmacy or online). If your doc can give you a prescription for the Cetaphil or Cera Ve, that might help cover part of the cost (a tub of Cetaphil cream was $17 for us, but it has lasted several months at least).

Use unscented, dye-free body wash (we use Aveeno). Also, apply the lotion immediately after the bath, just after patting the baby dry. This helps seal the moisture into the skin.

Do not bathe the child every day, especially in winter--bathing can actually dry out the skin more.

If you're using dryer sheets or fabric softener, stop. Instead, get a Downy Ball and put 1/4 cup white vinegar into it and add it to the wash, or just add the vinegar in the rinse cycle. We haven't used dryer sheets for over 10 years now, or fabric softner and instead use the vinegar; the only thing I notice different is if I wash a fleece pullover it, it's more static-y, but everything dries fine.

Any other scented stuff, like deordant, hair styling stuff, lotion, etc., or stuff with dyes like lip balms, etc., also needs to evaluated.

Sometimes eczema can be improved with changes in diet, but a lot of times it's environmental. So, allergy testing is a good idea down the road.



answers from Pocatello on

My son has eczema and I have psoriasis so we use very mild soap and essentially live a fragrance-free life (fragrance-free more because they irritate my sense of smell than for allergy reasons), but most hand soaps are too drying anyway. So I make my own. Don't worry it's really easy.

Use a 32 oz. Container, fill with water 3/4 full. Add 3 oz. Dr. Bronner's liquid castille soap, tea tree oil type, if available. If tea tree oil type is unavailable, then get either plain or lavender and buy tea tree oil and add 4 drops to water and castille soap. Fill rest of container to top with water. Gently mix. I use a Method foaming dispenser.

Also, CeraVe hydrating cleanser for when the eczema gets worse, like during winter.

And, finally, we use unrefined Shea butter as lotion for the kids and for doses on extra dry area, like eczema. It is the best!!!! I use it for almost every skin condition: diaper rash, sunburn (after aloe vera treatment), dry skin, eczema, and just plain beautiful skin. It's solid at room temperature, but just take a chunk, rub it in your hands until it melts and apply.
www.agnangakarite.com is where I get mine. Go to 'buy in bulk' and find the 16oz. Container. It's a really good buy and the money goes to the African women that make it. You can't find unrefined Shea butter in stores and it's always very expensive. The unrefined has properties in it that are especially good and healing for your skin.

Also, we switched to 'The Wonder Ball' for washing our clothes. (www.gaiam.com has them). I know it sounds crazy, but it works with no detergent! It's $50, but last three years and there is no way you'll beat that deal in cost of detergent in three years. No fragrance, no chemicals, no nothing! You send it in to get recharged. Or Charlie's Soap if you're not comfortable with no soap. Look it up on the net.
I hope this helps.



answers from New York on

Method made my and my son's eczema worse. We both have really sensitive skin. What really worked for us was California Baby Baby Wash and Calendula Cream. Within two days our eczema was just about gone.
It is pricey, but the best deal is at Target.



answers from Denver on

Eczema is just one more symptom of your son's allergies (along with the digestive stuff, the sleep issues, and the ear infections). It will all go away if you figure out what he is allergic to. It sounds like it is dairy, but it could be other things as well. You have to be careful with dairy because it is found in everything (from chicken nuggets to bread to even some french fries). Anything with casein or whey in it will cause a reaction. Limiting dairy won't do it--you have to completely avoid it. It takes 7 days to get it totally out of his system. It's not lactose intolerance--it's an allergy to dairy protein, so that is why limiting won't make a difference. In fact, small amounts increase the bodies sensitivity to it and the reactions will get worse. I have all sorts of ways to naturally cure the eczema, but bottom line is that all these problems will continue until you treat the problem, not the symptom. As always, you know I'm happy to help.



answers from Philadelphia on

Method hand soaps have helped my and my son a lot. Both of us, our hands get so dry and cracked that the skin will start to peel off of our fingers. It's horrid. I have changed to method dish soap and hand soap and our hands are 99% better. I love their products and have made them my only home cleaning products!

Oh, and skin products that are mainly petrolatum help big time. We use the CVS version of eucerin. It looks and feel like vaseline and my kids skin really seems to calm down with regular applications. Mind you they become slicked little buggers so catching them when they are nekked and trying not to get into jammies makes for a bit of a bedroom rodeo!!! LOL


answers from Los Angeles on

I have learned that you just have to try it and watch their skins reaction. I can't tell you how many lotions alone I have tried and so far the one's that has worked the best is aveeno extra calming (the one on the dark blue cap) and i mix it with aquaphor. When she has bad breakouts a couple times a day, when she doesn't have bad breakouts once a day works.
Then you have to experiment with body washes, shampoos, etc. It's a science. I would just try it and watch his skin.
Good Luck...
Oh and I also found that my baby can only bathe in room temp or cooler water...anything warmer makes it worse. Just as a heads up (because no one had told me heat may make it worse!). Hope this helps.



answers from Honolulu on

Go to:

The "National Eczema Association", will have their 'seal of approval' on some products. Like Curel, Aveno, Cetaphil, etc.

Also, for my Mom, (each person is different), Oats and Citrus and also Acai, makes her Eczema flare up. If she avoids these things/eating these things, she does not get Eczema flare ups.
My Mom can eat Dairy... that does not create her Eczema.

ALSO, there is something called "Florasone" ointment, which is an all natural alternative, to Hydrocortisone creams. Whole Foods has it. If you go to Amazon, they have it too... and you can read the 'reviews' of it there. It is for skin rashes/Eczema etc.

**ALSO, I would make sure that it IS "Eczema" and not Ring-Worm. Ring-worm is round in shape, can look dry and red, too.



answers from Pueblo on

Dear Meg,

I would suggest that you go to Walmart and get some of its generic pound jar of eucerin cream. Then you will need to add some essential oils such as tea tree oil and spearment to it. I would put at least 40 drops into the mix. It works better than the hydrocortizone creams. My husband has bad eczema and it works. Also you can make your own oatmeal for the bath. Collodial oatmeal is just oatmeal that is crushed into a powder. Take some of regular oatmeal and run it in your coffee grinder.

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