Would like to Stay Home with My Newborn but Need Income

Updated on February 13, 2007
E. asks from Indianapolis, IN
5 answers

I just gave birth to my second son. After the birth of my first I didn't have to go back to work but this time I really need the income. Instead of going back to my old job I would like to work from home, either as an employee or self-employed. I do however have no money to invest and am not good in selling things at parties etc..
I am good with the computer and am willing to work hard.
Does anyone know about employers who hire sahm or setting up a business without high investments? Thank you so much!!

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I have a job opportunity for you but the thing is you would have to be willing to take an online course and state exam to obtain your life insurance license. Its a little money out of the pocket but I can definatly say that you would definatly earn your money back....

If you are interested in working from home and setting your own hours to make a min of 45k to a max or more of 125k I can show ya how.
Go to www.mortgageleadsthatwork.com
My husband is a regional director....



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Hi, E.
My name is A. & I'm a married mother of an 11 month old daughter. I know exactly how you feel, I was in the same situation when I had my daughter. Even though I left her with a very trusted family member when I returned to work for 5 weeks, every morning I had an internal feeling of "this is just WRONG!!"

I want to share with you a wonderfully different company, & I am looking for team members! The company is called Once Upon a Family & if you are family oriented (as I am) you will love it. I truly believe in & am very passionate about the products, which makes what I do something more of 'sharing' than selling. The company simplifies traditions, creates character & value-builders for children, & has very beautiful & unique products. Please check out my website or contact me, I would be very happy to share more information with you. Thanks!

A. G.



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Hi E.! I am new to Mamasource and wanted to introduce myself. My name is S. and I have a 6 year old son and 5 year old daughter. I recently had surgery and have been off work. It has always been my dream to stay home with my children. I am supposed to return to work in April. I have made it my personal mission to find work I can do from home. Let me tell you I have found it. I am working with a great team called Stayin Home And Lovin It. With this company there is nothing to sell, stock, or deliver. It is truely an amazing company and team. I have quickly become friends with my mentor and the training has been remarkable. If you are interested in learning how you can be home with your two children and bring home and income at the same time, please visit my website. I look forward to hearing from you soon.




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Dear E.,
I saw a peice on Good Morning America last week about "Mothers make it work" they were saying that it was home employment working at home on the computer, your own hours,with large reputable companies such as Walgreens, JC Penneys etc..taking customer service calls and answering questions. They said that you needed some previous expierence, taking a typing test,etc..everything is done on line. They also said that you needed high speed access, that you couldn't hear dogs barking or kids crying in the background. But maybe you could work that out somehow. You could make $8-$15 a hour and work as little as 15 hours a week. I didn't get the website, but I suppose you could try going to the Good Morning America website and look up the broadcast ? Anyway I hope this helps. Have a wonderful Day! D.



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Don't waste your money on any gimmicks... they are ripoffs! You shouldn't pay someone to work for them! I am in the same boat right now and have been researching non-stop. There are a lot of jobs out there, it just depends what you are looking for. Check out http://www.wahm.com/jobs.html

Good luck!

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