Worried About TTC

Updated on February 25, 2012
A.C. asks from Seattle, WA
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My husband and I are going to start ttc later this summer (hopefully) and I'm worried that its going to be really difficult. He will be 25 and I will be 23. Neither of us have been diagnosed with infertility problems and it only took 2 months to concieve our one year old. The reason I'm concerned is because we haven't been careful at all (using pull out method, missing pills, having unprotected sex during ovulation) since we were able to have sex post partum and I haven't gotten pregnant (now he is deployed). Since I've gotten my periods back, they've been between 28 and 35 day cycles and I've been spotting before my periods which I read was because of a hormone imbalance. And I just have this "feeling" that it isn't going to happen right away which makes me sad. Anyone else feel this way? What do you think?

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answers from Roanoke on

My husband's favorite thing to say to me: Don't worry until there's something to worry about. :)

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answers from Dallas on

You're borrowing trouble ;-)

If you're really interested in what's going on with your cycle, it might be worth checking out Taking Charge of your Fertility by Toni Weschler and charting your cycles for a few months. It can't hurt, and more information is a good thing.

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answers from Columbia on

LOL! Luna, my honey likes to say "don't borrow tomorrow's problems."

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answers from Omaha on

I believe for most people that have a hard time trying to conceive is stress and worry! My husband and I didn't start trying for our family until we were both in our mid thirties. After 6 months of no success we had ourselves tested for infertility issues. I was ok, but my husband has "slow swimmers". We did a couple rounds of IUI and I also took clomid for a few months. I was really starting to freak out. We decided to take a break, we started making healthier food choices and made time for some exercise. We got pregnant on our own a couple months later. When my son was 6 months old, we decided to start trying for a second baby. This time we used a digital fertility monitor. We were pregnant within 2 months! I highly recommend you to get a fertility monitor. We used a ClearBlue Easy one. It will set you back about $200 for the monitor and $50 for 2-3 month supply of test sticks. Worth every penny considering what we could have spent out of pocket on costly fertility treatments. It took the guesswork out of everything. Don't worry about it. It truly happens when it happens. Good luck and happy baby dancing!



answers from Omaha on

When I got pregnant with #1 and #2 I had no anticipation of conceiving but when I tried I couldn't. My best advice don't try to conceive just let it happen. The more you try ( you may not realize you do) the more you stress. Start working on your prebaby body and focus on that. Atleast then you will be prepared for the baby and then you wont think about it as much. I noticed with #2 that when I was in better shape I had a WAY easier time delivering. Went from 48 hours labor to 5.



answers from Seattle on

Hi. Actually I think you are smart to be aware of your body. I would make an appointment with someone who specializes in female hormones. You could see a ob or a naturalpathic doctor. A good ND will measure your hormone levels and help you fix any imbalances. There are many NDs who specialize in natural fertility. It does sound like you may have low progestrone and that's easy to fix. There is natural progestrone cream (taken after ovulation), or some people like Vitex. A ND would be able to guide you with your best course of action. Its common for hormones, especially in the world we live in today, to take time to readjust after childbirth and breastfeeding. I wouldn't worry, I think it would be a pretty simple fix and you are wise to correct an imbalance before conception. Hope that helps some. God bless!, M.

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