Worried About Electric Heater in Almost 2 Year Olds Room

Updated on January 17, 2008
R.A. asks from Salmon, ID
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Hello Moms,
We are in the process of moving and will be staying in a rental for a while. This rental is pretty small and it's primary source of heat is a wood burning stove. However, there are some old electric heaters that do work in the bedrooms. My concern is that my daughter, who will be two in March will drop something in/on the heater and it will catch on fire. It is a really small room, so it is going to be hard to keep stuff away from it. The heater will have to be on, otherwise she will freeze as the heat from the wood burner doesn't go into that room. Is there any screens or guards or anything for those things? Any moms have any other ideas? How do you keep a very active, almost two year old to keep her blankies, socks, dolls, etc off and away from a heater!?!? Please let me know!
Also, the wood burning stove is really inefficient, there is a huge gap in between the two doors. Does anybody have any experience redoing the gaskets/linings in a wood stove? Any suggestions would be very helpful. I am really worried about the heater situation! Thanks!

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answers from Salt Lake City on


I would take as many precautions as you can to guard and keep things away from the heat. Make sure that your daughter can't lean against it either. My sister's youngest sat next to a base board heater and was burned quite badly. They aren't suppose to get that hot, but until you know if they are functioning properly be very cautious. I store like "Babies R Us" have guards for about any situation and the associates are quite helpful.

Also, be cautious of using an electric blanket suggested by another. Children and Seniors have a difficult time telling or adjusting for the heat from an electric blanket and can be burned. Nice warm footie pjs and layers of clothing would probably be better.

Good Luck,

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answers from Grand Rapids on

Hi R.,
Is the electric heater old? We have a space heater in my son's room. It turns off if it knocked over or isn't working correctly. It also has a thermostat so it keeps his room at a good temp. I would get one of those if the heater is old or doesn't work correctly. You could get more than one so that you don't have to use the wood burning stove all the time. Good luck,



answers from Boise on

I live in Idaho and because of the cost of heating oil, we only use electric heaters in our home and believe it or not it is a lot cheaper, Are the heaters in her room base board heaters? Most of these heaters are pretty safe, I have been heating our house this way for years, my know 3 year old and 16 month old have only known this kinda heat, If you are really really worried about her room buy a small electric heater that can be placed on a dresser or shelf so it is off the floor and away from all of thier little goodies, also invest in an electric blanket as an added precaution. My 16 month old knows that they are hot and stays away from them, I have never had an issue with that. Your wood burning stove scares me, we have one for our tent and when my 6 year old was around 2 he tripped and fell against it and had 3rd degree burns on his hands and wrist, he kinda slid down it, we had it gated off and thought it was resonably(sp) safe, so that is were I would be most concerend. Hope you get it figured out!



answers from Saginaw on

Wow, I would bypass the electric heaters altogether. I would get an electric blanket to keep her warm at night and some warm pj's & slippers. Also, if there must be a heater in that room, you can buy small electic ones that look like radiators. I have one here in my office at work right now and it's great. It is entirely sealed so there is no fear of dropping anything into it, etc. There is a timer on the front and some additional settings you can use. Also, no noise and no smell. If you must have a heater, I would invest in one of that style. But if you can get away with an electric blanket, I would go that route. Just turn it on about 20 minutes before bed and it will be nice and cozy for her... Good luck to you!



answers from Green Bay on

I would not use an electric heater in my own room when sleeping at night. There is a big problem with carbon monoxide - and you wouldn't detect it! I would dress her in flannels and use flannel sheets and blankets - or get her a sleeping bag. I know that a lot of people don't realize the dangers of carbon monoxide from space heaters. Call and ask her nurse about it.



answers from Provo on

I would not dare use electric heaters. What about putting her in a sleepsack? She could wear warm pj's under it. She might not like the idea of not being able to walk around but it would probably keep her safe & warm at night.

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