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Updated on March 16, 2009
C.N. asks from Fort Worth, TX
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Hey! I am REALLY needing someone to workout with and who can help me get started and to stay motivated!!! Someone who I can relate to and who has at least close to the same goals as me. Im a single mother of 2 boys and live in North Ft Worth and have a membership to the 24 Hour Fitness over here (35 and Western Center). I am WAY out of shape and have a good 70 or so lbs to lose! If you are interested please write back!


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I guess it wont let me respond to my own posts but those of you (besides Jenay since we already talk LOL) send me a private message with your contact info so we can get this started!!!


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answers from Dallas on

wow you are an ancwer to a prayer... I am in need of a buddy too.
I am a SAHM with 2 Boys. I am over weight and need someone to push me and I help them to. I would even be interested in just going on walks!!!
I live in White Settlement.
my email is [email protected]
lets get connected

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answers from Dallas on

I live near with a 24 hr day care at home. I would like to join but never have worked out. My neighbor joined and she may be interested. I see that business is booming. I would bet a good place to meet men. Seems tons of trucks at night maybe single guys? She is single too. G. W



answers from Dallas on

You Guys!! I been looking for workout buddies too.."Help"! I need to loose weight to I live close to the 24 hour fitness in Western Center let me know.. Just like you guys I would enjoy also just walking if possible. I live in Sendera Ranch so Let me know how is Close to me!! So that I can reach my goal soon.. Just like you guys I need the motivation and I have working out alone. :0(




answers from Dallas on

i would love to work out with you or anyone else. I live off off 820 and beach. I am about a million lbs over weight so i need to lose some for my happiness and health. I want to get healthy for my little boy. I do not have the money to join a huge gym, but would love someone to meet like at a park and walk or something along those lines.... if you, or anyone else is interested, please let me know. I need some motivation--- i cant do this alone.. im HUGE... i need to lose some serious weight... thanks .

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