Working Single Moms How Do You Do It All?

Updated on July 17, 2008
S.H. asks from Modesto, CA
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I work 40 hours a week and work a little over a 1/2 an hour away from home, so my son is in daycare for 9 hours a day, by the time I get home he is hungry and cranky and doesn't want to be put down. We just moved here to Modesto and unpacking has been a slow process due to working full time, family committments and such, and the house is just such a mess, it is stressing me out. I get one room cleaned and before I know it it is a wreck again. I hate to have him go to daycare on weekends so I can get done, because he is in daycare all day anyway, but how do you get it all done? His room has become storage because I just don't have the time to get things put away. I try to get stuff done after he goes to bed, but by then I am ready to go to bed myself. Any ideas?

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answers from Stockton on

Honestly I don't think it would hurt for one or two weekends to take one day and put him in daycare to clean up. It'd take a lot of stress off of you, which would technically make you a better mom to him anyway:)



answers from Modesto on

I am a sinle mother of 3 I am 23 and half the time I feel as thow(bad speller) I can not do it. I know that it can be done only becuase I get streght from other women that have 5 kids and are doing it alone if they can I can it is hard as hell but it can be done
I have learned that I need time for my self,im sure you know, but I did not have time for myself for 3 years I worked went to school and was pregnant over half the time. I moved about 15 times in the 3 years and it sucked but we evntualy got thourgh it. the only way I got the unpacking done was, I planed it. I knew that a DAY OFF was coming and with all my mite I tried to put it all away that day or at least put the boxes in the room they needed to be in so that if I had five min in that room I could put one box away littel at a time. I hope that you can use this info. we single moms know that it is realy hard some times but I was there and with time it passed and hope that for you it will too.

single moms unite all moms untie



answers from Modesto on

I'm a recently divorced mother of two, and I lived that life even with my husband living at home. I stressed every day over what my house looked like, and how could I leave it this way, and what if someone came over. I stressed myself into some very unhealthy behavior and started lashing out at my kids and family. I have the same work hours and a little more of a drive home, but the one thing that I started to do when my husband left was to just take small steps. If you can only keep your kitchen counter clean, then treat that like a great accomplishment. Do one thing at a time, maybe devote 15 minutes at night after your son is alseep, and do something small. You don't have to clean the whole room, just clean one part of it every day. I found that when I was spending an hour cleaning the whole kitchen, and the rest of my house was trashed, I felt like I was not getting anything done. But when I cleaned the dishes, and picked up the toys in the living room, and then sat down an enjoyed a 30 minute flick, I was a much a happier person. The next day there is not that many dishes, and then I have time to tackle maybe one load of laundry. Your friends and family will understand if your house looks like it was turned upside down, you have kids. It happens, don't stress, and remember to give yourself at least 30 minutes of me time every once in a while.



answers from Modesto on

You are not alone- the advice you have gotten so far is remarkable!!! These ladies really know what they are talking about... let me tell you- I am a single mom and it is very difficult to get things the way you want.. but the quality time we moms spent with our children, watching them grow and laugh, tickle them and watch that little butt walk around and imagine life as a spaceship*** it is all worth it!! The chores, the cleaning, the making sure the pix frames are clean and where you want them- nah!! Your kids are 1st and as long as they can be "children" with laughter and fun times beign a kid with you- that is all that matters.. It is a hard task but you know what- I would not change the schedule I have not nothing!!! Take care of you :)

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