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Updated on November 17, 2009
L.K. asks from Euless, TX
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I recently started back to work. I was looking for part time work for a few months and had no luck. Then, all of a sudden I got several offers simultaneously. I decided to accept two of them, thinking that I could balance two part time jobs, our baby and the house. Now that I have been working for two weeks, I am really struggling. I feel so busy that I am doing a lousy job at both jobs, as well as at home. Its tearing me up that I haven't had time to cook dinners, hardly shower, and I don't have the enthusiasm with my son that I should. Have any of you out there gone back to work and gotten used to it, or who have chosen to stay at home or work part time? What are your thoughts on balancing family, work and life?

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answers from Dallas on

Hi L., I have 2 sons and a baby on the way and I understand what you're going through. I work for a legitimate company that's looking for people to work from home. Would you be willing to hear more about it?

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answers from Dallas on

Hi L.,

I am a stay at home mom now for 3 years. I wouldnt change it for anything. For the past 8 months I have started selling TUpperware on the side for some extra money and some much needed mommy time. I love staying home with the kids and being able to go to everything at my daughters school, but I needed something to do. You might want to think about doing something like selling Tupperware or something like that. It gives you the ability to make money, and be with your baby at the same time. If you want more info please let me know, as we are having some great specials right now. Anyways bset of luck on what you decide to do!



answers from Los Angeles on

Dear L.,
I would love to hear your thoughts on my website, I created it because I was in your situation each time I went back to work with two children. I was frustrated, bitter, etc. I would love to get your feedback at the site if it is something you find useful and also if you have any info you would like included.

Kind Regards,



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i determined after being employed for a bit to let my standards down a bit. i didn't need to cook a full meal every night. the toliets didn't need scrubbed every day. do what is needed to keep a relatively clean house and a relatively healthy menu. yes do the homecooking when you have time. but remember that sandwiches and soup and breakfast for dinner never hurt anyone! the crockpot is your best friend! i'd rather spend my time with my kids and hubby than worry if the meal was made from scratch every night. so yes, cut back to one job if you have to, but if you want to/have to work, then work. the baby will be fine!


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I understand!!

I worked full time all my life because I thought that was what I was supposed to do.

I started a home based business 2 years ago and left my full time this past March. I absolutely love my life now! I didn't know what I was missing when I was working full time. I am now able to take my kids to school and pick them up, plus am able to go on field trips whenver I want. I suggest do what you enjoy for work and if possible only do it on your terms. I know that's asking a lot when working for someone else.

I pray you find what you're looking for and enjoy your life and your family.

Take care and God bless!




answers from Wichita Falls on

Lindsey, if you can afford it, and have to do with less, I believe that staying home with your 9 month old will bring you more joy and peace than you can imagine.



answers from Dallas on

Your senses are correct; it is too much for a mother and home manager. I had to work full time as a single mom for several years. IT is doable but strains everything and down the line, it can cause problems that cost more money to fix. Also, working two part time jobs probably pays far less than one full time job in salary and/or benefits.

Do anything you can to afford being able to keep it to one part time job. Are there any other ways to cut costs to make one part time job workable until your child is in school? Sometimes more radical changes are necessary that are way overdue -- like being upsidedown on your car payments. If one has a a newer car with high payments, consider an older car that you can pay cash for or in much less time with lower monthly payments. Keep the cell, drop the home phone, drop cable and fast internet, things like that?. Good luck.


answers from Dallas on

I feel your pain! I'm past those years now but I well remember how hard it was. I learned that women cannot have it all. The pull from our children is too strong to allow us to totally immerse in our jobs, but you can work it out and find a decent balance.

Your original plan was A part-time job so I am assuming you can manage financially on one part-time job, so.... talk to the bosses and either let one go or shorten your hours. Then let go of certain things around the house. Prioritize. The number one thing to let go will be a totally clean house. I'm not suggesting you live in filth, but consider what really Needs to be done. If you are cleaning your own house tell your husband you need help from him. Pick one Saturday a month so that the two of you can get the big jobs done together. Remember taking care of your kids IS a job that is time consuming and it is okay to ask your husband to pitch in when it comes to them and the house........whether you are working or not.

Also ask for help with dinners. I didn't do this until my kids were practically grown! If I had realized earlier that just having my husband handle the salad would save me time and stress I would have begged him to do it years earlier! The point I'm trying to that you don't have to do it ALL.

Plan ahead. When you cook, cook twice as much and freeze. And don't feel like you have to cook a big meal every night. We have "breakfast nights" where we make eggs for dinner. It's okay to get a cooked chicken from Sam's or Kroger too. If hubby is making the salad all you need is a vegie and a bread. Pretty easy and still a nice dinner...and not too pricey.

Now, from your remark about your husbands flight schedule I am guessing he isn't home many nights. He probably "flies" in the door at the last minute when he is home. Well you can wait 15 minutes to eat until he gets the salad prepared. That's really okay. My husband travelled for work when my kids were young. I know how hard that can be. those are great nights for pulling things out of the freezer. I also eat healthy meal replacements on some nights. Shakes.

I've gone on too long, but I want you to know you CAN find a balance. Just don't try to DO IT ALL. Be willing to give a little and ask for help.

Most Important. Enjoy!

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