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Updated on March 02, 2008
N.P. asks from Los Angeles, CA
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I am a stay at home mom of a 3 month old baby girl. I love staying at home and I plan on always being here with here even when she starts school. My husbnad has a good job and is paid well but I would like to also contribute to our growing family and future dream of buying a house with a yard for our children. I am seeking home employment and am fidning it a bit challenging. Any suggestions or recommendations of businesses or work I can do from home?

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Check out my website. I did exactly the same thing, with the same intention. Now, my situation has changed, and the money I make is growing and helping me raise my daughter as a newly single mom. Look under the tab "member benefits and the Gold Ambassador". There is also a banner marked "income opportunities".....any of these are good to start to get the info. Feel free to contact me with questions.



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Hi N.,

I have an answer!

I partnered with an Inc 500 manufacturing company almost 4 years ago and decided to work the business in 2006. I have a reliable, residual income that comes in month after month just for setting up accounts. I don't sell, stock inventory, do party plan or distribute.

Call me if you're serious. There is a $500 guarantee for the month of March, just for referring 8 customers.




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It's extremely difficult to find legitimate work-from-home employment. The internet is overflowing with work-at-home scams, so please use caution. Legitimate employers do not ask for up front fees so that is one way of weeding out the bad guys. Anything that seems suspicious probably is. Usually the best work at home jobs start out at an office and once you've proven yourself to your employer you may ask to work from home. Although difficult to find, I have heard that some call centers offer work from home. I recently noticed that United Concordia insurance company was looking for at-home call takers (I saw the ad on Also, has been mentioned to me several times as a legitimate at home employer. If you are interested, I wrote an article about how to avoid work-at-home scams. It might be a good idea to take a look at it before you pursue anything you're unsure about. The link to the article is: Hope this helps!



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Hi N.,

My name is P. and I love, love love Arbonne International and more importandly their products.

I have been with Arbonne a year and a half and I am able to have my residual income go to my family at this point in case anything happens to me. Peace of mind..

It's personal wellness and beauty products for the entire family from baby to the elderly and everything in between.

They just came out with an "Enzyme Peel" and a Wrinkle Filler". I ask you who doesn't need a Wrinkle Filler, right?

All products are botanically based, not tested on animals and contain no animal products (PETA approved). They don't add mineral oil, dyes, fillers or fragrances. So no irritants..

Let me know if this might be right for you, I have helped other moms to advance in this venture and I wold be happy to do the same for you.

I live in Valley Village and I have free samples for you to try.

Thanks, P.
email:[email protected]



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Hi N....

Like you, I am a stay at home mom...and I desire to ALWAYS be that as long as my children are in school. I've looked for at home work for a very long time, and truly believe I've (finally) found something great. It's called "MY POWER MALL". The greatest thing about the company....there was no money (for me) to put into it. I know that sounds strange, but it's true. No out of pocket expense.

Check out my website ( on the MPM banner), it walks you through everything.

Hope you find what you're looking for!

S. V.
[email protected]

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