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Updated on January 21, 2011
H.D. asks from Arcadia, CA
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Hello ladies. As many of us are going through this tough economical time, I was wondering if any of you knew of some type of work from home opportunities. I'm a SAHM with a 7 month old, and I also have an almost 11 year old and an 8 year old. I'm not interested in scams or sending money as I'm trying to make money. Anyone know of anything firsthand possibly? Thanks so much for your time.

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answers from Chicago on

I don't know yet but there are virtual admin assistant opportunities online. I am looking at that possibility as well since I am tired of working fulltime with three small kids...I need to bring in income but I am spread pretty thin. I would look that up online. Also go through Careerbuilders and online job search engines. These are legit sites. Otherwise you are going to be bombarded with pyramid scams. All those advertisements out there that say I made my first $5K in a month is a joke. If it were that easy everyone would do it LOL! You could go the Mary Kay, Avon, Shacklee, Pampered Chef, Lia Sophia route. However, to do well with those you need to build a loyal client base and home parties. Those businesses are not as easy as they sound. Good Luck

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answers from Oklahoma City on

my friend is a sahm and works for 1800 flowers from home taking calls during the holidays so they dont have to take from their normal budget to survive christmas....give it a shot

i also have a co worker that makes cakes on the side, she went to hobby lobby for decorating classes, and EASILY makes 200-600 a cake and ALWAYS bringing up "trial" cakes for co workers to try for free to help her decide if a new recipe should go in her catalog, she charges based on the number of layers, lxw of a cake and type of icing and if special flavors are requested to be put in the icing besides the norm white or chocolate, i'm thinking about trying that looks fun, i know she enjoys it, been doing that for YEARS, makes good money

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answers from Dallas on

Get crative and think outside the box....... what are you good at? What do you like to do?

Personally, I've never been involved in a MLM because it is not my thing...investing, recruiting, selling and running people off when they see me coming because I am pushing a product they can't live without. I do however, avoid acquaintances who do this type of work. Some people love it you just have to figure out if it's right for you.

We run our business from home, mostly from our kitchen table. We are consultants/brokers for raw materials. My husband does all the technical work, sales, negotiations, etc. I manage the books, payroll, taxes, travel, etc. I use Quickbooks heavily.

If you are good with admin work, someone who is a sales rep with no admin help is a good place to start. I hire help with my books at times which are all home based (mostly women) and we work together, all from our homes.

We use outside sources who work from home to manage and design our website.

LOTS of people can work from home and it be legit. Like I said, look outside the box, get creative.

Best wishes.

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answers from Dover on

I work from home in addition to my full time job. If you are interested, I would be happy to share the information.

Unlike a lot of work at home jobs, this one does not require an inventory investmest.

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answers from Great Falls on

Hi H.. I was also in the same boat. I run a daycare and quickly getting over it. I love children however daycare doesn't allow me to be with my children. Then I found Internet CEO Moms. I have now cut back on the amount of children I take in my daycare and know that I will be closing soon! Visit my website for free info! We do not sell or carry inventory, and this is not MLM



answers from Portland on

Hello, I do work from home and have three small kids all under the age of 5. I do two business from home. My number one if I am a Jafra consultant. With Jafra I go out only two times a week in the evening and host a party which i love since it gives me a little time with other women and I get out of the house. My number two is I work with a company called Melaleuca, all i do for them is enroll their customers, which I am one also, they have everything anyone uses in their house but they are all kid friendly and are made from all natural products but you dont spend the extra money for haveing them be safe. If you are at all interested in learning more or getting in to something like these you can email me at [email protected] but make sure you let me know in the subject line what you are wanting so i open you email.




answers from Allentown on

While working for 10+ years in corporate America at several different careers, I always found myself clicking on work at home ads. What could be better then earning money while staying at home? Now that I have 2 small children, that became even more important to me. I found a company that allows me to earn a significant income while working around the schedule of my boys. I am here for all of those important ‘firsts’ in their lives, while still contributing to our household and future finances. I would love to share what I do with you! The party scene wasn't for me, and I work with people across the country, so my potential is only limited to my imagination. Visit my website and request more FREE INFO and I will reach out to contact you, or feel free to message me here. My number is also on my website should you have any questions.
HUGS and wishing you the best in hoping you find something that is a fit for you soon! I know how stressful these times can be!



answers from Sherman on

I'm a sahm to 3 kiddos and love what Mary Kay has provided for our family.

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