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Updated on August 02, 2009
G.T. asks from Smyrna, TN
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Hi Moms,
I am a teacher so I work full time. I really want to stay home with my kids but also want to be able to supplement household income. I've tried Avon and the whole franchisey/selling thing (pampered Chef, Homade Gourmet, etc.) is not for me! What I would like to do is open my own online children's boutique. However, I don't really know where to start. I've talked to several people and done some research online about EIN's and tax things but I don't know what to do about a website (try to tackle it myself or pay someone else to do it, $$?) Where to advertise? I'm asking for your advice. Has anyone ever tried and succeeded at something like this? Can you give me some tips and a starting place?


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I am a website developer so do this kind of thing all the time. Hosting providers I recommend to look into are,, & www.1& (all very reputable).

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Ever heard of My Vintage Baby? An adorable clothing line for children sold in over 800 stores nationwide, Neimans, Bloomies and Nordstrom's is now going direct to you!

Check out their website and contact me. I'll come to you and set up an adorable trunk show with all the latest My Vintage Baby clothing. You as a hostess, will invite your friends, family and neighbors and receive MVB $$$ to spend as you wish on the latest for your little one or for gifts. There are even things for mommies!

Also, if you are looking for a great stay at home mommy job - you can become a rep of this fabulous line. I am currently looking for someone to help me who is a stay at home and needs extra income. Selling clothes to your friends, family and neighbors. You receive an awesome commission selling something you love and earn $$$ and clothing for your little ones.

Would love to hear from you and tell you more.



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Have you thought about being a Home-Based Travel Agent. There is a company called TraVerus based in Allen, Texas, which gives people the ability to become Home-Based Travel Agent's.

You will earn 65% to 75% of the commission for travel booked. It's also a Network Marketing company, so you can earn income from letting people know about TraVerus.

Here is our Travel Portal to see what you get,

If you want more information, go to



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I saw a request you made a while back and I wanted to share with you that I am starting a work from home business. I am hoping it is going to be a success. I went to a meeting last night to hear more about it.
It is called Stream Line Energy aka Ignite!
All it is, is getting customers to switch their electricity. In most of Texas we can choose who we want. This company was started in March of 2005 and has been the fastest independantly owned company. It has been written up in D Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Channel 8 News, etc. as the fastest growing company. As a mother of three models I know that companies spend a lot of money on marketing. You hear during superbowl about the Million dollar commercials. Well, here instead of paying marketing all that money they pay my kids for national commercials they pay us. When I signed up for it I noticed a clause stating I could return it in three days and get my money back if it was not for me. So I am going to try it.
This month, they are offering double rewards!! So if I sign up one person to sell it with me I get $100, but this month I get $200...what that means is by signing up only one person I have already made half of my investment back. Yes, this is a pyramid scheme, but to do this you have to sign up under someone. So I am asking if you are interested in this sign up under me. You can sign up peopole to help sell and you can also sell it. I know I have already sold it to my mom, dad, because they want to help me out and while they help they are saving money on their electricity! After I sign one person up and myself I will make another $100, so now I have made back what I have put into it. Also every month they pay heir bill I make $.25. Now at first it doesn't sound like much, but with persistance and drive people who started this only part time are making an extra $1,000 a month?? And people who are full forced are making $20,000 a month. I don't know if that is possable, but if I can get back what I put into in one month and make a little money each month after that, I will be OK! It started in Dallas Texas, but is opening up into Georgia and soon all over the United States. If you get in now think about everyone who will be under you in all the other states and they will be helping you make money!
Now, I have put a lot of thought into it and tons of Realators are already selling because it's easy and they make their money back fast. Think about all the realators, mortgage loans officers, friends anyone you could sell this to and you too could be making great residual income fast. If it doesn't work out I will get my money money back, but I am hoping it does so that I can continue to spend time with my kids and make extra money!
Call me back and let me know if you are interested in it and I can walk you through on my website.
I know it is techniquly sales, but it will save your friends and family in the long run if they switch companies. Look at it and let me know if you think you might be interested.

The link is below...

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