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Updated on November 20, 2009
J.D. asks from New York, NY
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Hi ladies,
I am a stay at home mom and the job that I had prior to having my daughter I worked about 90 hrs a week. With that being said, I will never go back! I cannot imagine working that much and having that take so much attention away from my daughter. I am interested in working a couple hours a week from my apartment and was wondering if anyone had ever used any of the online, work from home websites. I know that they all seem cheesy and they quite often look like scams, so I was wondering if anyone had successfully used one.
Thanks so much, your feedback is appreciated,

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Hello J. D,

My response is a little late but I figure better late than never. What I can suggest for you to do is direct selling. I am currently selling Stanley Home Products, Tupperware and Cookie Lee Jewelry and with all three of these you only need to put in a few hours a day. The best part about it you can even bring your daugther along to the parties!!!

If you would be interested let me know and I will give you all the info.



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What did you do before you had your daughter? Is there any way that you can work on a contract basis doing what you did before? I was in a similar situation. I was working at an architecture/interior design firm as a designer prior to having my daughter and knew I couldn't put the same sort of hours in with a baby. I also wanted to be able to stay home with her full time. So I have been doing some freelance work and it has been working out great. The only issue I would warn you of is that as your daughter gets older it gets more and more difficult to work during the day. I usually end up working at night after she goes to bed (which is pretty exhausting) but well worth being able to spend the entire day with her. Good luck to you.



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Hi J.. I can relate to what you are saying. My boys are teenagers and older now, but that periond is still so fresh in my memory. 90 hours a week is simply inhumane.

Do you like to Travel? Would that interest you? I'm in a company that I wished existed 18 years ago. Its as easy as giving out business card. No inventory, auto ships , and you work at your own pace. You can contact me here for more info
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Be blessed!

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