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Updated on April 27, 2007
A.H. asks from Roanoke, TX
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I am a SAHM and I really would love to find a job I can do from home. We moved to the area a year ago and I was working during school hours. I now have a wonderful five week old and I need something I can do from home. Any suggestions?

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answers from Dallas on

Deleted previous message, no longer applies! :(



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I'm an Independant Consultant with Arbonne... I say Network Marketing is the way to go! Research different companies, and decide which one is the best for you. I love Arbonne because the products are amazing... and consumable... so I get reorders! It also only costs $29 to get started, and we don't push you into buying a lot of inventory. They have tons of free trainings and conference calls (which are great because you can still be at home with the kiddo.)

It's been amazing for me so far, so I thought I'd share it with you. There's a lot more to the company and the business opportunity... you can check it out at Feel free to message me if you want to get together to talk about it (kiddos in tow, of course)... or if you have any questions!

Good luck in your search.




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I work part-time with a network marketing company that provide electricity called Ignite/Stream Energy. It has really been a simple to learn system and business opportunity with a lot of potential. I mean I don't have to encourage people to buy anything they aren't currently buying, and I don't have to resell it month after month. I am hoping to get to the point where I can do this full-time and be a stay at home mom. I think I will be there in the next year if not sooner! Feel free to check out this website for more info good luck!



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I am having so much fun being an Independent Wine Consultant! We do in-home wine tastings, have two great monthly wine clubs, gift baskets, custom labels. You don't have to be a wine expert to have fun with this! Lets chat...send me an email and I would love to share more about it with you!




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Hi! A.!

Your email was forwarded to me by Laura Shepherd one of my customers. I am a Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics. You may have already received this email as I tried to send it earlier but I am not sure that it went through. I have been with Mary Kay for 20 plus years. It was my dermatologist that recommended that I use Mary Kay. When my children were 5 and 7, I was in your shoes looking for something that would allow me to stay home with them. I don't know if Mary Kay is anything that you would consider, but I would love to offer you information or answer any questions that you may have. Incase you don't know, we are not a pyramid company, no territories, and we make 50% on the sale of the products including reorders. We also are paid by the company to train others. You can reach me at ###-###-#### or cell ###-###-#### or email can also check out our products at my website

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