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Updated on August 04, 2010
A.C. asks from Dallas, TX
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Hello Fellow Mothers,

I am 7 mo. pregnant with my second child and work full time with a 30 min. commute one way. I am reaching out to you all in hopes that you will have something good to tell me, but my question is has anyone out there ever worked or currently working from home successfully? I do not want to sell, but looking more for administrative type work. Something I can focus on while the kids are napping or early morning before they get up. I really want to find something that can bring in some income so that I can have the opportunity to stay home with my kids for awhile.
My first son is in private school now - he is 3, but I miss him and would just like the chance of more time with him before he goes to school as well as not have to be apart from my infant.
Any advice or help is greatly appreciated.
Thanks so much!

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answers from Sacramento on

I have worked from home part-time as a freelance writer for nine years. I run my own business. If you want to avoid scams and bring in a decent income, that really is the way to go. The Small Business Administration website has some good information about getting started. Also visit for some useful articles and boards about working from home.

Keep in mind that if you want to earn a decent amount of money, you may need childcare. I couldn't get sufficient work time otherwise. There's no way I could watch my kids and work simultaneously.

Good luck!

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answers from Denver on

I quit my job as a VP of a large corporation when my first son was born. It was the hardest thing I ever did but the easiest decision. I ended up working from home about 30 hours per week and still do today with my three kids. I am not going to lie, it is massively hard to manage everything but I have never regretted it. One of the things I do to help me manage the house is I signed up on, it is free and really helped me get organized in life. I was not able to work much during naps, not sure why, probably because I was busy getting things in order from the morning, or just taking time to myself. I just typically get up real early and work or lean on my husband when he gets home.

I do not have near the money I used to, and I live paycheck to paycheck now, but I will never have the opportunity to be with my kids like I am now. This time only comes once and you will figure out how to make it work. Good job on a hard decision.

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answers from Denver on

Start marketing yourself as a Virtual Assistant. You can work from home doing the things others need to do for the business but don't like/don't know how to do.

I work as one and got so busy I had to "fire" myself from some of my clients.

There is a great site that isn't a scam, you don't have to pay for anything - or you can if you want to take any of their courses, it's called (no, I don't get anything for telling you about it or if you use it!) It offers jobs that are credible that you can search through and apply for if one fits your skill level. Most are temporary positions.

Hope that helps!

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answers from Dallas on

What kind of a job do you have now? Could you do some of all of your job from home? Or is there another job at your current company that could be accomplished at home? If you are a great employee and they are happy with your work, your current company might be interested in letting you work from home or outsourcing projects to you. Have you thought about anything like this? Also, do you deal with any vendors or customers? How about approaching them to see if there was a job you could do from home? You are already familiar with some issues they face.
If you are going to work from home, you have to be disciplined to have "work time" and mommy time built into a schedule. Good luck with your job search and your new baby!

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answers from Dallas on

Your skills would be good for someone who needs an admin part time. Of course the trick is finding the right fit.

My husband has always been in sales and on the road weekly and he did not have an admin since the company HQ was out of state. I started out by helping him with paperwork, travel plans, etc and we now run our own company. It is the same thing he did for 20 yrs, we own it and continue to work together. Don't get me wrong, working at home is a job and a lot of work. It takes a lot of discilpine and my job would be harder with little ones running around. One mistake could cost thousands of dollars so being focused is vital.

Is there a way you could job share or telecommute with your current position?

Best wishes to you.


answers from Miami on

Hi April,

Go to If you would like to interview the company to see if we are a match for you, just select REQUEST FREE INFORMATION, then you can schedule a Live Webcast/Conference call or attend a meeting in your area.

Our company has stellar credentials and a 25-year history:

*Almost 1 BILLION in revenue last year
*Debt free
*Recipient of the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award
*Inc. 500 Magazines 5X
* Guaranteed income

Requirements: Must be ambitious; possess leadership skills, computer knowledge and open minded. NO SELLING, NO INVENTORY, NO DELIVERING PRODUCTS. Training & support are available.

I look forward to talking with you.




answers from McAllen on

I work from home helping my husband with administration tasks of his business. I also looked endlessly for a type of job to work from home but like Angela said, most are a scam, and dont offer anything good. The best bet would be find someone who owns a small business and offer to do the work of a secretary for them. Like a virtual secretary, one of my friends does that for a living (she actually has an office and stuff) and she has several clients now, but that's how she started. She started with her landscaper, she managed clients, appointments, phone calls, all that for him so he was always available and he liked it so much, that today he still is her client. Hope you find this tip helpful, good luck.


answers from Washington DC on

is there any way to cut back to part-time? it is often the best compromise between needing income and the longing to be with your babies. i must tell you, working from home is not all it's cracked up to be. while you're working you MUST work, and that means not being constantly distracted by wiggly littles who naturally want mom's full attention. in many ways it's easier to keep your home a haven for family, and work outside of it.
if you really want to work in the home and don't want to do sales, your best bet is to find work with a company you really like and who values you highly, then persuade them to let you work from home at least part of the time. there are very few jobs that are both worthwhile AND home-based. you need to sell an employer on the idea that you can do it, and that generally means working it out with a boss who already knows you've got what it takes.
good luck!



answers from Columbus on

I looked and looked for something but cannot find something that is not sales. I looked up websites but most seem like a scam. I'm not willing to pay money up front to work for a company that I am not sure of. Hopefully you find something. Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

In-home day care is always an option!

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