Work from Home Opp - Is It Legit?

Updated on September 15, 2010
D.J. asks from Gwynn Oak, MD
11 answers

have any of you heard about getting paid to post listings on e-bay?

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answers from Philadelphia on

I wish I could find a legit work from home job. I sold Avon several times but what these companies don't tell you if you have to have a crazy big down line to make any money and the work is not worth it.

I was thinking the same thing looking at E Bay last night. If you hear anything worthwhile please let me know.

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answers from Denver on

Yes, one of my good friends lists used car parts for a junkyard on's his full time job.

Be sure you're dealing with a real, live company. Preferably one where you can go meet the people who work there. Then find out what you're listing, how much per piece, or if it's some type of salary.

A legit company will look, smell, walk and act like a real company. A scam will make your gut feel funny, so walk away at the first sign of it.

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answers from Dover on

Someone else answered about reselling things, which of course we've all heard of but I took your question to be regarding getting paid to put someone else's stuff on getting paid by the someone else.

Yes, I have heard of it (don't do it myself). A friend from church said that she and some others are doing it...she being the most active one.

If you are interested in working from home, let me know...I have some info I can share.

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answers from Washington DC on

Hello, D.!

I sell on ebay - at one time I was a power-seller and would've gladly paid someone to either take pictures and notes for me or do the postings.

In order to do this - the person will have to give you access to their account, etc. If they want you to have your own account and post - there are people out there that "supply" the items - however, you have to pay for the inventory and they ship for you....that has always bothered me as you can't be sure what they are sending (is it the right size, color, item, etc.).

IF you have to pay to do it - I personally think it's a scam - this is MY opinion. However, if the person is giving you access to their ebay account and having you post THEIR items - GO FOR IT!!!


answers from Washington DC on

Hi D.,

I have heard of people doing e-bay but you always want to do your research and see what their rating is with the BBB. I own my own Health Benefits business and before I signed up I thoroughly researched the company. I would be happy to provide you with information about my company. We have been around since 1992 and some of our credentials include "A" rating with the BBB and being mentioned on Good Morning America. One of the perks of my business is that we receive a benefits package and Direct Deposit which is something you can't say about other work from home businesses. Let me know if this sounds like something you want to learn more about.



answers from Phoenix on

I second what Whizzy said about following your gut and also make sure it is a company that you can talk to someone face-to-face. "Following my gut" saved me from having over $2700 taken out of my bank account a few months ago. I had seen a job on Craig's list, interviewed for it on yahoo messenger, then been sent emails etc. I looked the company up and it was all legit. BUT this was a total scam. They went me a "check" for office supplies--told me someone would actually help me set the office up. But when I got such a large check, and I didn't have to sign for it from the courier--I became suspicious. I took it to the bank and they verified that it was indeed a fraudulent cashier's check. Had I cashed it, it would have eventually come out of my personal account. The police said I could have been arrested. So thankful I listened to my gut. Be careful!


answers from Tucson on

You can make money reselling stuff on e-bay. Buy clearance stuff from stores. Mark it up and post on ebay.



answers from Fort Collins on

No, but if you're looking for a real stay home Mom business, shoot me an e-mail! I've been working from home with an AMAZING company for over 6 years and earn a corporate level income doing it. I work very part time so that I'm still available to be on the school board, room mom, charperone, and never miss any sports games. I love it and would love to share with you too. E-mail me at [email protected] a quick peek at what I do, go to, it's my friends site but I use it too. Just e-mail me if interested or have questions.



answers from Chicago on

I'm sure that there is a way to do this legitamately, but like others said, follow your gut. If is sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Unfortunately there are many people looking for work these days, and even more that want to take advantage of that. Please know that any legit job will not require an investment to be hired. If you are investing any money, it is a home based business and your income and success are based entirely upon your talent and effort, and in some cases your willingness to invest even more money. Good luck in your search!



answers from Corpus Christi on

Whatever you do, do not get involved with a company called Neoclothing. They are criminals and have ripped off many innocent victims, my husband and I included. They claim to be a drop ship company selling Ralph Lauren. We answered an add last year on Craigslist and ended up losing over $1000 when they never shipped our ebay customers their items.
A dead give away (we know now!) as to whether a company is legit is how they receive payments from you. If they are unwilling to receive payments through an insured source, like Paypal, then I would stay away.
Good luck finding something!



answers from Washington DC on

You might want to check with the Better Business Bureau. If you don't like what you hear, I'd be happy to share what I do from home. Good luck!

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