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Updated on September 04, 2010
B.H. asks from Lenexa, KS
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I have a friend that is wanting to stay home with her son and is looking for a stay at home job online that is not a scam. Does anyone know of any or do any?

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answers from Dallas on

I have a great opportunity. Information is free, no obligation. Will send you pm with my contact info to pass along to friend. Thanks

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answers from Kansas City on

kajeet offers a home based business opportunity. You can be as involved or not as you want and it's not really like any other business out there. You figure out ways to promote the product (it's a cell phone service geared toward kids with free parental controls, etc.) The majority of what I do is on-line - and it actually takes up a very miniscule part of my day as I also work full time away from home. If you would like more information, please feel free to pm me!


answers from Dover on

I am currently building my own business so I can stay at home too. Would love to share the free, no obligation information. or send me a message including the best time to call.


answers from Kansas City on

this question comes up all the time! lol. its always one of my favorites though given that i have tried just about all of it.

unfortunately, work at home jobs are not the same as work outside the home jobs. Part of what you trade off to be able to stay home and reduce the expenses of daycare, gas for your car to drive to work, etc is that you give up hourly pay. there ARE work from home jobs, and they CAN replace an income, but i would say on average they take about 1-2 years to really replace a full time income if you are really working at it. I know you said that she is looking for online work, and that is fine, but she also needs to be realistic and understand that working ONLY online will take a little longer for her to be making a large chunk of income.

There are lots of different things she can do, but she really needs to find her own niche and what really works for her. she could sell cosmetics like mary-kay or avon (i recommend avon over mary-kay personally. there are a lot of fees, but there is no inventory and i like the products more), there is also things like pampered chef and what not, my sister answers questions for cha-cha.

I work from home and i really enjoy it, but again, its not a get rich quick thing. ive been doing it about a year and i bring in a good chunk of monthly income, but it is by no means a full time job. I enjoy it because i just help educate people on health and health is something that i really care about, especially when it comes to kids since my own kids had health issues before.

i dont know if that even sounds like something she would like, but if it is, tell her she is welcome to give me a call. My name is L. and my phone number is ###-###-#### (obviously i have nothing to hide! lol) or the website she wants to check out is



answers from Kansas City on

I do corporate transcription at home, mostly working at night when my girls are sleeping. I work for a company out of NYC, they send me the work online, I transcribe it and send it back online. I didn't have any prior experience when I started with them, just filled out an application and sent it to them. You do have to purchase your own transcription equipment, I think it runs $100-$250 depending on what you get. I also do secret shopping through a company out of California. It doesn't pay a lot, but you are getting paid to shop/eat out. If she would be interested in either of these, PM me and I can send you the names of the companies.



answers from Kansas City on

What about owning a kid's consignment sale such as Kid's Closet? Most of the work is done from home (except during the 2 sales a year)... Here is the website: ... Let me know if you want more information about it!



answers from Los Angeles on

I work from home selling Discovery Toys and I really like it. Like many home-based businesses, it is a job where you do at-home parties, but we can also do events at schools, fairs, boutiques and other events. The toys are all fun, educational, and come with a lifetime warranty, so they are very high quality products. We are the only home-based Toy company, so there isn't as much competition as with the at-home jewelry, cosmetics, kitchenware, etc businesses.

I would love to give your friend some more detailed information about joining the team. Have her check out my website at and she can contact me with any questions.

I love what I do and have met a lot of really friendly moms through the job. It's made being a stay at home mom much more enjoyable and financially worthwhile!


answers from Los Angeles on

I currently work from home part time but its more of an online business then a job. But its Legit, No selling, No pressure. Here is the website If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

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