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Updated on November 01, 2013
L.J. asks from Denver, CO
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Hi, does anyone know of any legitimate work from home type jobs to earn a real and decent income?

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answers from Grand Forks on

If you are planning to work at home while your kids are at home, then child care is the way to go. Earn money and provide playmates for your kids.

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answers from San Francisco on

Without knowing your skill set, it's hard to recommend anything.

If you have any ties in the legal community, you can tap them for transcription work. You must, however, have someone to watch your kids or work at night after they go to bed because you have to hear/transcribe every syllable that is spoken and that's impossible to do with background noise.

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answers from San Francisco on

The few people my husband gives the option to work from home are employees who have been with the company for many years and then don't have little ones to look after. It tends to be someone who ends up moving due to a spouse's employment change and the employee is in an employable position to work remotely. That being said, he has to know the person is very responsible and has fantastic time management skills.

I know a mom who is a newspaper columnist and she works from home but she stresses how difficult it is.

I know moms who do childcare out of their home. One of my friends has a very successful pre school program in her home.

I know some moms who sell for Avon,Pampered Chef, Party Lite etc. I believe those are getting harder and harder these days. We all shop on line...I don't want to spend a couple hours at an in home "party".

Good luck!!

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answers from Oklahoma City on

No, there is no such thing.

On the top right side of this page, underneath where it says L. J's account there is a long white bar and it has the word "search" beside it.

Please use that search engine to find multiple answers to this question.

This question is sort of ticking mamapedia moms off right now. There has been a lot of spam on the site.

The main theme that is going on with us is this.

IF there were LEGITIMATE work at home jobs where we could sit in the living room with a cordless phone in our lap while the kids blare the TV and the dog is chasing the cat around the room knocking laps and whatnot's off the shelves, well, wouldn't WE all be lining up to do this?

The only true work at home jobs are jobs where you have to put your kids in child care. NO employer is going to pay you to sit at home with your kids. Plus if you are working from home you won't qualify for child care assistance so you'll have to pay full price for child care.

Here are the only options for someone who wants to stay at home so they can be with their kids.
Open a child home care business.

This option has a low start up cost. You need to contact your local child care licensing agency and get the state rules and regulations hand book. Read all the requirements for toys, cots or other sleeping arrangements, food handling requirements, etc.... It may be that you already have all the supplies on hand that you'd need. Buying a few toys and things at garage sales is a quick and easy way to fill the needs to start this type of business.

Once you have most of the things you need to open you call the licensing agency and tell them you want to get licensed. It's the only way to go as far as customers are concerned. They want a professional.

Once you get licensed put your name on the state child care list and you should start getting calls soon. You can put papers with pull off phone numbers in various places too. Laundry mats, Walmart job posts in the foyer, in the classified ads for a week or less. There are many ways to get kids enrolled. Then once you get kids enrolled, if they're state kids, you get the parents to swipe their cards each day. It takes about 3 weeks to get their income deposited into your account. That's all there is to it.
If you have a skill you can advertise to do that for people.

Such as sewing, typing papers, tutoring, piano, ironing or laundry, etc...things you can do in your home.
My sister sells clothing on Etsy. She is finally clearing about $10K per year but she has spent years building her supplies, buying stock to have on hand, buying fabrics and stock piling them, getting better sewing machines, blind hemmers, and sergers.

She also watches her grandson while her daughter works. She cannot sew or even go into her sewing room while he's there. He touches everything and has destroyed a garment accidentally. So she can only work after he goes home.
Working at home is just that. A full time job that requires you to be "on the clock" and not playing with the kids or doing dishes and cooking.

You'll be required to put your children in child care and have a room dedicated to work, where you can shut the door and focus on your JOB.

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answers from Washington DC on


this question is asked ssssooo frequently here I should probably cut and paste my answer.

Working from home is just that - WORKING.

I will NOT pay you to play or watch your kids.
I will NOT pay you to stay home and watch other people's kids. If you want a LEGITIMATE home job? Open a day care.

I EARNED my ability to work from home. I showed my boss that I can produce even while not in the office.

Are there jobs out there that are legit? Yes. I'm sure there are call centers that have a specific schedule for must have a dedicated land line, a computer, fax, etc. and it MUST BE kids screaming in the back ground, no dogs barking, etc.

If you have a degree in teaching? Tutor kids from your home.

Good luck

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answers from Boston on

This question gets asked almost daily so some prior answers might have names of marketing or freelance writing companies where you can work either with childcare or when your kids are in bed, answering phones or writing. Or if you worked before having kids and are still in touch with your old colleagues or professional contacts, someone you know may have project-based work in your industry that can be done per project where they don't care when or where you do the work.

Most of us who have corporate work at home jobs put in years in the office before being granted work from home. I was in the office FT for 7 years before switching to 3 days at home and had childcare just like when I was in the office.

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answers from Albuquerque on

Please do a search. This is asked almost daily. The short answer is:

YES, there are work from home jobs if you have skills like computer programming, account management, recruiting, editing. Usually you have to earn the right to work from home by putting in years in the office.

Also, you can not also take care of your own children while working from home. Working is working.

If you don't have any of those skills, your only legit option is child care.

But again, do a search. There are tons of answers. I've yet to see a lead or company posted that is legit and hiring.

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answers from Dallas on

Well, I assume you're putting your kids in daycare because when you WAH you WORK. If not, they the only thing I can suggest that would earn a "real and decent income" would be to get licensed to open a home daycare. My neighbor does that and earns a very good living because she specializes in infant/toddler, has low numbers, and has built up a reputation.

It is virtually impossible to WAH and watch your kids. Really it's not fair to anyone; employer who is paying you for attention you're not giving to them and kids who are begging for more attention than you can give them. I WAH but have been with my company for 13 years and worked a long time to get into a position where I can WAH full time - and my kids go to school or camp when I'm working, they're not home.

WW - I did copy and paste part of my answer from a prior answer, lol.

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answers from Denver on

What is your area of expertise?

Yes, there are legitimate work from home jobs, but they are usually in specific fields (technical writing is one, but you probably won't get good jobs without real professional contacts made during your career).

Otherwise, babysitting, Avon (which may/may not make you any $), dog-walking....

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answers from Dallas on

My answer is copied and pasted from a post yesterday regarding working at home.

This question is posted on this site about every week. Just search it....PLEASE.

It is SO frustrating to see posts like this from people who want to stay at home and work and have the false idea that they can work from home and watch their children at the same time.

You do realize.... working from home is just that... WORK. NO ONE is going to pay you to stay home and watch your children. Do you really think that is going to happen?

Even moms who do work from home have their children in school or daycare so they can work.

Research this question on here and you will see plenty of answers. Most work at home jobs are a SCAM just like the scam ads that have been on this site lately.

To work from home, you must be self motivated and self disciplined. Some people do telecommute for work and those who do, have already proven themselves in the workforce with their employer. Even freelancing, running your own personal company (I do this with the raw materials industry ), tutoring, etc all require you to have no children around during the time you are working.

Best wishes.

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answers from Houston on

Multiple yard sales every season. Babysitting.

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