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Updated on April 04, 2011
A.V. asks from Olathe, KS
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I'm a SAHM of 3 who also watches a friends child during the day. I'd like to have a mindless part-time job I can do in the evening. I don't want to sell anything, more along the lines of doing something online, stuffing envelopes.... Suggestions?
Thank you

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answers from Dallas on

The stuffing envelopes, mindless jobs are SCAMS

Don't pay someone so you can work for them.

Think outside the box.... Many MLM's and direct sales willl recruit you with this type of post.

Do something YOU like

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answers from Washington DC on

To the best of my knowledge - there aren't that many TRUE jobs that you can work from home....if you do medical billing - you will need to concentrate and do it right.

Stuffing envelopes?! DO NOT DO IT!!!! if they find something wrong - and they always do - you don't get paid.

Don't want to sell anything? Don't you have stuff around the house that you don't use anymore? Clothes the kids have outgrown? Well, try selling it on craigslist or ebay - you'd be surprised at what you can earn!

You could recruit for jobs - however, that's a DAY job and not many people liked being called during their dinner. The hard part with this job - if you don't have the experience, they'll want you in the office - again - it's NOT mindless work. I'd love to hire someone to search resumes for me during the night so i could call the potential candidates the next day...but I would want someone who takes pride in it and not claim to want mindless work.....

There are survey jobs you can well as secret shopping jobs..Safeway has a GREAT program....I did it when I first became a SAHM 11 years ago for almost 2 years.

IF You have to pay for information - it's a hoax. Read the fine print on ANYTHING you have to do....


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answers from Dallas on

check out marketing research companies if you don't mind calling people to do surveys. you are not selling



answers from Phoenix on

While there are no true stay at home jobs that are ligit I have found a few sites that I earn extra money with and help me by all the neccessities around the house and all the baby items we need. It does involve surveys but I do them on my free time and have earned over 100 all ready now this takes time and is not a get rich scheme only to make some extra cash here and there. My hubby loves the fact that we never buy cleaners, toilet paper, diapers, wipes, and baby toys.

My View Surveys
Amazon Turk
Vocal Point

Also check out these blogs I follow to stretch our dollar


answers from Houston on

I make balloons at restaurants on the evenings and weekends for tips. It's actually pretty descent pay and they train you.


answers from Phoenix on

Someone way back when suggested It was one of those kind of things where you have to put in $200 and establish a corporation then you take courses and train for a certain thing and apply to businesses like cox or disney or am. express and you become a telephone operator. My friend went through it all and it is ligit...but you will have to work a few months to get to a sucessful place in the business.



answers from Phoenix on

eBay is a great idea. You don't have to "sell" anything like being a sales person... Just post it online and ship it to them. Do not do the stuff envelopes job. It's not as good as they make it seem. Are you crafty? You can make notecards and scrapbooks and sell them also on ebay. Good luck!!



answers from Honolulu on

Work at a 24 hour type grocery store?

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