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Updated on April 12, 2011
D.D. asks from Pittsburgh, PA
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I am looking for a way to supplement our income and work from home. I am a stay at home mom and would like to find something to bring in some money and still be able to stay home with my children. I don't want anything that is calling out, sales or things of that nature. I don't need to make 1 million dollars (although it would be nice) but a little extra income would certainly help. Watching other children in my home is not an option as my husband currently works from home. I know that there are a lot of scams out there, but there has to some options too. If you know of something that is legitimate or has worked for you please help me out.
Thanks in advance for your help

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answers from Bangor on

I currently work part time from home, Below is a little information on what works for me.

Improve the quality of your environment, enjoy better health, save time and money, all with the option to get control of your finances utilizing a proven business model. This is a strong, stable, legitimate company we can believe in and trust.

The security and stability of a residual income has added so much to the lives of many individuals and families. This company also allows people to reach their financial goals, whatever they may be: supplemental income, starting or adding to a retirement, or replacing income without risking anything.

Our business opportunity has enabled many people to earn an income from home, while having the freedom to spend time with their children or work along side their current job.
No matter what your reason is for wanting to work from home, if you are determined to get ahead I would like to hear from you!
No Sales, No retail, No inventory.
Free, personalized website.
Ongoing mentoring, training & support

Send me an email with your contact information or visit my website at & request more info & I will personally contact you to see if this is a good match for you & your family!



answers from Dallas on

Hi Denise,
I am a WAHM. If you have 30 minutes I have a webcast (they are live so cannot just give links) and need to schedule. Thanks


answers from Phoenix on

Hi Denise, my husband and I both own insurance agencies but we also sell vitamins online. We take them ourselves so it's easy to sell since everyone should be taking a daily vitamin! It really sells itself and you already have a client base in your friends and family. Take the tour on the website: Let me know if you have any questions...its not a scam, they have been in biz for 15 years!!!



answers from Minneapolis on

I found the perfect work from home job a couple of months ago. I am still working full-time, but hope to be working exclusively from home some day. It has been a life saver because I’m able to get some extra money by putting in a couple hours a week. You can work at your own pace and make your family’s schedule BEFORE your work schedule. Let me know if you are interested and we can talk more.



answers from Dallas on

Have you heard of Scentsy the Wickless Candles? I'm a Scentsy Director and work from home with my business. I have been a Scentsy consultant for 2 years and LOVE IT! It pays our mortgage and car payment each month. The earning potential can be part time or full time salary. It's up to you! You could be the 1st Scentsy Consultant in your area. Check my website out at for more information, to join my team or to contact me. Our products sell themselve and we are growing at 300%. I would love to speak with you about this amazing company. Have a ScentSational Day!




answers from Boise on

Have you heard of Mona Vie? It is a health juice that provides a world of benefits. My husband and I drink this wonderful juice ourselves and feel so much better for it. Sleep, joint pain and energy as well. Since starting this product, we have become distributors for Mona Vie.
We believe in this product so much that we are sharing our story with others and gettin them on it as well. In the process, we are making money. It is the #1 all natural health juice. It isn't sold in stores, it's only through social networking that this is done. When you have some time, take a look at the site and look at the 2 links to the right, Essence of Mona Vie and the flip chart. You can explore the products under the red Mona Vie tab. You can learn how to get this product and make money if you are interested.
I am a stay home mom as well. I was working a temp job that just wasn't concrete for me, I needed something that I could do that was for sure. We had a friend invite us to a tasting and we heard all about Mona Vie and the benefits and how we can make money. We have been in this business for 1 month now, and already make money. It's a wonderful company that wants everyone to succeed and make money that they offer incentives all the time. My husband told me not to look for a job anymore that I would be working on Mona Vie, talking to people and sharing our experiences with.
If you are interested, let me know. Take care and God Bless!



answers from Pittsburgh on

There are several legit work from home companies that I found on a Google search for me neighbor. Most of them are in customer service.



answers from Dallas on

What does your husband do?



answers from Dallas on

Check out for ways to earn extra cash online. Also, check out the forum at for some good leads on at home jobs.



answers from Dallas on free website that posts legit work at home jobs



answers from Indianapolis on

Hi D......

I'm in a group of women who do internet marketing. If you are interested in that, shoot me an email.
If you are looking for something else, try calling the better business bureau or if you have Angie's list, they might be able to help as well. Ask around, you might be shocked to find others that are working from home. I also know that medical transcript pays well if you can get the training it takes to do that.
Oh, and you might become a Virtual assistant. That means you do secretarial work for people from home, over the internet. Like write stories, or do their typing. I know people make money doing that as well. Good Luck!

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