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Updated on February 02, 2010
T.A. asks from Wakefield, MA
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I was wondering what type of jobs are there that you can "work at home" on a part-time basis? Sometimes I see information in magazines, but I'm sure there are so many scams out there. I was wondering if anyone came across some work at home ideas that pay well and have that "at home" flexibility. Thanks. T.

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Thank you for your responses. I think I need to do some research and see where I might be able to find something that will work for me and if we can financially afford it. I'll check out the website that you mentioned as well. Thanks again.

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Hey T. -- I realize you've "closed" this already, but I originally responded to you and my network went down when I tried to send! I saved my response, and then forgot to resubmit. So here you go :)

So I'm in a similar situation. I (so far) have been very blessed. I somehow talked my company into letting me work from home part-time after I had my child. But I didn't know what I was going to do if they had said no (they did say no at first though! Somehow it turned into yes with a trial period). I'm a software developer, in case you were wondering. I work 24 hours a week from my home and I care for my bebe full time. My husband is a full-time student (16 hours a day), so he's not around much! It's challenging, but rewarding. I think this is harder than going to an office. And that 24 hours a week can be DIFFICULT for me to do. It's worth it though! I have flexibility, and I do get paid well :) And I get to stay home with my baby girl.

Are you currently employed? Do you do something that you could do from home? Is that something you could approach your boss with? If your current job doesn't lend itself to that, is there something you could propose to your employer that you could do from home?

A friend of mine worked out with her employer to change her job after her baby was born. She found something the company needed done, that she could do at home. She still goes to the office a few hours a week, but it's less.

There is a site I found out about called It's definitely legit. Unfortunately, there aren't any listings in our area yet, but maybe in the future!

Careers that are compatible (other than product-based businesses) tend to be things that require a computer and little or no client time (on your part anyway). I know people who are accountants and do that from home. Party planners (little face time with clients, more phone), software developers (like me!), paralegals... and they all get paid well! Some have less flexibility than others, that would depend on your company and clients.

Here's a book I found: I haven't read it, I just did some searching just now :-) Maybe it or something similar is at the library?



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I am a freelance writer/editor and marketer working at home. It is one of those jobs where you do have to sell yourself over and over again to pick up new work. Luckily, I have a friend who is a freelance graphic artist, so we have worked together creating web sites and I do proofreading jobs for her clients. One of the ways I get exposure for my business is to have a web site, well, several in fact. I have a local community web site (, a national parent/child community site (, a genealogy web site (, and a business web site ( I also carry around several different business cards that I print at home.

If you go to my web site, you'll find a section on Job Search that may help. There are some good links there that may get you started in your search.

I looked into the party sales programs (such as Body Shop at Home, Barefoot Books, Discovery Toys, Tastefully Simple, to name a few), but I discovered that's just not my style and I didn't want to be away from home that many nights. Plus, my town is pretty well home-partied-out.

I have some ideas for businesses, but storefront costs are too high where I live to make it profitable. Ideas include a gently used children's clothing/toys/supplies store (not a chain); a women's used clothing store; a children's indoor playground; etc. I am always looking for a tea room! You have to know what people in your town really want before you do it.

I just received an email yesterday from a woman in town who is a Virtual Assistant. She does all sorts of office-like projects (data entry, fax, copying, mass email, proofreading, courier service, etc.) that I thought was very clever.

If you knit or sew or make something that someone will buy, that's a great opportunity too. I know someone who makes homemade cards, another who created a printed-on towel, one who makes felted animals and other soft crafts, etc. Wish I had those talents!

You have to figure where your talents and experience can lead you. And dream a little too.



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Hey T.!!I work from home and love it...I help other mama's provide a cleaner,greener,healthier home!Feel free to check out my website The best thing about this is you can work as little or as much as you want...the oppurtunity is ENDLESS!!If you are interested call me and we can meet for coffee(I can come to you):)) Take Care



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Hi Tracy. It all depends on your area of interest, but BeachBody is a tremendous opportunity right now. It is a wonderful opportunity to get in the best shape of your life and grow a home based business with only part-time commitment. Start up fees are super low and customer leads are sent to you. Come to my site for more info. - click on Be a Coach for all the great information. Also feel free to email me with questions. [email protected]



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Have you thought about working for a Direct Selling Company? If so, have you heard of Scentsy "Authentic Wickless Candle"? Extremely safe w/ no wick, soot, lead, or flame. I would highly recommend starting a Scentsy Business! IT has been an amazing opportunity for my family and I.

Our warmers are heated by a 25-watt light bulb in a 2-piece warmer, our candle bars are made of a soft wax packed full of incredible scents. With a burn time of 60-80 hours per Scentsy bar (and sometimes more), over 80 scents to choose from, a wonderful selection of warmers, plus car candles and room sprays, there's something for everyone.

If you are considering a home business, this is a great opportunity for you to get in early with a company that has become a household name! Ask me about MY SPECIAL for anyone interested in BECOMING a Scentsy Consultant! THIS IS A GREAT TIME TO START YOUR SCENTSY BUSINESS since our New Spring & Summer Catalogs will be out soon.

Have a Scent-Sational Day!

C. Etheredge



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Selling Avon has worked great for me--I just take my brochures and samples with me everywhere (just ask my coffee klatsch mamas, my Weight Watchers meeting, the gal at Dunkin' Donuts who gets my lattes. . .!) and collect orders wherever they happen, then reserve my quiet time (my happens to be a mixture of morning and evening, but you could certainly do the same with your evening hours) for computer work, phone calls, etc. I average 40% profit from my sales, working about 22 hours/week--enough to make my car payment plus a little to save.

Avon's start-up fee is $10, and you are not required to buy a kit or any inventory unless you want to. That was the main reason I chose it, versus other work-from-home businesses. Plus, it's Avon!--Everyone knows it, everyone loves it, and the company's been around over 100 years (my mom was an Avon Lady!), so it's not going to close anytime soon!

If you're interested in learning more, or getting started, you can email me at [email protected] with any questions. Or visit my website (

Good luck!


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