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Updated on March 29, 2011
D.D. asks from New Baltimore, MI
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Anyone have any work at home suggestions? Looking for something to bring in some extra cash and keep seeing work from home sites on line. Does anyone do this, and is worth looking into.

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answers from Cincinnati on

Hi! My best friend works for Convergys. She is a work at home call center rep. She takes orders over the phone & puts them into the computer. Anyhoo, she is a single mom of 4 kids and receives little child support. Between the support she does get though and working at Convergys, she's able to get by. Here's a link so you can check it out. Good luck D.!



answers from San Francisco on

If you have a skill that can translate into tutoring or teaching you might be able to do this from home. Currently I teach sewing out of my home as well do alterations. So if you know how to do something that could be passed on. I have a friend that was a Chef, and works part time now. He could easily teach out of the home. There are also music lessons if you have that ability...... Whatever you decide to do you would want to check your city though some require just a business license but some require more.



answers from Dallas on

Have you heard of Scentsy the Wickless Candles? I'm a Scentsy Director and work from home with my business. I have been a Scentsy consultant for 3 years and LOVE IT! It pays our mortgage each month. The earning potential can be part time or full time salary. It's up to you! Check my website out at for more information, to join my team or to contact me. Our products sell themselve and we are growing at 300%. I would love to speak with you about this amazing company. Have a ScentSational Day!




answers from Dallas on legit website that scopes out real work at home jobs.



answers from Eau Claire on

There is always the option of selling something, if there is something that you like. I have always like Mary Kay products so I sell it on the side. This way you can still get out of the house once in awhile so you don't feel like you never get out. Find something that you enjoy and want to use yourself and sell it. There are so many options now, Avon, Silpada, Lia Sopihia, at home America, etc. The best part is getting the discount on the things you love!


answers from Dover on

I have been working from home (in addition to working full time). Just getting started but would love to share the info. No cost or obligation.



answers from Huntsville on

This isn't a work from home thing, but can be a nice little extra.

I started using Swag Bucks a few months ago. It's a free search engine & other things where you earn their "swag bucks." Then you use those swag bucks to purchase rewards - the best is a $5 Amazon gift card. So far I have earned 9 of the $5 cards! It's great! It's not gonna get you rich, but it helps!

Let me know if you have any questions, and I can give you tips! (FYI - Swag Bucks TV is the greatest for earning swag bucks!!!)

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