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Updated on March 04, 2013
L.T. asks from Bedford, TX
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I need to find real work from home. No buy this and then that from the internet. Real work at home.

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answers from Washington DC on

Legwork, figuratively speaking.

There are legit sites, like, and that can help you match your skills to clients.

You will be an independent contractor and need to manage your own taxes and contracts. Most will not pay your taxes for you for a small project. It can be rewarding...but you must be patient and persistent. I must have applied to something daily off in Dec. and Jan. and didn't land something new til Feb.

You can also contact old employers to see if there are projects you could do for them on a contract basis. Let people know what you are looking for.

While you should not pay for a JOB, you might have to pay for access to that job listing.

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answers from Denver on

I work from home marketing online and offline for a Fortune 500 wellness co. I have been doing it for over 3 years and love it.
I would love to share more in detail what I do.
Message me or go to my website:

G. :)



answers from Dallas on

Go to It is a company that employs customer service reps for many different companies. My hubby works for the XBox dept. It is legit and pays fairly well. Just have to have a computer with certain capabilities. We purchased $150 of equipment(headsets) and memory and they sent us a thumb drive. Oh you also have to have a working printer as well. He has worked for them for about 9 months. CSR work can be tough when you have many calls that have what I call "yellers" but it is at home. He was actually able to work during the recent ice storms that shut down the Ft. Worth/Dallas metroplex. He works 30 hours a week from 11 to 5:30. There have been opportunities for OT. The medical plan is weak, but this is not a huge company, so it is to be expected. They do take taxes out, so you are not self employed. Hope they have something available for you.

Take Care and God Bless!

PS you have to have childcare. It must be quite in the home that resembles an office and you can't tell your callers that you are working from home. They listen to your calls to grade them and if they hear outside noise like dogs barking...(we have 3)... it could be cause for dismissal.



answers from Boise on

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I am a stay home mom as well. I was working a temp job that just wasn't concrete for me, I needed something that I could do that was for sure. We had a friend invite us to a tasting and we heard all about Mona Vie and the benefits and how we can make money. We have been in this business for 1 month now, and already make money. It's a wonderful company that wants everyone to succeed and make money that they offer incentives all the time. My husband told me not to look for a job anymore that I would be working on Mona Vie, talking to people and sharing our experiences with.
If you are interested, let me know. Take care and God Bless!



answers from Dallas on

Most corporate work at home jobs expect you to have childcare; you don't get to be both a SAHM and a well paid valuable employee who just happens to do your job at home. I WAH - my kids go to elementary school and on school breaks they go to daycare or camps. There is no way I could get my job done with my kids home, it wouldn't be fair to the kids or to my company. Not trying to be rude, but realistically a corporate WAH job that allows you to have your kids around is a pretty rare thing and probably something that you would have to work yourself into over time and with seniority. I have several friends that WAH for corporate America; just like me none of them have the kids home during work hours and all of them have put in a lot of time/effort WOH before they were allowed to WAH.

Having said that, MSN had an article posted over the weekend that talked about freelance jobs you can do from home. The website is You might be able to find work on there that fits your skillset and that you can do to fit your schedule. Good Luck!


answers from Dallas on

What are you good at? What is your passion?

If you are good an computer work, admin, etc you can do your own thing if you make the right connections.

I personally hire an at home mom to help me with accounting during my super busy times. No, I am not her main customer, she has many like me and between all of us, she brings in extra money.

Data entry, telecommuting. Be assured... if a business does hire you to work from home.... we do NOT want you (employee) to be on a phone line with potential customers with children playing in the background or dogs barking... You must be able to dedicate specific hours to the job.

Good luck.


answers from Harrisburg on

Must be available at least 15 hours a week
Must have a phone and a Computer

~ Daily Pay
~ Residual Pay
~ Household Dental/Health Programs
~ Telecommuting
~ Flexible PT/FT hours
~ Extensive Training
~ Personalized Websites
~ Supportive Team
~ Fast advancement

~ Telemarketing
~ Cold calling
~ Stocking or selling products
~ Shipping
Visit my website for more information



answers from Salt Lake City on

Child care in your home. Most states allow up to 5 children including your own without a licence. Guess I would have to know what you are qualified to do to give you any other answers than that. Like if you can computer program you can do that from home. Some telemarketing companies allow you to work from home they set you up with the phone line and computer to do the work.



answers from Dallas on

If you have any luck please post and let us know.. I would be interested myself. Thanks

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