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Updated on November 11, 2006
N.I. asks from Warren, MI
3 answers

i am looking for an at home job to do. i need to spend more time with my child. i have some hard classes coming up and i need to be home to study more. can someone help me out.

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answers from Daytona Beach on

I work from home part time and this year will make about the same as my husband who works out of the house full time. To decide what I wanted to do I went to the library and got some books on the subject. The best one out there is The Stay at Home Mom's Guide to Making Money from Home by Liz Folger. She has a site too, it's There are a lot of ideas on there. I would avoid the site because there are scams on there and ads for scams, but on bizymoms they don't have that stuff.

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answers from Detroit on

I work at home for 5 years now really successful. If you want feel free to have a look We have a great group of Mom over 1500 of us from accross the US and Canada the support is out of this world.

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answers from Detroit on

Try looking in the forums at and I find the first easier to navigate personally, but both have a lot of the same information (and a lot of the same members for that matter LOL). I looked off and on for years for work to do from home before I came upon these sites, and they're a great wealth of legitimate jobs you can do. I'm actually testing Monday for a work at home job that I found at

Hope that helps ya!

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