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Updated on September 07, 2008
Y.S. asks from Grapevine, TX
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Hi everyone I am in a big discion I got a job offered but I'm not sure if I should take it becasue I have two boys and the childcare is so expensive. I already calcuated. Am if I put my kids in a daycare. I am going to have only like 55 dollars left over. What should I do and my husband is working but he is a sales rep and he hasn't sold anything. and he only get's paid if he sells. I don't want to push him either. Well I need advice for those who are working moms. How do you guys do it. Should I just stay home and watch my kids or take a chance. Please HELP. thank-you.

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Hi thank you everyone for your advice it really helped me out to figure out what to do. A secound thought helps out alot. Well I dediced not to take that job due to only having $55 dollars left over. Well I think I want to babysit on weeknights. That works out for me and babysitting while being with my kids works out way better. Because I thought about the gas money and purchaseing food. Thank you everyone.

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You don't mention if that's $55/week or $55/month. If that's per week, that would equate to about $238 extra per month. That's a car payment for some people or an electric bill. If you are really diligent about not spending your income on "extras" like eating out for lunch, then it might be worth it if your family is stretched for cash and needs a little help paying your bills. If it's just $55/month, did you factor in if you will need any new clothes for your job or how much extra gas you will be using during the week? Will any of your work clothes need to be dry cleaned? There are also incidentals when you work like when a co-worker has a birthday, baby shower, wedding shower, death in the family, etc. Usually, people are expected to "chip in" for gifts and such. There are also pot-lucks and/or gift exchanges. Working definitely "costs" more than staying home so make sure you've calculated including all those "extras" and maybe that will help you to make your decision.

Good luck!

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If you mean $55 dollars a week, I'd say forget it. $55 a day would be okay.

You have to watch it to make it profitable... any extra you spend on gas, clothes or your lunch and your profit is gone.

When I first went back to work, I went for sanity. I broke even, we weren't trying to make a profit from my job.

You might consider finding a part-time job to do when your husband is home and in charge of the kids, so you can skip the day care altogether.

So consider things carefully and maybe your husband needs to look for a different sales job. My husband is in sales, too and I know how hard some months can be.



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Hi Y.- it cant hurt to try- btu figure case and time- etc - even if you just work until his sales thing gets going. I was a working mom until my second child was born- stayed home for 13 years and jsut started my own business so that I can work around my kids schedule. Nowadays with he economy I think just do what you have to do- you can always quit. It may prompt your husband to maybe be a bit more agressive in his sales as well seeing that you are helping out. lol- that can work either way- lol
But if its something you enjoy- give it a shot and then see where that takes you. Maybe there is someone that can share in the child care or maybe your husband can take them one day and switch up his sales hours. I say give it a try in this time of need and see what happens.

D. S



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Hello Y.,

If you feel like you really need to do that, then give it a try for a few weeks.

I think that if it's $55/week... you could probably make that an more by babysitting a couple of days a week. the extra gas/milage, clothing, lunches, incidentals, extra fast food and those $55 are gone.

Any chance your working hours can be adjusted so your husband could take care of the kids part time? that would cut donw on daycare costs.

good luck! ~C.~

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