Wooden Playset for Backyard

Updated on March 14, 2010
M.E. asks from Collegeville, PA
7 answers

Does anyone have any advice on where to buy a good quality wooden playset for the backyard? I live in Oaks/Collegeville, but am willing to travel to surrounding areas. Of course, we'd like to get a good price, but we also want to make sure we find something that lasts for many years to come. Thanks!

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answers from Washington DC on

I second craigslist! We got an awesome one for our son for free - just had to take it down. We looked it up and it retailed for $2000 new!

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answers from Minneapolis on

Check out craiglist - you might be able to get a good deal. We bought our first playset from Home Depot and my husband put it together. We bought our second from Rainbow.

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answers from Dallas on

Here is the one my mom just bought for my girls: http://www.homedepot.com/Outdoors-Outdoor-Play-Activities...

She reviewed tons of them and this was the one with the best reviews. We also liked this one since it has the wooden roof and not one with a tarp.



answers from Philadelphia on

Hey M. -

I live in Collegeville. Last April we purchased a wooden set from Superior Play Systems/SPS (their warehouse is off of Germantown Pike in East Norriton). The one we got cost approx $2000....including the price to put it together. It is a rainbow set. SPS typically runs sales...they should be starting within the next couple of weeks. The cost is high...but I have 2 boys and I wanted something sturdy and something that would last more than a few years. Our set still looks brand new....even after the harsh winter we just had.
Best of luck!



answers from Philadelphia on

We got ours from creative playthings we love it but was pricy they came and set up so I was confident it was correct and had warrenty


We got ours from creative playthings we love it but was pricy they came and set up so I was confident it was correct and had warrenty



answers from Philadelphia on

There's a place on Ridge Pike, on the left when travelling east towards Pottstown, probably address is Limerick where we bought a wooden play system. We bought it at the end of the season for 15% off. I think it is made in Lancaster County. We liked that it was assembled and delivered.



answers from Denver on

To date I've purchased:
Metal swing set (three swings, slide, rocking horse type swing, etc)
Little Tikes 8 in 1 climber set
Little Tykes Playground
Little Tykes Cottage
Rocket shaped baby swing
Baby swing
And a $5 saucer swing from the thrift store.

By far and away the most used outdoor toy has been the $5 saucer swing that hangs on the tree in the front yard. Why? because it's in the front yard and attracts kids like flies and then my kids have friends to play with. All the other toys sit unused in my backyard.

Every mom I've ever talked to has wanted a play structure for the backyard so the kids can be 'safe' playing in the fenced yard where you don't have to be there every second to watch them. They install as elaborate of a structure as budget will afford, the kids play with it, for at most, a season. Then the kids are back to whining about playing with their friends in the front yard.

My advice? Save your money. If they want to swing, walk them to the park. GL in your decision!!

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