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Updated on March 08, 2014
S.J. asks from North Richland Hills, TX
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At what age should a girl go for her first OB/GYN exam?

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So What Happened?

Thank you to all of the moms that responded. I love getting different perspectives on this situation. I think I will talk to my daughter a little more, and then make my decision - actually, let her tell me what her decision is. She is 16, and getting closer to that time when I won't be able to check on her medical records. I would hope that she would feel comfortable enough to talk to me, but I know that it is not realistic. Again, thank you for your help. I will keep all this in mind.

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answers from Dallas on

I think it depends on a lot of factors.

How old is she?

If she is sexually active then YES she needs to go so she can be monitored for STD's, and get birth control.

If she is just having some issues with her cycle, her regular pedi should be able to help with that.

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answers from Austin on

I first went for an appointment when I was 13 I was having terrible cramping and extremely heavy periods.

I was nervous, but my mom explained everything to me before the appointment.

The Doctor and Nurse were very nice and told me everything to expect. It was also kind of nice to not have my mom in the room for the whole appt, so I could ask some questions.. Nothing bad, just wanted more information about about tampons and some other stuff, I was embarrassed to ask my mom about and I did not want her in there for the pelvic exam..

I took our daughter at about the same age, she also had terrible cramping and heavy periods, she also had some other issues we were not aware of so I was glad I took her.

I asked her, "do you want me to go in with you, or would you like to do this on your own." . She said, "on my own please." So I thinking asking your daughter is always a good idea.

I really tried to just make it matter of fact. She was already kind of put out that boys would never have to go through menstruation .. so she was really not pleased about this exam.. Hee, hee.

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answers from Baton Rouge on

I took mine when she told me that she and her boyfriend had decided to start having sex and she wanted to get on the pill.

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answers from Washington DC on


She should be seeing a GYN when she starts her periods. That's my opinion.

My mom did NOT go in with me unless I asked her to.

She needs to know about what to expect, she needs someone to talk to if she has questions and doesn't want to ask you. I'd rather my child ask a doctor instead of a friend - who might tell them you can't get pregnant if you have anal sex...uuummm yeah...you can...especially if he doesn't use a condom...

Any way - having OPEN discussions and modeling the behavior you want from your children and DISCUSSING your morals, values and expectations help and go a long way in raising a child...

Good luck!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Twelve or thirteen - before they are likely to consider being sexually active. They need to go because they might not tell a parent they are sexually active and they may share that with their doctor. Also they may ask their doctor questions they won't ask a parent. If parents all waited until girls decided to tell them they were sexually active, we would all take our mom and husband to the first visit.

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answers from Washington DC on

Talk to her pediatrician. It varies on the girl. If she has not been sexually active and has no problems with her cycle or anything, she can hold off til she's over 18, IMO.

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answers from Washington DC on

I would of been mortified as a teenager to tell my mom if I was sexually active. I have three kids, I'm 35 and I still don't want my mom knowing I have sex. Even though I hope my daughter and I can have a more open relationship, I still plan on taking her at 13-14. This gets her use to the process and if she is having sex and afraid to tell me, she can talk to her doctor.

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answers from Tyler on

Condensing all answers: if there is a history of health issues in this area, get her with a doctor as soon as she has any complications beyond typical period aches and pains. OR, if she is sexually active and not exhibiting good judgement with that behavior, thus putting herself at risk of sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy. Risky behavior MUST be addressed sooner not later.
Otherwise, why begin putting the emphasis and worries on a young girl before it's necessary. You know her better than anyone, is she ready?

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answers from New London on

I would do 15, 16 or 17...Why?...Once my child turned 18, she was able to sign a privacy form.

I could no longer call and ask questions...

Depends on your child. I have a "spirited" one !

Two of her friends did the same thing. A couple didn't though.

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answers from Muncie on

It really depends on you.

I was about 20 my first time. Then again I lived overseas and without my family my teen years.

I think for me, as soon as my daughter starts her period I will take her on my appointments. It would be more get to know the doctor type of visits. She's been to a few already while I was pregnant so she's a little familiar.

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answers from Boston on

If a teenager is sexually active, then she should go. Otherwise if she has no health issues that her regular doctor can't address, there's no need to go to one until she's an adult and decides to. Now that I'm done having children I don't see one at all...my regular PCP can do my pap every 3 years and a breast exam at my annual.

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