Wisdom Teeth Removal, I Am More Scared of the Anesthesia.... Please Help!

Updated on November 11, 2009
L.W. asks from Denton, TX
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I am 36 years old and I finally had a consult today to get a partially impacted wisdom tooth out and the one adjacent to it. The oral surgeon was really nice and up front with my questions. He was not pushy with the anesthesia option he just gave me an analogy that it would be like riding a bike up a hill on a hot sunny day versus taking a drive in an air conditioned car. So I chose the option of IV sedation and the surgery is scheduled for Dec, 10. I said to the Doctor, "I won't die while under anesthesia will I?" And he said that he cannot say that because there is always a small chance. (What I did NOT want to hear.) Then I had to sign a consent that says there is a small risk of cardiac arrest or stroke. So why does everyone say it is so safe? I am afraid I am going to die while under. I know I am being irrational so please ladies help me out. I am so scared that I actually feel depressed and I cannot get rid of this "impending doom" feeling.

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There's not much chance of something traumatic happening with the anesthesia, almost no chance at all. However, because of your great fear, you may want to reconsider having it, especially since you're only having two teeth pulled. I had 2 wisdom teeth removed a few months ago, and didn't get the anesthesia. It took my dentist all of 15min. to get my teeth out (one was partially impacted), I had none of the grogginess of the anesthesia afterward, and it just really wasn't bad at all. Plus it was WAY less expensive. If you were going to have all four wisdom teeth pulled I would definitely suggest the sedation, but for two teeth in the same area? For myself, I didn't think it was necessary.



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Take the anethesia if you can. The chances of you dying during this procedure are pretty slim. Also, you made the right choice going to an oral surgeon imo. They have much more experience with extractions than regular dentists.

I had mine out about 15-20 yrs ago and the only side effect I had, was I got the hiccups really bad during the procedure. They had to sort of back off on the drugs and I was only slightly awake during the rest of the procedure. When I had my gallbladder out, I talked to the anethesiologist about what happened since he had asked me if i'd ever had any reactions to anethesia. He told me that the type of "general" you get for those types of procedures isn't so strong. It's like twilight sleep. You can still breath unassisted since it doesn't paralize your diaphram like general. You are monitored the whole time while you having the procedure so it's not like you're left alone in a room conked out. Really, it's going to be ok. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it I suppose, they have to be upfront with all the risks in case of law suits, etc. But really, you should be just fine and if you're any bit nervous about dental work, you'll appreciate not being there while they're working on you. ;)



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I was terrified also and it was so not a big deal. I was IV sedated and just a bit sick to my stomach when I woke up.
I was a little sore the next day and fine by day 3. I never even needed pain pills, just a little motrin. Just do it and get it over with. You will be glad you did. Try to schedule it sooner if you can, less time to stress.



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I've had iv sedation 3 different times for oral surgery... all 3 times I've woken up groggy and slept for hours afterward. Just make sure that someone takes you and drives you home. Good luck..


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You will do just fine. Thousands of people go under anesthesia every day.

I was wide awake when I had my wisdom teeth out. They just numbed me and gave me laughing gas. Less recuperation time so that was nice. :)

Best of luck to you!
Make sure after the surgery you have lots of liquids and soft foods. I lived on tomato soup, jello, pudding, smoothies (with a spoon- no straws) and instant mashed potatoes (I was in college).

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