Wisdom Teeth Coming in at 13!

Updated on January 04, 2010
J.S. asks from Bellevue, WA
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Hi Moms:) My 13 year old son has his wisdom teeth coming in prematurely. So, two questions: Does anyone know of a good oral surgeon on the Eastside? I live in Redmond, but anywhere close (Kirkland, Bellevue, etc...) is good.

Secondly, we were about to put him in braces for two years, but that will have to wait now. Dental insurance only covers so much per year. So, has anyone had to deal with braces in high school? Did it affect your social life? My son is so shy and I worry that braces in high school will be a problem for him. Any advice is much appreciated. Thank you moms! You're all wonderful :)

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answers from Monroe on

1st no idk where any are m 2nd don't worry about your son I'm 13 and and i know shy boys and when they get braces they become lets say POPULAR....(I THINK GUYS WITH BRACES ARE sweet and Cute..) my friend was like that then he got braces and know its like hes a new person...

P.S. I'ma GIRL!!!!!
love, peace, and a man stealer!!!

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answers from Spokane on

I had braces in high school and it really wasn't all that bad.. now they have the kind that you can't even really see, or the cool colored bands and wire, that they can have run with it... Your dental people should know what to do about his wisdom teeth and keeping if he needs the braces now or later after there in all the way.. if they don't, then you need to look for someone else to do the braces.



answers from Medford on

I had braces in my 20's and didn't get any mean comments. I heard in japan it's the 'in' thing for kids. I still have my wisdom teeth - i'm dreading the surgery. I have a 12 year old in my day care that just got braces. She hasn't had any problems with kids at school.



answers from Seattle on

Consult with your dentist and see if your son really needs to get them pulled. Sometimes (like the other contributor said) people can keep them just fine.

Braces are extremely common in high school. If your kid does need head gear (which they do still use -- it's a useful thing, not an "80's fashion" thing.) perhaps you can arrange that he only has to wear it at night.



answers from Seattle on

Personally- my husband still has his wisdom teeth with no issues. Mine came in wrong so I had to get the 2 pulled. For some reason my mouth only produced 2.

I had braces. My mom felt strongly about me having good senior pictures. The sooner the better. I had min. problems, but honestly my only big problem was the sometimes comfortablenesses of them. So many 'famous' people are getting the, and they have such 'cool' doodads like colored rubber bands that its becoming more and more fashionable to fix ones teeth. Though I am sure they won't put anyone in headgear anymore. I hope that is a thing of the 80's. I was lucky I didn't have to wear one, they had some great retainers in the late 80's/early 90's which is when I had them.

If someone wants to bully your son they will find any reason for it.
I had a good set of friends and braces were a part of general life to a point that I never had problems. I think the funny way my mom dressed me caused most of the problems. :) I was a nerd in middle school to blossom into a more self confident high schooler.

Ask your son to start looking at people with braces at school and see if they are getting treated badly for the braces. This might help gage the feelings at his school. But, in the end, he will have some great looking teeth by the end of the ordeal. I still get compliments on my teeth from time to time.



answers from Anchorage on

I was able to have my regular dentist pull my wisdom teeth, no surgery nessasary. My daughter has had no problems with her social life and braces although she says she was already "geeked out" with the curly hair, glasses, and a few extra pounds. Her friends don't mind at all and she has alot of respect from her peers; I do believe that is a personality thing though.
I did not realize just how much work goes into braces so I'm glad my daughter is meticiulus in most everything. She's had them a month and we've had to make 2 extra trips to the orthodontist already for broken stuff.

Good luck to your new adventures!

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