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Updated on April 25, 2008
K.S. asks from Bryan, TX
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Okay ladies hopefully someone can give me some insight here. I am scheduled to have all four wisdon teeth pulled (two are impacted and will require bone grafts) next month. my husband is gone to active duty and I have two small children. his family says they will help me with the kids after this is done. But they have told me several times before they would help me with something (like babysitting so I could go to doctor) and pulled out at the last minute, I am so scared they will do this again. My question is to those that have had this done is going to be difficult to take care of them on my own after the surgery if need be. I do not have the money to hire someone to come help even for a few hours(military pay is not great), and everyone keeps telling me having all four wisdom teeth pulled at once is very painful and I am scared I will not be able to take care of them and take pain meds at the same time.FYI none of my family lives here or I am sure I could get someone that would not back out on me.And I can not back otu of having ti done since it should have been done several years ago and now I am having problems because I waited so long.We also do not live by any other military families due to the fact the right now he is considered temporary stationed so we are here and he is in Cailfornia until he becomes permananent which is not until septmeber.

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answers from Houston on

Hi K.:

Are you going to sedated for the procedure? I had all four of my Wisdom Teeth taken out a year ago, and the doctor gave these pills I was to take an hour before the procedure....after that everything was a big blur. Once I was home, I was still somewhat under the influence of those pills so I basically lay in bed. Once the effect wore out, I was in a little pain but not overwhelmed. I did however take one of the pain pills (oxycodin) that night, next day I was at work.

I think it would be important for you to have someone with you, specially if you are going to be sedated. I agree with one of your earlier comments about preparing some dinners and freezing them, that way all you have to do is put them in the microwave.

Best of luck!



answers from Houston on

Good luck on finding help. I had 2 impacted molars removed about 20 years ago. I do not remember them as being too terribly painful, but something does come to mind. Be sure the doc sends you home with a large syringe (no needle) that will be used for keeping the area clean from food. You can put water in the syringe in squirt it where the teeth used to be. Sometimes food will settle in the area and irritate it badly. This will remove any food particles and allow the area to heal. I promise, it did not hurt to squirt water there!!



answers from Killeen on

Talk to your FRG (family readiness group), you should get help from them in this situation. Also sign them up with your bases daycare. There should be special priveleges for active duty there. I know at fort hood it is free for us and we get 16 hours of free care per child per month... that would go a long way towards helping you out. Not to mention regular fees are on a sliding scale based on income...

If you are on Fort Hood, please send me a private message and I will do more to help you out with these options as that is where my husband is stationed as well.

Good Luck!



answers from Houston on

Actually it depends on the anesthesia you recieve. If you will be sedated you need some one to drive you home and recovery is usually a day or two depending on you and your body. Local anesthesia just shots would wear off in hours. I had mine pulled when I was 21 I just had my daughter 1 month before. A really good doctor can do it and depending on the position it should be ok for you. You waited this long there are people who wait even in there 50's and 60's to remove them. It does get a little bit more complicated at that age because of calcification and some what like fossils become. Petrified. Really just watch out for dry sockets because that is no fun after the extractions. Follow the directions of the doctor to prevent it. It's like a tooth ache. Bone graph is good but not necessary unless you would need dentures later. Also with the syringe it is good but wait till you form a clot and the area has healed a little you should usually wait 42 to 72 hours before trying that. Also you can start with Ibprofen, cold pack for swelling the next day warm compress, don't sleep on the extraction sights. If you need a pain reliever there is vicoden or vicoprofen but eat first soft Liquid diet first day soft diet the next and regular after that...Please follow instructions and I hope all goes well. Just some advice not a doctor but I work with one. Take care and God Bless your family



answers from Houston on

Hi K.,

So sorry this has popped up now that your hubby is away. Is there any way the services can help or is there a group for family members with partners overseas that you might be able to ask for help?

I had three out at the same time, and although I didn't feel great (kinda like having the flu) on the day, my mum (who had stayed overnight to help with my boys) was able to go home the next morning as I was up and about. I was able to get by on just plain aspirin for the pain. It was uncomfortable at times, but not too bad.

Plan you meals and cook and freeze what you can now, and do enough for a couple of days just in case. Lots of soft stuff for you-soup and the like, and definitely ice cream! And stuff you know the kids like so you won't have them adding to the situation.

Also, have a bag of frozen peas or something that you can use if you need an ice pack, plenty of pain killers like aspirin, plenty of things planned to keep the kids occupied, as well as favorite movies that you can all watch together.

Good luck

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