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Updated on March 31, 2012
C.H. asks from Buffalo, NY
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When do wisdom teeth come out? Do you have to get them out, and by what age should you know if they do?
What happens when they are taken, does it hurt? Do you get put under, or are you awake for it all?

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answers from San Francisco on

I am 44 and still have all 4 of mine. I wish I had had them pulled when I was younger. My mouth is quite crowded and they are difficult to keep clean and cavity free. I think it's no problem to keep them when you're younger but once you get older and you have more problems with teeth and gums it can become an issue. If you are really good about dental hygiene then you could keep them otherwise I say pull 'em! I wish I had long ago but I'm a total weenie about the dentist and am petrified to do it now!

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answers from New York on

i dont have wisdom teeth.. i know with my neighbor though his didnt start coming in until like rightt after highschool.. by this point in time he had had his braces taken off for about 2 years and his dentist said if they didnt take out the wisdom teeth it could move the rest of his teeth so he had them taken out... the one that was completely out allready they just gave him some novicane and pulled it but the others were just barely out they put him under to get those .. you dont have to get them taken out unless your concerned about them moving the rest of your teeth.. if u have the room for them theres no reason to get them removed



answers from Washington DC on

They come out when they need to come out. My SS still has his. I got mine out in my 20s (one in right and three impacted). My sister was in her 20s also. My niece was about 18 and SD was 15.

I was put under. My face hurt later, but nothing the vicodin couldn't handle. I switched to Tylenol after a couple of days and was back to work by Tuesday (had them out on a Friday). Could've gone in Monday but I had puffy cheeks. Mashed potatoes were my friend.


answers from Dallas on

they usually come around anywhere between 18-25. i had 1 pulled out, it was impacted, I was awake, hell yeah it hurt. I was 22 at the time, I have another one coming in now, i feel no pain because there is room for it, it usually hurts when there is no room adn it is pushing on the other teeth. you dont have to have them removed if they are not bothering you


answers from Washington DC on

I still have mine in. You don't HAVE to get them out. Only if they are hurting you once they are in or if there isn't room and they impacted or come in side ways. I got mine in when I was a teen. I am 31 now and have had no problems



answers from Savannah on

I had mine out at age 16. There was not enough room in my mouth for them. For some, they never erupt and people live with them forever under their gum line. Others grow out and do not have issues. And still others have to have them removed. My husband had them out at age 26 . . . by orders of the Army dentist.

You will go to a dental surgeon and an anesthesiologist will put you under. It should not take too long. You will have to have a driver present at all times. You will have pain, but will be prescribed pain medication. For me, the worst part was visual. My light skin had horrible bruising along my jaw and cheeks ( I was warned before hand that this might happen because of my small jaw.)



answers from Miami on

I don't agree that wisdom teeth shouldn't come out. I have a small mouth and had to have 4 teeth pulled just to make space for the necessary teeth I had before I got braces when I was younger. My orthodontist at that time told me and my mother there would be NO room in my mouth for wisdom teeth, that it would be necessary to have them pulled. Fast forward a few years later when I was an older teen who thought she knew more than an educated orthodontist and decided for herself that having wisdom teeth would be cool, surprise, surprise, I didn't have room for them and the darn large teeth pushed my perfectly straight teeth outward so that I needed braces yet again but when I was adult.

I had mine pulled when I was 20 years old. Yes, it hurt. I opted to not be completely knocked out. They numbed my mouth and gave me a gas to semi knock me out. I was aware of everything, heard everything going on, felt everything but the pain, and it was actually quite traumatic for me. Not everyone swells badly but I was so swollen that I could not open my mouth, had to eat strained baby cereal and fruits because it hurt too much to chew. I was miserable. But then you have my husband who opted for the same procedure I had, did not get completely knocked out like me but he hardly swelled and went to work the very next day. Everyone is different. So, yes, I do believe they should come out and most people have wisdom teeth that become rotten and need to come out because of that as well.



answers from Minneapolis on

I got mine out when I was 29. Two were out and two were sideways and impacted in my jaw. I chose not to be put under and they just used novacaine. It's wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, wish I would have done it years earlier.



answers from Bellingham on

My wisdoms came through with my pregnancies. I had them all out at the same time when I was 37. I was not knocked out, and it took around 15 seconds for each one to come out, except for the last one which held on for 40 seconds. The whole process was completely painless. My teeth are naturally straight in my jaw, so it helped for easy extractions.



answers from Washington DC on

No tooth should ever be removed if there is any way at all to prevent it. Your teeth help feed your jaw bones and keeps them healthy.

However, many people have problems with not really having enough room in the jaw for their wisdom teeth so they become impacted (pushing against or growing into or under other teeth). This is very painful and leads to the teeth needing to be removed.

I don't have wisdom teeth (they never developed) and my hubby and oldest son both had theirs come in with no problems so they still have theirs.

How they remove them probably depends largely on where and why they are being removed.


answers from Dallas on

I got mine out when I was 20 b/c they were impacted. They knocked me out and I was sore for a few days. You won't be able to smoke, drink anything carbonated or through a straw for a few days, but after that you'll be fine.


answers from Kansas City on

I was 30 when I had mine taken out. I was put under, as per my choosing. But I was having all four removed at the same time. I came to in the middle...not a wonderful thing to happen. But the quickly put me bad under and I don't remember anything other than him saying "you're awake?"...

I was sore for days, couldn't drink soda, through a straw...mostly I was on a light diet, yogurt, ice cream, water...soft foods. Then well it went back. I followed directions but got an infection and have to get more meds for the infection and the pain.

But all in all, I'm so glad I did it...before I did my TMJ was so bad that I constantly hurt because of the lack of space in my mouth and the teeth pushing on my jaw. Now my TMJ is so much more controllable and I rarely get lock jaw. Good luck.



answers from New York on

They only need to come out if they become a problem. Mine were impacted but caused me no problems for years....at age 25 one of them became infected. I had all four extracted in one visit at an oral surgeon's office under general anesthesia. I was definitely swollen and sore, but had the surgery on Friday morning and went to a bachelorette party on Saturday night and I am a giant baby when it comes to pain. It was not nearly as bad as I had expected. I think the worst part was the stitches pulling and becoming uncomfortable after several days of healing.


answers from St. Louis on

I had them out when I was 23 because two had come in and two had not. It hurts for a week and they knock you out. Both my older kids had them out in their teens because they were causes their teeth to move after they had their braces off.



answers from Albuquerque on

They don't always have to come out, it all depends. I had mine pulled in my 20's. The dentist said my mouth was too small for the wisdom teeth. I ended up with an abscessed tooth a week before they were due to be pulled. I wasn't put to sleep, he injected some kind of pain med so I just felt a lot of pressure.

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