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Updated on March 29, 2011
M.F. asks from Larkspur, CO
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If you have experience using a wipe warmer, rather good or bad experience, please share your thoughts.

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answers from Augusta on

We had one and it really dried the wipes out , yes it kept them warm but they got really dry quickly, try heating them for a few seconds in the microwave before a diaper change instead of gettign a warmer.

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answers from Detroit on

I had the Prince Lionheart one and it didn't really dry out the wipes until he was older and the wipes were being used much less (therefore were in the warmer for much longer). If they dried out I just added a few drops of water and hey presto.
I bought the wipe warmer as a joke because my father in law thought it was cruel to use cold wipes on a baby's bottom. We laughed when we bought it but we used it for both kids and then I passed it onto a friend who uses it for her daughter.
I really liked it and found it was great when I had to do a middle of the night diaper change, I could actually change my son's diaper without him waking up.....well worth it :)

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answers from Chicago on

Totally unnecessary - - - rub the wipes in your hands for a minute and you're set.

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answers from Phoenix on

Completely unnecessary and a waste of money!

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answers from Denver on

We returned any we received as gifts. The wipes just aren't that cold....

After three babies, I feel pretty at ease saying kids have no trauma from not having a wipe warmer.

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answers from Seattle on

Defiantly wouldnt waste money on one. I just warmed up the wipe in my hands a bit.

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answers from Milwaukee on

OMG, those wipes are cold! Once we started potty training I moved the warmer to the bathroom. We ALL love having a warmer.

Mine has NEVER dried any of the wipes out in four years. He HATES cold wipes and can you BLAME him? I highly recommend a wipes warmer!



answers from New York on

I had one but never used it that much, even with 2 winter babies.


answers from San Francisco on

It was nice but not necessary. I had to put it away once my son started crawling because there was no where to plug it in where the cord was not exposed.


answers from Dayton on

Hmmm. Well, I do agree it is a bit of a waste of money.
My thoughts...I decided to get one when I had #2...but didn't right away. It was summer and though he cringed at the cold wipes (I tried the warm up w/ hands things and it really didn't work for me) I kept waiting.
Then I was given two large Target gift cards so I bought it. :)
I have the Munckin one. It works fine.
I think he prefers it when the wipes are warm. Maybe he could show that appreciation by not behaving like a alligator while I change him. :)
If you have extra $$$ go ahead and get one. Or better yet-register for it!



answers from Detroit on

I have the Prince Lionheart wipe warmer---and it is wonderful! At first I thought that it was one of those useless baby items, but honestly, I love it and strongly encourage you to get this one. The wipes turn into a washcloth when in the warmer. Here's the trick: You need to buy the thinner refill wipes like Luvs or Up & Up--these work better in the warmer because they are easier to thread through the hole. The thicker wipes do not thread well and come out in clumps. That can be bad when you and active baby and a big mess to clean! Keep the device plugged in near the changing table and fill it once a week with about a 1/2 an inch of water. I just unplug the device, take it to my bathroom sink and add some water, then plug it back in. If you don't put water in it weekly, the sponge on the bottom will dry out and turn brown. The wipes clean better when they are wetter too because the water in the device creates a steam that keeps them wet and they work just like a washcloth.




answers from Cincinnati on

haha my cousin has one for her son, and I jokingly tell her that we didnt use one for our baby because cold wipes prepare him for the harsh outside world...its a world of cold diaper wipes out there lol



answers from Pocatello on

I have never used a wipes warmer, I have read that they can encourage the growth of bacteria in the wipes since they keep them at a very germ-friendly temperature. What I did was to use a warm washcloth, I would often pull out a couple of wipes and wrap them in a warm washcloth while I was getting the diaper out and unsnapping everything etc. Then I would use the warmed up wipes first followed by the wash cloth. This was good because the washcloth helped to clean away the residue from the wipes, newborns will sometimes get a rash just from the cleaning agents on the wipes. Anyway, that was my experience, best of luck!



answers from New York on

We loved ours because our house is always cold and it really was helpful to have them warmed.



answers from Dallas on

I would agree with the other post. One thing to add is that it seems that after a few seconds of taking the wipes out of the warmer, they are actually colder than if you were just to take it out of the wipe tub you buy them in.



answers from Dallas on

It's a nice thing, but not really necessary. Don't bother buying one - use it if you get it as a gift :)



answers from Cincinnati on

got mine as a gift...they seemed to dry out the wipes...I hated it..used it for about 2 weeks and then sold it on craigslist for like $7.
Plus wih a newborn, having the warm wipes in her room for the night changings adn then having another station on the main level for the morning..I was constantly giving mix signals to the kid...either a warm wipe or cold one..I just decided to have the cold wipes...she didnt seem to care.



answers from Denver on

My husband thought it was great, but he wasn't the one trying to keep it hydrated all day. it was nice when the kids were asleep and you had to change a diaper, but other than that, I wasn't just thrilled with ours.



answers from New Orleans on

I have had a wipe warmer for both of my boys. I love it. The wipes are not cold. I purchased the one for my second son at Target it works wonderful.



answers from Provo on

I received one as a gift when my baby was about 1 week old. I have to say that she definitely noticed a difference and was much happier at changing times. Eventually when she was older (about 1 year or so) I stopped bothering with it and transitioned to normal wipes. She looked pretty surprised the first couple of times but didn't cry or anything. I think the warmers are the most helpful when they are newborns and don't yet have the insulating layers of baby fat to keep them warm.

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