Wipe Your Own Butt!

Updated on August 23, 2011
S.Y. asks from Clearwater, FL
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Hi moms. Im looking for the best way to teach my 4 year old how to wipe his own butt? I know the wet wipes help. I think its easier to do it while sitting on the toliet...my husband says NO stand up...NOW my son REFUSES to try it my way (sitting on the toliet) becuse my husband says that how girls do it. He starts school today and I don't think the teachers wipe butts so im trying to teach him fast. Any ideas??


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So What Happened?

OMG! I just have to say I am cracking up at you all!!!!! I was SHOCKED when my husband said he wipes standing I was like WHAT?? THEN his mom was here and said she ALSO stands when she wipes?? WHAT?? I sit and just lean to the left wipe and drop it so easy! HAHA! Thanks everyone for th advice and the laugh. I think im going to have my husband teach him!! lol.

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answers from Cleveland on

What?? Your husband poops standing up? Or he poops sitting down but for some strange reason stands up to wipe?? I didn't realize there are "girl ways" and "boy ways" to wipe one's butt. That's the craziest thing I've ever heard.

You are right about the teachers not wiping butts, and you are right that he needs to learn to do this well, so that poop doesn't get all over everything. So, if your husband doesn't want him to wipe while he's sitting down, tell your husband to teach him fast! And teach him to do it well. If your husband doesn't want to teach him, then tell him to get on board with you and tell your son that he made a big mistake, and boys should wipe while seated, also.

I'm sorry to offend you, but your husband is acting like a butt.

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answers from Jacksonville on

We've had the same discussion in our house. : ) I figure as long as he's doing it himself and he's getting clean - let him do it the way he wants.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

My son sometimes stands up to wipe.
Your son can stand up to wipe at school if that's "what he does", right? I mean it's not like there are butt wiping police in the stalls! LOL
The important thing is that he wipes well and feels comfortable.

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answers from Boston on

it sounds mean but i eventually didnt let my son leave the bathroom until he wiped his butt....he was 4 and a half and i was so done with it because he was about to start kindergarten

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Most preschool teachers will assist a child in the bathroom. If it was kindergarten I'd say it would be a concern but preschool no just make sure he has pants he can undo by himself.

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answers from Atlanta on

We're backwards over here - I wipe standing and my husband wipes sitting. I always thought he was weird, but apparently I'm in the minority. I'm having the same issue with my 4 year old - maybe I'll be more successful if I encourage him to sit while wiping.

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answers from Lansing on

Not sure what your husband was thinking. I may be wrong, but I have to believe MOST people wipe their butt sitting down, not just girls.

But since he is doing it that way now, I'd just let him do the best he can. I wouldn't fret over it.

So many people make an issue of this when to me in time they will get it. I might be in the minority, but I've never wiped my children's butts. I taught them and that was it. I'm sure they don't do great every time on their own. But that's why they bathe at night.

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answers from Detroit on

LOL!! How do you wipe your butt standing up??? That is so weird! He needs to sit down and do it. Tell him Daddy is confused!

I also think its hilarious that most of you know how your husband wipes his butt. Ill have to ask mine what he prefers! LOL! Because in 12 years its never came up.

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answers from Tampa on

Boys are just going to follow Daddy's way of doing things. You may not even need to worry about it - my kids don't make that kind of bathroom stop at all during school - it may not be an issue. Just do your best to teach him cleanliness. You'll still be washing underwear at the end of the day. :)


answers from Jacksonville on

My husband does the standing up thing too! What's up with that? Maybe you can get a little pack of wet wipes for him to take with him? I just don't know, maybe talk to the teacher? I am sure that she has probably had to deal with this before.



answers from Daytona Beach on

both of my kids stand up to wipe their butts with a wet wipe. i don't think that their arms can reach that far honestly. i don't think it matters as long as it's getting done, you know?

it's probaby very akward for them to try to balance themselves on the big toilet and try to wipe at the same time. both my husband and i sit and wipe, but whatever works for our kids, i say have at it. at least i'm not having to do it. my kids are 7 & 5 and they my eldest has been wiping since she was 4 and my son has been doing it since he was 3. i just tell them, wipe until you don't see poop on the wipey. they haven't ever had any "skid" marks.


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My six and four year old still cant....I have made them sit in the bathroom for two plus hours refusing to do it themselves.

ANY time I here the words....''I am done'' shouted from one of them...I cringe and say that is the worst thing I can ever hear!

I have a very animated brain so when they say it, I picture them doing something hilarious....like shake their hips and neck funny or something like that.

Everyone says they are old enough to do it...but getting them to do it is freaking damn near impossible.

So reading your responses will be a must for me:)



answers from Mayaguez on

Standing up? Hhmm. Is that why guys leave skid marks behind? ;-)

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