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Updated on November 10, 2006
M.B. asks from Chicago, IL
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Hi mamasource mommies,

I'm thinking about buying a wipe warmer. We're expecting a baby in december and my 2,5 year old son doesn't like the cold wipes on his behind now that it's getting colder.

Can anyone recommand a particular one? I also heard that wipes dry out and that bacteria can build op in the warmer?

Please advice!

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all your advice. I'm going to search the amazon if the parents there recommend a certain one. I'm convinced to get one as I dont see myself warming the wipes in my hands, in winter I can barely keep my own hands warm :)...

After my search I start to dought now. I think I'll wait and see how the baby responds to the cold wipes and safe the money or try one if I thinks she's really bothered by it.

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I used one with my youngest two and I loved it. They seemed much calmer during diaper changes than their sister. I never felt that I had a problem with bacteria in it because we went thru wipes so fast that they didn't sit around. It did get dry but I'd just add a little distilled water to the wipes occasionally and that kept them moist.



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I like using the warmer & I think my baby appreciates it as well. Yes, I know that you can warm a wipe in your hand, but what happens when you need more than one wipe for those extra messy ones? Also, it's a lot quicker when you don't have to stand there & wait for your hand to warm the wipe.

I use a Prince LionHeart. It's very nice. I don't have a problem with bacteria. Just wipe it out with each refill, then add a little water to keep it moist. Also, there are little sponge pads at the bottom which get replaced periodically. Good luck.



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I had Baby wipes warmer from Target, bought at 21$ and i used everday everytime.

It allows u to add water to keep it from drying up. My kiddooo scream if i ahve to do it without out of warmer (if we are not at home).

I had no issues with bacteria whatsoever. For cost and usage and winter coming up I will sugggest buy one. Think abt a cold wipe behind yr bottom in cold. They are more sensitive.

All the best!!


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I was told that they are a fire hazard so I opted not to purchase one. You truly can just warm the wipe up in your hand. Weather warm or wet, I would believe the baby will cry because he/she is being changed... at least it seems that way with my twins. Plus, why add more maintenance to your schedule (remembering to fill warmer with water). Just my 2 cents for what it's worth. Baby Bargains is a great source...



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I found them to be the biggest waste of money. Just warm the wipes up in your hand before wiping their skin and that should be enough. Even adding water isn't really effective b/c the wipes brown as well as dry out. Very gross.



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I have the Munchkin Wipe Warmer and I love it. I have only had a couple of times where I felt that the wipes were getting alittle dry and when it happened I would add a bit of water and all was fine.

As for bacteria I haven't had a problem with that, I wipe it out every week.

It is also good to seach them on-line and look at different wipe warmers and comments from others who purchased them, thats how I decided on mine.



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I used a Prince Lionheart brand wipes warmer. I got it as a baby shower gift, but saw them at Babies R Us for around $20. It didn't get hot enough on the outside to cause a fire. It has little sponge pads that you wet then put in the bottom of the warmer to keep your wipes from drying out. You're supposed to change the sponge every 30 days. I think it was $5 for 2 sponges. I used the wipes warmer until my son was too much of a mover to always be taking him to his room to change him -- then we ended up with little changing stations all over the house. I don't think the warmer is a necessity, but it was nice to have, especially at night or naptimes so you aren't waking a sleepy baby with a cold wipe to the butt.



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I did not have luck with our warmer with my first daughter... it would dry out the wipes no matter how hard I tried to keep up with it... and the big sponge at the bottom of the box (it's how you keep them moist) started to yellow... and it grossed me out.

I didn't even attempt to use it with our 2nd daughter. Unless they've greatly improved over the last 3 years... I would say... skip it and save the money...




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I agree with Rachel. they are a waste of money. You can even put them in your room when the heat is on and they will be warm on baby's bottom. I have done that and my son is working well with that. Like Rachel stated you can warm them in your hands for a little while and he should be fine. good luck



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i bought one, and it was worthless. Before i would change my son, i would put a few wipes under my shirt or in my pants (waist), and warm them up with my body heat. works great. Its a little weird, but i swear by it.

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