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Updated on December 22, 2009
S.D. asks from Indianapolis, IN
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Okay ladies, any advice will help! In my mid-40s I have developed what appears to be winter eczema (although it doesn't act as typically described, not in body creases). A doctor diagnosed it two years ago as "hyper eczema." Used to be for just a couple of late winter months, now starts as soon as I give up sandals for socks. In fact it works its way from my feet in scaley patches up to my thighs, but never higher. The patches "bloom" red when I bathe. It appears to be somewhat hereditary as one brother and a cousin now experience the exact same process.
I'm looking for any recommendations of helpful lotions, dietary changes, homeopathic remedies that have really worked for you. Please don't ask me to give up my hot showers - I know, I know, but we keep our ancient house in the 60s and that's frequently the warmest I get in a 24 hour time period - ha!
Thank you and Merry Christmas!

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answers from Bloomington on

Eucerine cream...the kind in the tub not the lotion. It is really thick and works REALLY well. My daughter breaks out around her mouth really easily and so we keep this on her and it keeps her moist and from chapping.

Good luck.

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answers from New York on

I have this too! I use cera-ve which I get at cvs and lather up each time I get out of the shower. My allergist recommended it and I love it. Also using a natural soap without harsh chemicals will help. Once I gave up mine and went natural I saw a big difference. Drinking a lot of water and having less caffenated drinks also does wonders. My allergist has me sleep with a humidifier as our air is dry and wash my laundry in natural soaps which also help! Good luck!

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answers from Dayton on

I have the same problem, but mine is on my back, arms, and chest. And like you, I refuse to give up my hot showers. The only thing I can tell you is lots and lots of lotion. I have found that the thicker the lotion is the better it works.



answers from Dayton on

Fish oil or Flax seed oil suppliments can help. Also, taking a bath or soaking your feet in warm water with a small amount (1-2 drops) of baby soap and apricot oil (Burt's bees), then lathering on some thick lotions (natural lotions are best). Running a humidifier in the house may help alot also.



answers from Cleveland on

Hi S.,

A friend's eczema (and a bunch of other stuff) cleared up when she quit consuming dairy. Worth a try!

I too love my hot showers, because the house is so cold! If I put lotion on before my skin has had a chance to completely dry, that works better. Also, a dermatologist told my mom that one "lotion" anyone can tolerate is Crisco. Just a tiny amount is all you need. What it does is keep the moisture in /on your skin by providing a barrier so the moisture doesn't evaporate. Put it on when skin is damp.

We use Dove sensitive skin bar soap and dye-free, perfume-free detergents, and I double-rinse my clothes and my one son's clothes (he also suffers from eczema). This was recommended by a dermatologist.

Hope this helps

K. Z.



answers from Dayton on

I agree with the first person's response about natural products that are free from harsh chemicals. My boys both have eczema, so I ended up changing all the products I use on everyone in the house to ones that are free of harsh chemicals. I am a customer of Melaleuca, and all their products are affordable and free of the harsh chemicals found in the products sold in stores. They have a wonderful lotion that has also helped my boys' eczema. They have a flare-up once in a while, but after a few days of applying more lotion, their flare-ups go away. Let me know if you would like to shop there, and I can help you get started! Good luck!

A. M.



answers from Toledo on


I think I get that somewhat too.....try original Curel lotion, it's worked well for me!



answers from Indianapolis on

I have experienced a similar problem . . . and have found the following to be very helpful, 'tho not 100 percent effective. First & foremost . . . an OPEN pan of water in every room you spend any significant time in, used to moisturize the air CONSTANTLY. Second, take the supplement L-Lysine, along with Vitamin E. . . RELIGIOUSLY . . . it can solve MOST of your problem! Use VERY MILD soap . . . NOTHING that reads anti-bacterial as it really dries out the skin. Hope some of this helps you!



answers from Indianapolis on

Hi S.,
My Daughter has ezcema and like you I get it it the winter. For my daughter i use Eucerine mixed with Aquaphor. Also I use scent free laundry detergent and fabric softner. Since I started using the scent free deterent I havent had a flare up yet. Hope this helps you.


answers from Elkhart on

Renew - proven 7 times more effective than Eucerin in double blind studies in Winnipeg (cold harsh climate). We live in BC and it works wonders! Email me ( [email protected] ) if you don't have a source for it.



answers from Indianapolis on

Have you seen a dermatologist or a general/family practitioner?

Our kids both have eczema, but the pediatrician referred us to a dermatologist to be certain as it's hard for Primary Care practitioners to know the subtle differences in most skin conditions.

Believe it or not, I've driven through Carthage in my professional career. I know most of your physicians locally are Primary Care, but it may be worth a trip to Greenfield or Shelbyville if there's a Dermatologist available.

If it is, in fact, eczema, I'd recommend Vanicream. It's a very thick, fragrant free lotion recommended by our Dermatologist for our kids.



answers from Lafayette on

My first generic answer is to find a lotion that has alcohol as the 6th (or more) ingredient. Anything before that is drying & doesn't help. That's what I do for my kids with ezcema!

Second, I'd like to specifically recommend Extra Emollient Night Cream from Mary Kay. It's only $13 for a tube, and it is amazing!! Truly! It'll last you a long time and slowly soaks into your skin keeping you hydrated. I use it before I go to bed so I wake up feeling great. I'd be happy to mail you one if you'd like. (I promise, I'm not trying to sell you anything -- just truly want to tell you about a terrific product!) All Mary Kay comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so it won't hurt to try it. I'd be happy to help!



answers from Cleveland on

My son has occasional eczema flare-ups. We use hydrocortisone cream when they are really bad, otherwise we just use Aveeno lotion a lot, do lukewarm baths, use dove unscented soap and use no dye/no fragrance laundry detergent.

Certain foods in your diet could be contributing, but I don't have any advice on what to avoid - an allergist might be best to help you with that. For example, we were told to make sure our son's eczema wasn't being affected by eggs (it wasn't, but that can be a problem for some.)

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