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Updated on February 25, 2010
K.M. asks from Fishers, IN
7 answers

Fairly new to Fishers . I have a 2.5 year old boy and was wanting ideas for some places to go for some indoor fun. Fishers or nearby cities. thanks!

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So What Happened?

Thank you so much for all of the great ideas!!! You all were very helpful!

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answers from Indianapolis on

CHILDREN'S MUSEUIM!!! They just started a BOB the BUILDER exhibit, too. Lots of dinosaurs and other fun things to see and do! I LOVE that place!!

How about creating some things/projects of your own....making your own play dough, starting flowers, plants or herbs from a seed (right now is the time to start them), etc.

There are also PLENTY of books out there that have LOADS of projects for kids! Don't forget to make time to work on letters, numbers, counting, etc. There are lots of creative things you can do with those skills.



answers from Indianapolis on

-Ben & Ari's
-Monkey Joe's (big indoor bouncy house place - save $$ with a punch card)
-Carmel library (many different story times plus lots of educational/imaginative toys to play with plus lots of computers with preschool games to use)
-Westfield library (games/toys and story times)
-Drop in toddler gym at Central Park (Carmel) in the Monon Center
-Children's Museum (worth the membership - just drop in to play at Playscape for an hour or two and not feel forced to 'make a day of it')
-Many different classes/sports for toddlers through the Indy Parks Dept, Carmel Parks Dept, Hamilton County Parks Dept & Noblesville Parks Dept
-Indy Zoo - many indoor exhibits - Deserts, 'Water', Dolphins, etc so it can be a fun trip in the winter (and no crowds!)
-Conner Prairie - indoor play/educational area plus they have classes/activities for preschoolers
-Cool Creek Park (in Carmel, part of Hamilton County parks) has a nature center with preschool programs (free puppet shows, etc) and animals to watch
-Ice Skating at rink in Fishers, Carmel or Westfield (my 2 year old begs to go skating a few times a week!)

There's much more but that's what I came up with off the top of my head that my kids have enjoyed. We moved here when my oldest was 2.5. I was amazed at how much (free or cheap) indoor activities there are to do in this area! You definately can't complain about cabin fever in the winter around here!




answers from Indianapolis on

There is a huge indoor play area that is free at Trader's Point Christian Church, just off of I65 (the first Zionsville exit) that we love going to. Might be worth a try. Enjoy!



answers from Indianapolis on

~We have one of the best Children's Museums in the country.
~The zoo and botanical gardens are good if it's not TOO cold.
~Check local community gyms for open gym times. I know the Monon Center has them for pretty cheap.
~All the library branches have various story times.
~If you're still nursing, most of the local La Leche League groups meet during the day, only the Castleton group doesn't.



answers from Indianapolis on

I have cheap idea and one idea that will cost you money!

1. Go to the Castleton Mall off 82nd St. There is a great indoor play area in the food court that I recently discovered that is really toddler "friendly"! I had a great time with my son there yesterday!

2. The other thing: Have you heard of Stroller Fit? Its an exercise class in which you take your preschoolers with and you incorporate them, your stroller into your work out. The instructer is wonderful and you meet so many wonderful women. It gets me out of the house everyday and I feel good cause I have my son with and I get a great work out. He has fun too!

Its 9:30-10:30 Mon.-Frid. at "The Fieldhouse" by Target. Go to and you should be able to find local info there!

Good luck! I was just in your shoes two years ago. Its so hard to move to a new area!

A. V.



answers from Atlanta on

Not sure if there is one in your area but you could take him to one of those indoor play facilities with the humongous inflatable slides, etc. My 3 year old twin girls love it. I also play on these with the girls so I spend time interacting with them and have a blast myself. Good luck.




answers from Indianapolis on

Monkey joe's is a great place. It's an inflatable play place. We go there often. It's on the north side of castleton mall. 86th and
Allisonville basically. You can look them up on line. My two year old loves it and its pretty cheap. Definately go during the week though. Weekends are crazy.

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