Wine & Pain Meds in Early Pregnancy

Updated on June 12, 2013
A.S. asks from Citrus Heights, CA
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Hi! Last weekend I had a party to attend to and since I knew there was going to be drinking involved and my husband and I had been trying to conceive, I took a pregnancy test to know if I'm okay to have a drink. The test was negative, so I did take Motrin that day to manage a headache and later had about 2 glasses of wine plus two shots of vodka. My period did not start the next day on schedule as it normally would and after taking 2 more tests (one of them negative) I now think I might be pregnant as the third test was positive. I am so concerned now that the pain meds and alcohol could do some harm to the developing fetus. Does anyone know anything about how the fetus could be affected this early in the pregnancy? I usually hardly drink anything at all.

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So What Happened?

Thanks everybody for putting my mind at ease. I guess I am just overly concerned because I know this is pretty much my last chance for a pregnancy at my age (44). We have been trying for so long and I had basically given up on baby news, although of course I was still hoping. With everything that can go wrong way easier at an advanced age I am just freaking out at the thought that I might have contributed with my behavior. Thinking back I am more like 'what was I thinking?', but like I said the doctors had pretty much told me I can forget about getting pregnant naturally and I wasn't really expecting the unexpected :)
Made my appointment with the doc and can't wait to hopefully find out all is good.
Thanks again!

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answers from Washington DC on

It can take up to 2 weeks for the egg to implant into the uterus and nothing is transferred to the baby until after implantation. It could be that the baby hadn't implanted yet and that is why the first few tests came up negative. There is always a chance it could be affected, but highly unlikely. It usually happens more with alcoholics as opposed to social drinkers.

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answers from New York on

Do t worry. Everything will be fine. Because i had a history of early contractions and dilating very early, when they would start doc would tell me to have a glass of wine. Do you know how many women go on vacation, party and then find out they are pregnant? Many and all was well.
Fetal alcohol syndrome comes from alcoholics.

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answers from San Diego on

I got pregnant while enjoying daiquiris. Our child is 100% normal and an over-achiever. Your baby will be fine, so don't worry. Congrats!

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answers from Chicago on

I wouldn't worry about it. It honestly isn't enough to do any real harm.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I was worried about the drinking I had done before realising I was pregnant. I asked my doctor and he said not to worry, and that most babies are conceived in a haze of alcohol! Four drinks and a headache pill won't do any harm.

Foetal alcohol syndrome occurs with much heavier, ongoing drinking throughout the pregnancy.

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answers from Austin on

Two days before I found out I was pregnant, I had a margarita with lunch, and then took a vicodin before bed for a developing migraine.

And she came out just fine.

(I wouldn't make a habit of it, though.)

Besides, think of all the healthy babies who are the RESULT of a couple of shots of vodka....

If it turns out that you really are pregnant - enjoy it! Congratulations!

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answers from Philadelphia on

Your baby will be fine. One incident will not hurt your baby. My friend had a week of vacationing fun/drinking and her doc told her not to worry at all. Her daughter is perfect BTW. Your OBGYN I am sure will tell you the same thing but call them if it will put your mind at ease. Congratulations!!!

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answers from Cincinnati on

You are fine! As the poster below said, many of us find out we are pregnant after having a few drinks the previous weekend before. Everything will be fine! And congrats :)

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answers from San Francisco on

First of all, congratulations! And second, at this stage of the game, you're talking about a collection of dividing cells. Soooo many women, myself included, drank or took medication before they knew they were pregnant. Our babies turned out fine. Yours will, too! Try not to worry.

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answers from Dallas on

The week before I realized I was pregnant, I had a terrible allergic reaction. I was on both steroid pills, and a steroid cream. HEAVY steroids. Baby was fine. My Dr. said it's actually pretty rare to have a serious complication for that early on. SO many women don't know they are pregnant and have a drink or whatever.

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answers from Chicago on

I wouldn't worry about it right now.

There's no research to show specific levels of alcohol consumption on fetal development. I'd just avoid alcohol and all other verboten pregnancy items/foods/drinks until you confirm if you are or are not pregnant. Sounds like you are, so congrats!!

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answers from Honolulu on

Unfortunately, early in pregnancy is when the fetus is most effected. On the upside, it is extremely rare that one occurence of drinking will cause any long term effects. As long as you are careful from here on out, your baby should be just fine. Try not to stress about it as there is nothing you can do now but take care of yourself. I had a similar situation and was so stressed during my pregnancy.
Congrats on the pregnancy!



answers from San Francisco on

When I was expecting my 1st, I had my wisdom tooth puller and they actually put me to sleep. I also took the chicken pox vaccination and was told not to get pregnant at least 60 days after the vaccination. I did all this after I has a blood test done just to confirm that I am not pregnant. The blood test didn't pick it up, and next thing you know, I am pregnant. We freak out. I believe I raise my concern to the doctor too. Long story short, everything was fine. I do remember when we did the scan for the baby around 16-20 weeks, I had 2 scans done. I believe they did an extra one to make sure the baby is ok....




answers from San Francisco on

Congrats! I do think you will be fine. If you were asking the other way around though, saying you could potentially be pregnant and if you should do this, of course the answer would be no. I think some people who are trying to conceive just binge drink (and I'm taking more than you mentioned here) because they think it's okay until the find out they are pregnant. To me that's risky. I wouldn't worry if I were you though. It sounds like everything should be okay.



answers from San Francisco on

You will be fine. There are people who go months without knowing they are pregnant and take all sorts of stuff and their babies are fine. It's obviously not recommended once you know, though. See a doctor to ease your worries. :-)



answers from Sacramento on

First of all, congratulations! As most of the other posters commented, it is highly unlikely that there will be any effect on your baby.

I was on heavy doses of a morphine derivative, anti-epileptics for nerve pain, muscle relaxers and an anti-depressant when I learned I was 3 months pregnant. Needless to say it was a huge surprise! I was terrified. To make matters worse I had to wean off slowly. I had numerous complications throughout the pregnancy, including 2 hospitalizations for pancreatitis and my gallbladder removed. My son was born at 34 weeks and spent a week in the NICU. He is now almost 12 years old and no signs of damage from all the medications. Actually he is highly gifted academically. I sometimes wonder if that was an effect or just in his nature. None of our other kids are like him.


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