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Updated on December 18, 2008
R.M. asks from Darien, IL
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Can someone recommend a window repair company that charges reasonable prices? I am having problems with my entire windows icing and I need someone to come out and fix them to make them more winter-proof. I live in Darien but anywhere nearby is acceptable. Thanks.

PS. I am looking for someone who is not going to push me to install new windows because I would really like to just make my windows more "winter-proof" and not get new windows installed because my husband just got laid off in August and we don't have the money to replace the windows right now.

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If these are doublepaned windows, you might need to have them reglazed. This would require a window company. We have 2 that get frost on the inside and it it too costly to fix since they are about 10 years old-cheaper to replace but not in the budget either. But I would ask what the cost comparisons are. If this is a matter of the outside or inside frosting up, you might be able to go with a regular handyman to insulate the windows better. It is too cold to caulk but if you have storm windows, you can put weather stripping around the inside part of the storm window yourself for about $15.



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Since your husband has been laid off and money is probably tight I would Go into Home Depot or Menards and tell them your problem. You probably need to re-caulk your windows. They should be able to show your husband how to do this and what you need to purchase. What is happening is that cold air is hitting the warm air in you house which forms condensation. The condensation then freezes. Re-chalking your windows should take care of that.

My husband is a carpentry and does replacement windows/ siding as part of his business. He says if money is tight do the above before paying someone a lot of money. He said you can also put plastic over your windows on the inside. that can help a little also.




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If you have historic/original windows you can have storm windows made. We were looking into this as well, but I need to restore my windows first. This site has a bunch of restoration resorces (lots of chicagoland resources under "windows")
The company I was looking into before is Allied Window ( Here are some in a different list I have that is under "screen-storm window combo" Adams Architectural 1-888-285-8000 (IA), Acker Millwork Co. Milwaukee WI (no number listed here)

I am an historic preservationist, so, restoration resorces is one of my specialties! Good luck. I'd love to hear if you choose storms and how it all went since that is where I am headed - hopfully sooner rather than later!


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Hi... just curious, do you have storm windows? We forgot to slide a few of our storm windows down for winter and we accumulated ice on our main windows. Once we slid the storm windows down, the ice problem went away.

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