Winder Farms

Updated on September 07, 2008
M. asks from Henderson, NV
4 answers

We're considering using Winder Farms. Has anyone used them? What are your opinions? Thanks!!!

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answers from Las Vegas on


I was considering this too until I found out that the products that they provide are not certified organic and they are charging prices as if it were actually certified organic products. I have a serious concern with this because if it isn't certified organic then you may as well just buy regular products from the grocery store IMO.


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answers from Las Vegas on

Hi M. -
I've been using Winder Farms for a couple of years. It's ok. They don't have a great selection, especially of organic foods. Plus you have to remember to put out the cooler or they charge you for the storage bag. I usually just skip delivery for the week and use their services occasionally.

Also, if you do use their services, remember to get the cooler into your house asap in the morning, because it is so hot here that even with ice packs, the food can get warm.

Frankly, I'm much happier shopping at Whole Foods where I can find everything I want and they are very friendly.

Good luck to you, L.

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answers from Las Vegas on

I've had it for a few months now. You do have to watch the prices because some of the produce is conventionally grown but cost as much as the organic produce that you would buy at the store. I usually order the produce box because you never know what's going to be in there and it kind of forces us to be more experimental with the type of produce that we are eating and how it is prepared.

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answers from Las Vegas on

Hi M.,
I tried Winder Farms and seemed to have a reaction to it. It was so yummy, but I have a lot of allergies and my throat started itching and my stomach didn't feel so well. I had to call and cancel and the lady kept telling me how fresh the food was and asked that I try more or other products, but I had to tell her no because I could die from a bad reaction and it just wasn't that important to me. Anyway, they did cancel with no cancel charges.

It was very good, I just have a lot of allergies.

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