Will the Rubbermaid Tall Lunchblox System Fit in an LL Bean Flip-Top Lunch Box?

Updated on August 26, 2014
B.U. asks from Sacramento, CA
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Will the Rubbermaid Tall (or other) Lunchblox system fit in an LL Bean Flip-Top Lunch box?

NB: A few of you were quite rude and called me 'lazy' for not measuring the items in question. For your information, I noted the measurements on both products and tried to make a determination based upon this information prior to asking my question here.

In this case, however. measurements don't 'tell all'. The LL Bean Flip Top lunchbox has a 'flip top' with space in the top for a bottle of water or whatever. This means the 'height' measurement of the lunchbox isn't much good when trying to determine if the Lunchblox will fit.

I've already bought two LL Bean lunchboxes in a row after trying to deal with measurements alone; in each case I went to the store, lunchbox in hand, but couldn't find any reusable boxes to fit inside. So, please forgive me but, THIS TIME I would really like to know the answer to my question before I buy the third box!

Now, if you've used the LL Bean Flip Top lunchboxes and can advise me regarding containers that will or will not fit, I'd be glad to hear from you.

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So What Happened?

Great thanks to those who posted serious and considerate responses! I do appreciate your help.

I nixed the Flip Top idea and purchased the original LL Bean lunchbox. Although I wasn't happy with the capacity of this box once upon a time, I think it will work fine now that I'm using WrapMats and such rather than plastic containers - it sure is hard to find a lunch box that will take all of those containers!

Crossing my fingers ....


Note to RAB: Thanks! Yes, the Easy Lunch Box bento-style kit will fit in the original ('flat') LL Bean lunch box. I don't know whether it will fit in the LL Bean Flip Top.

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answers from Sacramento on

Hi B.! Thanks for asking your question.
Even though measurements might suggest that "something will fit", we all know that in practice this is not always the case. Since it appears no one else has used these to systems together, you might be stuck with testing it out for yourself.
If it was me, I would decide which of these two systems (the lunchblox or the flip-top lunch box) I would much prefer to use. Then I would take that system to a store where they sell the second and just play with it to see if there is a configuration that will work. (If you're really lucky, you'll be able to find both items at the same store, and not have to buy anything until you've "played" with it.)
As a reminder, when it comes to containers, the abilities of children does not equal the abilities of adults. I always have my daughter try to open any container I will send with her for lunch. If she can't easily open it, I don't buy it. If she can't zip/unzip on her own, I don't buy it.
Good luck, and please let us know your thoughts and findings. I was eyeballing the lunchblox just the other day, but wasn't sure if they'd work for us or not.

To everyone else.
How incredibly rude some of you are. This is a community where people ask questions of other people to guage their experiences. Yes, B. can go measure for himself. But just because something "measured" doesn't mean it actually works. B. was just asking if anyone has used these together... and if they have whether it worked or not.
Have you never bought something because the measurements suggested it would fit, only to find that the opening was too small or you couldn't pull the top up over the contents. "Fitting" and "working" are two different things.
I'm appalled that you would treat a community member with a legitimate question in such a way... whether that community member is a mom or a dad.

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answers from Atlanta on

If you are ordering on line, have you bothered to look at the measurements and see if one (the Tall Rubbermaid) is smaller the LL Bean box you want to put it in?

That's what I would do.

Added...just for s's and g's, I checked out the measurements and by golly!! it would fit!! It was that simple!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Mean, mean, mean people. I have been wondering the same thing but wasn't sure since the measurements available are external measurements, not internal ones.

B. - if you find out, please add this to what happened - I could use the info - already have the LL Bean lunchbox and am looking for containers.



answers from Detroit on

I'm sorry I teased about dads asking for help finding ketchup in the fridge. I have no problem with dads using this site. In fact, i think it's great, and frankly, I think the name should be changed to parentpedia to encourage more dads.

My idea is to knix the rubbermaid idea because you have to hand wash it from what I read and several reviewers said they had a problem with the lids warping even after handwashing. Also said kids had hard time opening lids. My suggestion is buy the Sistema Klip Its in several different sizes. They have lasted my family for years, don't leak, and my 5 yr old has no trouble using them. Don't buy the lunch cube, though. It does leak between compartments and kids find it too awkward to use. Oh, and you can put them in the dishwasher no problems!

Hope that helps.



answers from Dallas on

Ok sorry I'm not actually answering your question but making another suggestion. I've read these work with LL BEAN. Look at the actual manufacture site.

I wish I could use these but they don't fit in the PB kids lunch boxes


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