Will My Child Have Straight or Curly Hair? (Curly When Wet but Dries Straight)

Updated on May 06, 2010
B.P. asks from Greenwood, MS
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My 3-month old daughter has a head full of hair. It is really curly when it gets wet but it dries with a only a slight wave on the top of her head and straight on the sides and back where it isn't as long. I have straight hair and my 3 yr old son does too. His hair never curled...ever. My husband had a few curls when he was a baby and his grandfather had ringlets. I love curly hair and I've always wanted at least one child to have curly hair or at least a curl or two. Has anyone had a child whose hair was curly when wet but dried straight when they were a small baby? Did their hair end up curly or straight?


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So What Happened?

Thanks for all of the comments!! She's starting to lose her hair now so we'll see what hair takes its place.

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answers from Indianapolis on

It's likely way too early to tell and is probably a recessive trait as the other kids have the straight hair (law of genetic averages).

Our son's hair curls only when it's really humid out but is stick straight through the more arid winter months.

Our daughter was like yours and had curls when her hair was wet but straightened as it dried. She's now 2 and has stick straight hair that is gorgeous.

I have always had VERY straight hair and always wanted curls. I love curly hair. But, my kids both have gorgeous hair - different, but completely gorgeous.

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answers from Sacramento on

Hi there! My husband & I both have ridiculously curly hair so imagine my surprise when my baby came out with curly hair that dried straight. I was stumped! However, curly hair is a dominant trait and sure enough, around 9 months her hair dried into ringlets all over except for her bangs. She is 14 months now & I am still waiting for her bang area to dry curly. Every child is different so there is still time for your daughter's curls to make a more permanent appearance. Also, my hair was bone straight until I hit puberty then all these ringlets came out of nowhere. Hair is such a crazy thing!

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answers from Tulsa on

my hair still does that and i am 41. its cool having this trait. the reason why is I can mouse it and pick it it will look like I have a perm or I let it dry naturallly and its straight. depends on my mood. people trip when I let it go curly I hear "when did you perm your hair" or how long did it take you to do your hair? secret 90 seconds mouse and a pick. enjoy her versatility and make it straight or curly depending on the occasion. :)

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answers from Chicago on

Hi B.! Just wanted to correct some info. Curly hair is actually a dominant genetic trait -- not recessive. That means, if you give your child a "straight" gene and your hubby gives the baby a "wavy" gene, the baby will have the dominant of the 2 -- wavy. It's important to note that even the slightest bit of wave is a version of the curly trait. Unless you have 100% poker straight hair, you likely have a curly gene. But with genetics, there are so many other factors (and anomalies), it can be very difficult to predict. I hope you get your curly-haired baby!!

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answers from Minneapolis on

It will probably be straight. I believe curly hair is a recessive trait anyway and if your other children don't have it, this one may not either. My husband has a beautiful head of curly hair and I was so hoping my little boy would get it, but his hair is just a little wavy and only appears in the least bit curly when it's humid outside. My husband's parents both had curly hair which certainly must have upped his odds.

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answers from Spokane on

My husband has curly hair, so I hoped for a curly haired babe too. My second child (of 3) had hair very similar to what you described as a baby. She is 4 now and it still is wavy when wet. If I brush out her hair and then encourage the curls (scrunching up the hair) while it is still wet, then her hair is slightly wavy when dry. If I just brush it, or do nothing (while wet) then it is straight. It gets tangled really easily whether straight or wavy.
While she was a baby I had several people tell me that their babies hair was just like hers until they had their first hair cut and then it was straight. New baby hair is curly a lot more often then older child hair.

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answers from Dallas on

I'm not sure your race but my daughter is african american and her hair was curly when wet and straight when dry until about 4 months. I was amazed that it would be so curly after a wash and as soon as she laid on it it was bone straight all over gain.Then from about 4 - 6 months it had a slight curl to it when dry. Now it's extremely curly all over and she's 16 months. So I would guess curly.

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answers from Tulsa on

My hair was curly when wet and dried straight when I was younger. It was also very blonde and fine. When I was about 9 and started going through puberty, my hair started curling, turned brown, thickened up, and got coarse. On that same note, my sister had hair just like mine when she was little and hers stayed the same. She's 17 now and it's still as blonde and straight as it was when she was a baby. So, you might end up with a curly haired child, just not a curly haired baby. :)

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