Will Dss Get Involved?

Updated on August 25, 2010
R.K. asks from Warren, MA
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I have a cousin that has had two babies. both died I have no doubt in my mind that she had something to do w/ the deaths as she was very depressed after having both although no charges have been pressed. She is pregnant again and completely denies it. she hasn't been to a doctor yet and she is 7 months roughly guessing by her size, she drinks, and does drugs. I fear for this baby and I am sad for this baby. If I call dss will they be able to do anything even though she is still pregnant. I think she needs intervention right from the second she gives birth.

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answers from Seattle on

That first phone call is SO hard. Been there, done that, and SWEATED over it, even though it was just as obvious an answer and a need. Yes. Make it. Now.

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answers from Kansas City on

PLEASE call!! You can be a better advocate for that unborn baby than her own biological mother!! Call someone - police, DSS, DFS, SOMEONE!!!

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answers from Dayton on

Yes, they absolutely can do something considering the history of the other two children. Especially if she hasn't gotten prenatal care and uncontrolled substances come up on a UA. They can make sure she doesn't take that baby home from the hospital. It will go directly to a family member or into foster care, which would be better than the alternative if what you suspect turns out to be true.

Call dss and tell them your concerns and why. Be thorough in your explanations and if someone within the family can take the baby have a care plan laid out for the dss worker.

My friend is a foster mom and has picked up many a baby from the hospital nursery and taken them home to care for them. So, yeah, they can intervene early.


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answers from Sacramento on

Why not call and find out. We can all make guesses about what they'll do, but you can know for sure just by making the call. Let them know your concerns and if they can act now, they will. If not, the situation is no worse than before you called.


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answers from Chicago on

CALL !!! You will be able to look yourself in the mirror and sleep at night.

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answers from Honolulu on

Yes call them.

In some states, they will criminally charge her....
she of course, already endangered her unborn child.
And she is an addict and alcoholic... who will need mental heath counseling/treatment herself. If possible. Or not.

Many babies are born.... under drugs... and do suffer.... later, mentally/behaviorally/emotionally.
Or perhaps by some miracle, this baby will be spared this.

all the best,

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answers from Houston on

I would most definitely call. Give them as much info as you can!

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answers from Tulsa on

I called the hospital that my daughter was going in to have her baby and asked about requesting drug testing when an infant is born.

They understood what I was actually saying "my daughter is doing drugs and that baby needed to be tested at birth".

They talked to the doc and he told my daughter drug testing was required when an infant is born to test them for any drugs. Of course it is not required in any way shape or form but she didn't have any idea.

Child welfare was at the hospital later that afternoon and they were very involved in the first few months of that child's life. She is being adopted by a very loving foster family and we see her quite often.

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answers from San Francisco on

I would contact authorities and ask them to do a well check on her. Maybe they can intervene and help her get the help she needs. Tell them everything especially about the two babies that died! That is horrible! What happened to them? Good luck and hope this works out positively....


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answers from Goldsboro on

DSS in my area is horribly under-staffed and over-worked.
That being said, I would still call. They may not be able to do a darned thing, but you will have done what you can. The call can be anonymous. As a teacher, I am legally(and morally) obligated to report to DSS, and everytime I ever have, it was in an anonymous manner. It has NEVER come back on me.
Also, if you KNOW she's doing drugs, you could probably report that to the local police department.

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answers from New York on

So sorry that you are going through this. DSS cannot actually do anything until a baby is born. BUT, the minute that child is born, inform the pediarician or (if she delivers outside a hospital) call DSS immediately.


answers from Boston on

I don't think there is anything DSS can do now - it's her body. You could call them to alert them though. The hospital will obviously see the issues and do testing on the infant - if there are drugs present, DSS will be called by law and the baby not released to her. The problem I see is, if she is in denial, will she deliver in a hospital? Will she drug herself so much for the pain that she delivers on her own? Then what?

Make the call - you'll know you did what you could.



answers from Boston on

Good for u for speaking up. I would definitely call and they can be at the hospital when baby is born to assess the situation. Good luck.



answers from Boston on

I feel so sorry for the babies and the one on the way. I think your right for calling DSS. And I would call again to make sure they know its important for the life of this new baby. Good luck



answers from Boston on

You should call DSS, like yesterday.



answers from Dallas on

I will keep you and that poor woman in my prayers, she is obviously beyond troubled!!


answers from Las Vegas on

Call, you could save a baby's life. She could have her baby adopted so the baby could live a healthy full life.



answers from Hartford on

I dont know the laws in your state. but making a phone call wont hurt as much as not making one will. you dont need to give your name either. good luck.



answers from Boston on

In addition to DSS, and the local police, try contacting your local YWCA. They are awesome about womens services, and they will know what direction to send you in to get the baby into safety once it's born.

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